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If you’re reading this guide, chances are you’re either a hotel business owner or a marketing professional in travel industry who understands the importance of online marketing and TripAdvisor and is looking for a TripAdvisor Listing. You are realising that traditional offline marketing methods like newspaper advertisements , events and exhibitions are becoming both ineffective and costly , and you know that by neglecting to market your hotel online when users are searching in Google, you’re missing out on the cost effective and accurate business results that an effective TripAdvisor marketing strategy can bring about. Whether your hotel or travel business is just getting started with internet marketing or has already tried out online marketing , you just cant ignore TripAdvisor which is the online gateway for any travel query.

TripAdvisor has 260+ million visitors and 22 other travel websites in their portfolio and when you create a listing you will be present in the entire TripAdisor ecosystem which can be a good move to increase your revenue and business.

Reach millions of travel customers !!

More than 60 million customers each month research their travel purchase using TripAdvisor. You can introduce your travel products and services(hotel, B&B, attraction, tour package, restaurant, etc) to millions of qualifies travel buyers.

Appear on the top travel sites on the web. 

By listing your products and services within TripAdvisor’s travel directory, you not only will be seen on TripAdvisor’s award winning site but also on other leading travel sites.

Deliver your message at just the right time.

With its sophisticated search technology, TripAdvisor can help you reach the customers at the very moment they are reaching your location. As a hotel owner in Boston for instance, you would benifit greatly from listing your property with TripAdvisor. Consumers looking for hotels in Boston could access your information including description of the property including a photo and be well on their way towards booking a room!

Step-1  Find your Business

Visit the homepage of TripAdvisor. Select “Owners” option from the footer of the page. Now search for your business using your Phone Number or Name of Business and State.


Step-2  Claim your Business (If it is already added)

If your business is already listed on TripAdvisor, you can claim it by providing details like Business e-mail id, Business phone number and Business name. You will also be required to validate the information either by Credit Card authentication or Facebook authentication. Once this authentication process is complete, TripAdvisor will take you to the “Business Management Center“. It is a dashboard from where you can manage your existing business profile of TripAdvisor.

Also, check Step-4 to know more about management subscription.


Step-3  Add your Business (If it is not listed)

Don’t have your business listed on TripAdvisor? Go to TripAdvisor Owner’s page and click on “Get Listed Now” to add your business.

Now the following block will appear for you to select your type of business. Select your accurate business type to rightly register your business on TripAdvisor.

Now fill the following form.

Add all the required information. Enter correct Business Address, Business phone number, Country and Business name. Click on “Submit” the add your profile to TripAdvisor. After you submit the form, TripAdvisor will take 5 business days to cross-check all of your information and list down your business profile on TripAdvisor.


Step-4  Access Management Subscription Page

Wait till you receive an official confirmation regarding your business listing. Then only you can get an access to management subscription page.


Step-5  Check your Business Listing Rates

If you are inquisitive about getting more direct bookings from TripAdvisor, you can test out their commercial enterprise list rates. To take a look at the prices for commercial enterprise listings, you need to sign up. Sign up as an authorised representative of a business. This facility will permit you to upload direct information. Information like mail address and phone number for your business on cellular site in addition to website.


If your listing request is approved you have many different ways to implement an effective TripAdvisor strategy. There are no secrets to success. If you approach TripAdvisor as an online marketing channel for basic hospitality marketing like Facebook or twitter by setting specific goals, you will get maximum out of your TripAdvisor Listing. If you do smart work on your TripAdvisor Listing, your chances of increasing your rating and ranking in comparison your competitors will definitely improve.

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TribeLocal helps Local Businesses add 100+ Directories with a single click.