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About Foursquare

It is an online site which shows coffee houses, shopping centers, restaurants, malls, etc. nearest to your location. It has its parent company in New York, but it provides information about a lot of cities including Italy, Germany, Korea, Turkey, Spain, India, etc. It is a local search engine which gives the best alternatives to choose from and also in each location and area. It doesn’t have the traditional review system. Instead, it provides with the option of telling straight what the visitor liked and what he or she didn’t. After you enter a location and what you are looking for, options appear with a map so you can zoom in to be more and more accurate about the area.


Which category does Foursquare help?

This category is useful for a wide-ranging public, whenever you are looking for a restaurant, nightlife, and other things. This site also has its app which can help you find places more precisely. The users can also become expert in the reviewing the places and have the facility to like the tips by other users. It is the kind of app which has inbuilt recommendation system as well as interactive one, so if you have had a bad experience at a place, then you can write the review and let the people know about it even if the ratings are satisfactory.

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How can Foursquare help your business?

Although the business mission of Nolo is somewhat contrary in the sense that they encourage people to perform their own minor legal procedures, it’s important to note that they are only the minor and feasible ones that Nolo encourages. The disputable and rather difficult matters are recommended to be solved by a professional attorney or a law firm. To keep in line with that idea, the website also provides directory listings for its visitors, thus providing business opportunities to solo law practitioners and small town law firms, acting as a medium to connect the two. If you are a law firm or a solo practitioner, a directory listing on Nolo will definitely help expand your reach and grow your business.

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Steps to add business to Foursquare

Step 2: click on the sign-up option and fill in your details

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Step 3: you can also search for desired places when you open the desktop site

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Step 4: customise your location and preferences accordingly.

Frequently asked questions about Foursquare

Is it a free/paid directory?

This directory is free for users who wish to search for places in the area. It requires for the user to login so that they can use the features of the app fully. It also is particular to cuisines and lets you choose from range. If you choose appropriate filters, it shows every place that fits your budget, that way, going out won’t burn a hole in your pocket. All these features are free of cost.

Does it have listing specific to categories or location?

Yes, it does have a listing to specific categories and location. That is how the website actually works. Being category and location-specific helps in choosing from wide range of options. It is not possible for everyone to reach every corner of the city so being location specific helps in finding places nearby. Ratings can also make sure that the place you are visiting is best. You can also check the reviews online for the best experience.

Can we do display ads?

There is no direct way of advertising your outlet on this website or application. However, if the ratings are high, it will appear in most recommended places that can be an indirect advertisement of your place, so one thing that decides the magnitude of advertisement is how good the service is and how often to people turn up there.

Can we add a business description like keywords, metas, year, employee count, payment methods, menu cards, etc. ?

Yes, this kind of information can be included on the site and apart from that, the most famous dishes, a recommendation from the place and ratings can play important role. Providing more and more information can attract many customers, and they would know why exactly they should be visiting that place.

Does it have a verification process for adding or editing a business?

There is no verification as such, but the ratings can tell how good is that place and how likely one is to recommend that. Editing your business is allowed time to time and also important because updates can help increase the number of visitors at your place.

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