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Average rating

Analyze your rating over a certain period of time and how it has evolved.

Number of ratings

Review the feedback that you have received from your customers for your product.

Total reviews

View and manage all the reviews that your business has received across all the business directories.

Lifetime average rating

Check your lifetime ratings since your business was set up and listed on one of the directories.

See all your customer ratings at one place, using TribeLocal’s custom tools

See All Your Customer Ratings Now

Use our Reviews feature to analyze the performance of your business

Identification and analysis of your business performance is extremely important. Which is why with TribeLocal, you can perform multiple analysis for your business over differing periods of time.
You can help distinguish ratings between directories, over a certain period of time, or segregate good from bad feedback to see how you need to improve your online review management strategy.

View & analyze all your customer ratings at one place

See All your Customer Ratings Now

Manage all of your ratings in one place with our Online Review Management feature

Filter your results across top directories using rating range and handpick the directories that you wish to analyze.
You can also sort your results based on time range and rating. And in case you need any help, your personal Account Manager can always help you sort the reviews your business has received.

Know all about cutomer feedbacks using TribeLocal’s reviews widget

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Create your personalized Online Business Reviews widget

With Tribelocal’s custom widget tool, create and add a widget for your customer feedbacks, and personalize it according to your preferences.
You can set it up to review the feedback that you receive, and increase the number of reviews as well, making it easier for the customer to leave a feedback for your business