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About Manta

Manta is a USA based directory that lists business-oriented online listings for the small business owners and the customers/ consumers that are looking in the local area for the local companies and various services. It also provides targeted advertisement services to the customers who are looking to advertise and expand their business across search engines, social media platforms, featured partnered competitor pages and local listings placement on competitor pages and local listings. Manta's ad targeting compromises consumers or business owners, company revenue, company industry, company size, location, visitor’s intent, gender, age, and income level.

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Which category does Manta help?

This directory helps industries find business owners; business owners find product and services and product and services find branding and extensive advertisement across all the platforms, targeting specifically to the audience who is exclusively looking for them. This way the clients who are also looking for this kind of vast reach find their targets and services, and these services which are in the locations of the prospective business interest make sure of the consumer involvement. Hence, this directory helps the industries and small business that are trying to reach bigger consumer base to find targeted consumers that will hire them, and clients to recognize them, the businesses who need services find the service they are looking for, and the consumer who comes to the directory seeking the suggestions of the dependable services he is looking for.

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How can Manta help your business?

If you have a local business related to requirements during a wedding, then this site can help you with most of your marketing and sales. With an affiliation with the portal, you can display your products in the competitive niche market. For e.g., if you own a jewelry business then you can put up your product on the website, and the users can view it. Most of the sales usually occur during festivals or the wedding season and hence here lies the target audience for the business. The exposure for the business is immense as the business is now in direct contact with the customer. The portal has the details and price range of all the affiliated products along with albums to view and the contact details of the outlet selling the product or service. Hence, it can flourish even small business units as it gives a fair bias to each and every competitive business trying to sell their product or service. With lower costs, businesses can easily reach their target customers, and the firm saves a lot of overhead marketing costs. The customer acquisition cost will reduce significantly compared to before. Hence, The Knot has helped local businesses to gain popularity and increase sales, thus, helping them fulfill their business goals and objectives.

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Steps to add business to Manta

Step 2: Fill in the details to log in or make a new account by registering your business with Manta.

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Step 3: Click on Add my Company Fill all the tabs with correct information.

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Step 4: Customize your profile as per the information required thereafter. Linking of your profile with all the social networking accounts of your business is fairly advised and constant updation of all the relevant details from time to time does not even need to be mentioned.

Frequently asked questions about Manta

Is it a free/paid directory?

It is a free directory where every day millions of the customers find services of their choice around their location for free. Here even making business is also free. No registration cost is charged from the business owners either for setting up their manta profiles. That means, using the directory won’t attract charges, but seeking other services like advertising services will.

Does it have listing specific to categories or location?

Manta’s listings are categorically divided based on their location and the services they are providing. This helps in regulating the advertisement targeting, service suggestion, and distribution. The customer also can conveniently look for the services he needs this way.

Does it contain premium listings?

Manta’s advertising services provide their service under two plans- Essential and Complete. The Essential advertising is the basic advertising that is provided at standard charges whereas Complete advertising service is Manta’s premium listing that provides assured top result ranking.

Can we do display ads in this directory?

Yes, the directory itself displays the results on the website against the search results. The most relevant and the premium services are displayed on the top of the results in the category of the keyword.

Can we add a business description like keywords, Metas, year, employee count, payment methods, menu cards, etc.?

The business has to be described with every possible service it provides along with all the business keywords so that the customer can find the business he needs and decide to hire the same from all the available choices matching his needs and location.

Does it have a verification process for adding or editing a business?

All the business added on the Manta are thoroughly verified and evaluated before putting them on the directory. Since Manta is the interface medium between the customer and service provider, all the information is authenticated to safeguard customer safety and ensure his satisfaction.

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