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About Indeed

Founded in the United States of America by Paul Forster and Rony Kahan, is a search engine intended to contain job listings for employment purposes. Launched in late 2004, the website is now available to 60 countries worldwide and implements 28 different languages. allows its users to browse jobs or create resumes for himself or herself, or go through job trends and recommended jobs. The headquarters is located in Austin, Texas, and also houses offices all around the globe.


Which category does Indeed help? is a directory that operates to help the category of people who are seeking employment. This category of people may include individuals who have just completed their undergraduate or postgraduate studies. The main target population of the directory is any person of eligible age who is searching for a job! After all, is essentially a job directory, which makes its essential purpose to provide jobs for unemployed people and to provide a pool of qualified individuals for employers to select employees from.

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How can Indeed help your business?

If you have a local business and you’re looking to hire employees locally, you can do so through simply hired. It offers a cost-effective way to post your requirements and let it be known that you’re in the market for recruitment of employees. Apart from this, it also allows you to look for talent beyond your locality, and they may contact you for further information. In this way, simply hired bridges the gap that existed between the demand and supply of jobs and cuts the time required for job seekers to find jobs and for employers to find the right talent, thus hastening the recruitment process and reducing unemployment rates in the long run. It also offers various options to employers to enhance their position in listings through advertisement and helps local businesses to grow to a great extent in terms of talent search and can be a major catalyst when it comes to crossing their business goals.

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Steps to add business to Indeed

Step 2: The sign in option on the top right corner of the main screen will lead you to the sign in page, where you can enter in your email ID and password and sign into your account, or create an account for yourself.

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Step 3: Creating an account is easy and only requires your email ID and a new password. The sign in options include signing in via Google or via Facebook.

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Step 4: Once you have created your profile, you are redirected to the main page and are free to browse through the job listings provided by The top right corner of the page has a scroll down list, which allows you to access your profile, jobs, searches, subscriptions, and more.

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Step 5: Employers can post a job and customise the post to suit their requirements by clicking on the “post a job” hyperlink in the main page and navigating from there!

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Frequently asked questions about Indeed

Is it a free/paid directory?

Creating a profile is absolutely free on Access the website and create a profile, upload a job offer as an employer, or create and put up a resume as an employee. The app version of is available for free download on the Google Playstore for Android as well as the App Store for iOS devices.

Does it have listing specific to categories or location?

Yes, it does! enables its users to search jobs by a range of categories, each specific to location, popularity, and recommendations in accordance with a user’s profile and resume.

Does it contain premium listings?

Does it contain premium listings?

Does it promote advertisements?

The website does not promote advertisements as it serves the function of job listings itself.

Can users implement keywords, metas, and other details?

Users can of course search for jobs using keywords, titles, or company names, and can also create job offers that are accessible via keywords. Each job post has a brief meta description that summarises the position in the firm that is open to apply for.

Does the directory have a verification process for adding or editing a business?

The website helps users create job offers easily once an account has been made. The process involves the specification of job position, payment, frequency of payment, qualifications required of the applicant, and other particulars. The process of adding or editing the business details has a verification at the end of the creation of the offer, where the user can review the created job offer and make changes accordingly before posting it out onto the platform accessible to the public.

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