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In an SEO agency, so many things happen simultaneously and you have to ensure everything goes off well. However, you will always be running short of hands to track, monitor and perform. So, whether you are thinking of acquiring new clients or seamlessly manage the existing ones, there are some tools that should be integral part of your SEO agency.

The right tools at your disposable allow you to juggle different aspects of SEO and priorities while still ensuring you give quality work to your clients. Also, having access to the best tools ensures you don’t stretch the available hands thin. Many of these tools can help automate certain tasks, thereby easing the burden on your employees. This means that they will have more time to handle actual SEO projects rather than focusing on minor things.

How the Right Tools Supports an SEO Agency

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If you are like a typical SEO agency, you will be offering your clients a combination of services besides standalone SEO services. This can make your life more difficult as you will need to implement, monitor and update so many things that your employees may feel overworked or end up forgetting something important. So, having the best tools, you can streamline work and also simplify workflows to ensure you are always ahead and working to your potential.

The tools your agency uses will decide whether your staff does their work optimally or tends to be distract with day-to-day mundane tasks. If you have the necessary tools, you will always be working towards customer delight and exceeding customer expectations.

There are numerous tools for SEO agencies out there. However, it is imperative that you choose these tools based on your requirements. It goes without saying that some tools are better than others. Hence, delve into the details, read reviews and look at the features. It is only then that you will be able to select a set of tools to help your SEO agency flourish and work optimally.

Remember, you need tools for two things. One, to improve internal workflows and efficiencies. Two, to improve the way you do search engine optimization for clients. It is prudent to get a combination of these two types of tools so that each one works to help make your agency succeed and grow. Based on this, here are some of the best tools for your SEO agency.

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As an SEO agency, SEO is the basis of your business. Your goal is to ensure the target audience find you and your client when they search online using relevant keywords. Hence, keyword research and tracking is integral to your business success. While you can begin your keyword research using Google Keyword Planner, there is another tool that is designed to save you time and effort, and this SEMrush.

This advanced keyword research tool allows you to find out the best keywords of the competition, check the ranking of those keywords in different domains and find hidden long-tail keywords for your website and also for your pay-per-click campaigns. You can sort out the keywords based on click potential, volume and several other parameters and then pick the relevant ones for your website.

SEMrush also allows you to create customized reports by selecting the right widgets and customizing the settings. The report builder in the tool updates the necessary information to ensure your clients get a look at what is happening at the SEO front. You can schedule the reports on a weekly basis, or the frequency you want.


SEO involves tracking a lot of data and this can be challenging as well as tedious. Besides checking the relevant metrics, you also need to monitor website and webpage ranking and ensure you keep a close watch on the PPC and social media campaigns. This means managing multiple dashboards simultaneously. It can become confusing and challenging. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry when you can use Cyfe to manage all dashboards from a single point.

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Cyfe lets you keep track of different metrics, including SEM and SEO metrics. It captures the necessary data from a number of different sources and collates them into a single dashboard. As a result, you just have to check Cyfe to keep track of the vital data and metrics to ensure your SEO endeavors are reaping the right results.

The tool also comes with pre-built widgets that ensure you can monitor and track any metrics. You can also add the Google Search Console widget to Cyfe so that you get weekly updates on the site’s performance in Google. In fact, Cyfe allows you to check the website’s performance across different search engines and this lets you create a comprehensive SEO strategy based on the data you garner.

This tool also lets you track competition with ease. You can monitor the competition’s social media strategies, content and even email through the Cyfe dashboard.

Cyfe takes away the need to manually work everyday. Just set up SMS alerts based on your requirements and you can intervene when the need arises. Otherwise, everything will continue on its own, letting you focus on more important SEO strategies and work.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is an SEO spider. It helps identify things that need to be fixed on a website, and if you follow through, it will help the website perform better in search. Basically, Screaming Frog allows you to perform a comprehensive site audit and check the website for audit redirects, broken links, duplicate content, meta data, page titles. You can even use this tool to generate XML sitemaps with ease.

The tool can be integrated with Google Analytics to get the necessary data for improved SEO. You can also schedule crawls based on your requirements. Screaming Frog saves you time as performing all these activities manually is time-consuming and tedious, especially if you have a client with a large website.


Backlinks are the backbone of any SEO strategy. You need to get reputable backlinks from credible websites, but the work does not finish there. After that, you have to monitor all the backlinks to ensure they are giving the results that you anticipated. This is where Ahrefs comes into play.

It helps perform comprehensive backlink analysis by crawling a whopping 6 billion webpages on a day basis. It also has a huge index of nearly 3 trillion URLs. So, you just cannot go wrong with it when it comes to backlink analysis.

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The beauty of Ahrefs is that you can automate the monitoring to find out how a site ranks in search and you will get alerts for new or lost backlinks, new keywords and brand mentions. It also makes it easy to track the competition, as you can use Ahrefs to find out which content in your niche is attracting maximum backlinks, and this, in turn, allows you to see from where the competition gets its backlinks.

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Local SEO is very important for businesses, regardless of where they are located. The Google three-pack appears in nearly 93 per cent of all searches, and statistics show that nearly 50 per cent consumers performing a local search via mobiles tend to visit the store the same day to complete a purchase. So, as an SEO agency, you should definitely make local SEO a priority. This is where TribeLocal comes to your rescue. It makes local SEO easy, convenient and quick.

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TribeLocal offers access to more than 100 local, niche and business directories. This ensures you can create citations with accuracy and consistency. It also allows you to track and update citations with ease. You can ensure consistency and accuracy of NAP across the internet with this tool. It is integrated with Google My Business, and allows you track how people are finding websites in Google and the steps they take after finding those sites. You can use TribeLocal to auto-generate reports, create whitelabel reports and also generate leads from your web properties.


It is an all-in-one local SEO software that can prove to be very useful for agencies. It helps agencies monitor organic, local and mobile search engine rankings, allows management of online reputation and brand awareness by managing by letting you respond to online reviews regardless of the publisher, manage star ratings, and track site performance, search engine ranking and traffic with the integrated analytics tool.


All SEO agencies need a high-quality project management tool. Managing multiple projects and handling different clients are not easy. However, with Asana, you don’t have to worry. It organizes everything in a single location and this allows you to access it to find out where each task for every client is. It allows you to manage multiple teams and tasks with ease.

You can use Asana to track the progress of different tasks, converse with team members, share files and even assign individual tasks within the team. It is an invaluable tool to discuss details pertaining to specific tasks and the tool stores all notes, files and conversations related to each task in a single location. So, you can access them when you want without going back and forth.

Asana is a fine project management tool that has the ability to function like a virtual office. It also allows you to manage deadlines and milestone progress with ease. It is so robust that you can manage more than 1,000 tasks as any given point.

Portent’s Title Maker

Besides managing website SEO, you will also be creating SEO content. However, the agency’s content team may not always be able to churn out content that is interesting and viral in nature. This is where Portent’s Title Generator helps your agency quite a bit.

What are the best tools for your SEO agency 5

It allows you to come up with content ideas by generating titles. Some titles are serious while others are hilarious. Your content team can pick up relevant titles and enjoy creating interesting and informative content based on those titles. Even if you cannot use the titles, don’t worry as it will spur your creativity and get you going. Of course, you would have to ensure that the content team has access to relevant keywords to insert in the content they are creating.

Google Keyword Planner

Many SEO agencies take Google Keyword Planner lightly as it is a free tool. However, it is a great resource that you can use to launch AdWords campaigns for your clients. It allows you to calculate search volume based on the keyword you enter into the tool.

Based on this information, you can then look for location-specific search volume. You can even check the competition for each keyword and figure out the bid for the keywords that you choose. It can make it easy to select the right keywords and long-tail keywords to make PPC campaigns a success.


Regardless of whether you are handling large brands or small local businesses, as an SEO agency, keyword research is your Bible for a successful SEO campaign. While there are many tools to generate keywords, Keyword.io is one of the most robust tools.

You can use it to get keywords from all online sources, right from Google all the way to Fiverr. This ensures you understand which are the important keywords your agency should target and the topics to focus on.

Facebook Audience Insights

If you want to research content for social media and perform comprehensive market research, your agency should invest in Facebook Audience Insights. With 2.07 billion active users, you cannot ignore Facebook. It is a place to share information and when influencers and users make recommendations, it is taken seriously.

What are the best tools for your SEO agency 6

Facebook Audience Insights allows you to check demographic information related to your target audience and this helps you create content that your audience will adore. You can find out what your target audience is interested in and then create content that they will relish and enjoy.


If your clients are active on Twitter, you need to use Followerwonk. It helps you analyze Twitter followers so that you can use it to the advantage of your clients.

Using this tool, you can search bios of followers on Twitter, compare different Twitter accounts to find overlaps, see who the followers are following, and identify influencers. It takes away the hard work of finding the right people on Twitter who can promote your brand to the Twitterati.


There you have it – the best tools for your SEO agency. So, go ahead and get these tools. It will help ease the burden on your teams, make your agency more productive and efficient, and ensure your clients get the results they anticipate.

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