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It is a known fact that digital marketing is the way forward when running a successful agency. This is why many companies are solely focused on promoting their products and services through search engine optimization and social media in the hope of scaling their business and landing more clients. But how can you determine the performance and results of these digital strategies? After all, you have to combine attention to detail, multi-tasking and organization skills to know whether your idea is a success or not. This is where digital marketing tools come in the picture.

These tools are specifically designed to make workload easier since they manage resourcing, operations, reporting and CRM along with other factors. This helps you pay attention to clients. Here are a few popular tools that are important when it comes to running and scaling your agency.

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1. Pegasus Systems

Pegasus Systems function well with budding as well as well-established and seasoned agencies. This is because it has the ability to expand as the agency grows. It also has the ability to combines successfully with your regular workflow and structured systems. Its main features include:

  • Immediately providing traffic reports by clients
  • Choosing and adding modules as you expand
  • Single screen view which helps to gain an all round job insight
  • Full hosting on secure servers
  • Complete reporting
  • A dashboard that displays studio as well as creative briefs, production timelines, invoices, purchase orders, client WIP reports

2. Basecamp

What are the best tools for your digital marketing agency 1

When it comes to project management, one of the best tools to manage clients and their many projects is Basecamp. This tool helps employees complete their work in a faster and more efficient way. It works to:

  • Collaborate in an effective manner, both at an internal level as well as with clients.
  • Set milestones and reminders for every project through the use of automatic check-ins
  • Facilitate chats in an informal way. These chats mostly revolve around clients
  • Schedule and sync up third party calendars. This includes iCal,
  • Google Calendar and Outlook
  • Help users in linking documents and files on Google Drive
  • Offer users permission when it comes to attaching files to to-do items. It also seeks approval from clients by sending updates

3. Storify

Storify is a content marketing tool that can be used for your digital marketing agency requirements. It works on the simple idea that anyone can be a reporter. With its all-in-one search engine, it helps you search and collect reports as well as stories that have emerged on various social media platforms. Its features include:

  • A simple and hassle-free story editing process
  • You do not need to possess coding knowledge as it works on a drag and drop system.
  • Information is easily embedded while content is easily shared by copying and pasting an imbedded code
  • The people you have mentioned in the content are quoted. This enhances the occurrences of the content being shared

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4. TribeLocal

TribeLocal is a local search engine optimization tool that drives customers to your website in a steady and successful manner. It helps in link building efforts, tracking rankings and notifying content marketing campaigns among other such SEO practices. You can enhance local SEO listings so that business improves. Its features include:

What are the best tools for your digital marketing agency 2
  • An all-in-one SEO tracking and research toolset
  • Business growth through traffic and customer growth
  • Manage online reputation by responding to any review regardless of the publisher
  • Create, build and monitor citations in more than 100+ directories
  • Integrate your Google My Business profile to find out how your customers find you on Google and the steps they take thereafter
  • Create whitelabel reports for your clients
  • Enjoy integrated Google Analytics to measure key metrics
  • Lead generation through online web properties

5. Google Analytics

Considered to be one of the best Google tools, Google Analytics is a great way to boost your digital marketing strategy and take it to the next level. In fact, it is a great tool to take advantage of, especially if you are a small agency still trying to prove its mettle in the world of digital marketing. The invaluable data that you get from Google Analytics will help you forge digital marketing strategies and campaigns for your clients. Some of its key advantages include:

  • You can add the analytics code to your website in seconds
  • It helps you keep a track of visitor and their actions
  • It offers you valuable insights through the results obtained from various apps, offline channels and sites
  • It helps you get a fairly good idea of what strategy is working and what isn’t
  • Offers you all the vital information about your website performance, popular keywords and audience demographics

6. Mention

If you want to track and keep a watch on the kind of views and response your brand is getting, you have to check out Mention. You can rest assured that you never miss an opportunity to interact with a fruitful customer. It helps to increase brand awareness and recognition in a seamless manner.

What are the best tools for your digital marketing agency 3
  • Helps you be on the lookout for brand names and key phrases in real-time
  • It assists in saving a lot of time and also helps you manage multiple clients seamlessly
  • You can like, share and retweet mentions easily. You can even send mentions through email
  • It works brilliantly for media monitoring, brand tracking, influencer research, social media marketing and web monitoring

7. KISSmetrics

Analysis is the key to successful digital marketing. An agency can use KISSmetrics for analysis. It is, in fact, a great way to analyze and get an idea of what people are doing on their products and website. It helps you make decisions that have an impact as it delivers behavior-based engagement at every step. It works to:

  • Enhance conversions, whether you are focused on product marketing or sales
  • Customize your approach which helps you enhance growth based on your business preferences
  • Offer accurate facts which lead the way to correct decision making

8. RavenTools

If you need an additional variety of reporting features, RavenTools is beneficial. There exists a research center that helps you examine target sites and competitors. You can accordingly schedule social media updates, perform SEO audits as well as track campaigns that involve link building. Other than this, it also includes:

  • Comparing domain authority, backlinks, page speed and load time
  • The report feature consists of a drag-and-drop functionality. This ensures you can add the test results as well as research performed when reporting documents in a better way
  • Manage local SEO through citations and link building

9. Podio

As an agency, you need to manage customer relationships without a problem. This means investing in a robust customer relationship management software like Podio. It will help manage your data related to previous, current and prospective clients with ease. Some of the features that you can enjoy with Podio include the following:

  • Seamlessly store and maintain client information through Google Drive and Box
  • Track and manage client communication without any effort
  • Keep track of billing, invoicing and billing contacts with ease
  • Allow different agency teams to get access to current client information as well as project-specific details

10. Trello

If there is one tool that every digital marketing agency requires, it is Trello. It is a robust project management tool; and once you begin using it, you will wonder how you ever managed your project before. You can use it to create individual cards for each task related to a project and then visualize the cards on the dashboard to manage your daily tasks and targets with ease. Some of the features of Trello include:

What are the best tools for your digital marketing agency 4
  • Making lists of tasks
  • Making iterations on cards
  • Adding comments to cards
  • Adding videos, images and files to any created task
  • Arranging tasks in order of priority or delivery deadlines
  • Enjoying the convenience of bulletin-style board

11. Hootsuite

As an agency, you will be doing digital marketing for your business and your clients on social media. After all, social media is one of the most important platforms into today’s digital world where word-of-mouth means a lot and make or break businesses. With Hootsuite, you can schedule social media posts for your business and your clients, thereby using your time more productively. Hootsuite allows you to:

  • Identify influencers for marketing teams
  • Generate leads for sales teams
  • Reply to social media comments and mentions via a single dashboard
  • Use pre-written responses to save time
  • Manage multiple social media platforms without any hassle

12. Follwerwonk

Social media is one of the best ways to engage your target audience and then direct them to your website. That is what social media marketing is all about. However, you need have a plan in place to ensure this strategy works. This is where Followerwonk helps you. It allows you:

  • Use search bios on Twitter and compare different accounts
  • Analyze a clients follower list using different parameters, like bio, location and who they follow
  • Optimize your social media marketing endeavors to find out how and why you gain or lose followers
  • Finding which type of content works best to gain followers and traffic to target website
What are the best tools for your digital marketing agency 5

The only downside of Followerwonk is that it is not integrated with other social media platforms, like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. However, it is a spectacular tool for Twitter and helps you understand your Twitter audience better and by extension your target audience.

13. BuzzSumo

  • Helps you understand your client’s competition
  • Allows you to figure out what type of content works optimally with search engines
  • Type of content your client’s target audience likes
  • Allows you to use data to create content for your client
  • Enjoy high level of accuracy when analyzing content data
  • Allows your clients to enjoy high level of success in social media and the digital realm

As an agency, it is imperative you learn more about your clients’ market. This cannot be emphasized enough. You need to know the industry they operate in and their main competitors. As you delve deeper, you will find more data that you can leverage to ensure your client enjoy a visible online presence. BuzzSumo helps you understand this perfectly. It ensures your business:

14. Crazy Egg

  • Make changes to the website to ensure better results
  • It does not require any IT assistance to use the program
  • Enjoy seamless and comprehensive analysis and reporting
  • Use heatmaps and mouse recording
  • Get user feedback
  • Personalize content for your target audience
  • Maximize leads and sales for your clients and your agency website

Digital marketing is about constantly trying to figure out what is working and what needs to be discard. This is where Crazy Egg can help you immensely. It ensures you can offer sound advice to your clients about what is working to their benefit and what needs to be discarded. Crazy Egg offers numerous useful features that include:

The Bottom Line

So, if you are a digital marketing agency, check out these important tools that make help you win accolade from your customers and also ensure your work comes more organized, streamlined and result-oriented. Using these tools, you will be able to work in a more productive manner to help your clients and your organization succeed in the highly competitive and fierce online market.

Agencies require all the help they can get to streamline their work and ensure tangible results to win accolades from clients and also acquire new clients. Digital marketing is an art and science. Having access to the right tools can help an agency enjoy success in the world of digital marketing. These tools allow a digital marketing agency to use social media marketing, SEO, and email marketing while being backed by high-quality content to connect with the right audience.

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