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About is a website that functions as a property search engine and also a directory to locate and reserve rooms in lodging spaces in destinations across a country. The service was first established in 1996 by Geert-Jan Bruinsma, and is of Dutch origins. The website is accessible to users all over the globe and is available in 43 different languages. The current owner of the website is The Priceline Group. The slogan is “, Booking.yeah”. The directory makes it easy for users to find and book property and lodging for reduced fares. It is an extremely popular search engine among users around the world.

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Which category does help?

Frequent travellers are the category of people that is most beneficial to. Any persons with the requirement of inexpensive yet good quality lodging options may approach the website directory and search for exactly what they need. The website calculates the aggregate travel fare that a user will have to spend while travelling, which makes advanced planning simpler for them.

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Manta is undoubtedly huge platform. The amount of services it provides, location wise is humongous. Getting listed on Manta makes sure your business reaches the consumer who is looking for you, your presence in the service area is felt, and the other businesses and small industries are aware of your services so that all the people who need each other can come in the equation and help each other in the symbiotic ecosystem. Moreover, Manta has its proprietary advertisement service dedicated to its users. Its advertising works on the targeted audience who are looking for the same services, reaching and identifying them through its dedicated cookie tracking feature that puts the ads across the search engines and all the results produced by Manta itself.

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Steps to add business to

Step 2: Once you have gained access to the directory, if you wish to find and make reservations, the bright yellow box allows you to fill in all of your specifications and do so. If you wish to register with the website, click the ‘Register’ icon on the top right of the screen. If you already have an account with, click Sign In and log into your account.

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Step 3: Once the registration panel has opened, you can either create an account with your email address, or use Facebook or Google to sign up with the website.

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Step 4: If you are a property owner and wish to list your property on the website, locate the ‘List Your Property’ icon on the main page and click it.

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Step 5: Fill in your details in the first window that you are redirected to and proceed to create a space to list your property on the website!

Frequently asked questions about

Is it a free/paid directory? is a directory that is free for its users to browse through and use.

Does it promote advertisements?

The directory does not promote advertisements on its website.

Does it contain premium listings? does not contain premium listings, but does display the most popular destinations with available property on its main page. The end of the page does list out certain destinations labeled “destinations we love”, but these are also affiliated with popularity and are not premium listings.

Does the directory have a verification process for adding or editing a business?

The directory does have an option for users to list their properties on the website, which can be accessed from the main page itself. Adding or editing property details requires registration and hence does have a verification process.

Can users implement keywords, metas, and other details?

The most that users will need to implement is a destination name, property name, or an address. Since the directory functions as a property search engine as well as a directory to locate and compare lodging reservations, users have all that they require right on the main page, and do not need keywords, meta descriptions or any other details.

Does it have listing specific to categories or location? functions as a search engine to locate and direct users to their search results, and has filters that allow users to narrow down the options given to them by the website. Users can narrow down their search results by selecting a number of filters: from the rating and the neighbourhood in which the hotel is located to the type of property and activities available in the hotel! The main scroll down page also displays the number of properties available in popular metropolitan locations all around the country.

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