BrightLocal Vs TribeLocal – 2018

A comprehensive analysis of BrightLocal Vs TribeLocal in terms of features and pricing

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yext vs tribelocal price

Pricing based on your pocket size

When it comes to local SEO, clients look for a tool that comes with rich and essential features and most importantly the tool has to be pocket-friendly. Both Bright Local and Tribe Local are popular and feature-rich tools. But, the price charged according to the features makes a major difference. Bright Local pricing for $49 monthly for multi-business whereas TribeLocal starts for $39 monthly for the similar features. It has pricing options started from smaller businesses to bigger enterprises with relevant feature accesses. If you want citations only, you can have that f0r $3 per citation which fits the needs of small start-ups perfectly.

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Local Business SEO changes with time

BrightLocal is a good tool with a long list of features and has served customers for quite a time now. It integrates with essential tools and business applications like Google Analytics and social media tools like Facebook and Twitter. Tribe Local also has integrations with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and business applications like Google Analytics. Tribe Local also integrates with Google My Business, which is an essential tool for Local Business SEO these days. In 2018, if you want to rank higher locally in the number one search engine’s listings, you need to have to get listed in tools like Google My Business, which Tribe Local provides with other services.

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Yext Vs TribeLocal Local SEO Expert
Yext Vs TribeLocal Customer Experience

Superior Client Experience is a must

Bright Local is very popular in terms of its fabulous features, but it lacks somewhere when it comes to customer satisfaction and experience. Clients can use Bright Local’s Live Support and Online Training for troubleshooting and issues, whereas Tribe Local comes with four ways of communication channel for the clients. Clients can raise a ticket for issues, use live chat functionality, get online training on features and also can talk to the Tribe Local executives for assistance when an issue comes. A report says - Tribe Local has 100% customer satisfaction records till the date.

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Online Reputation Management

For Local Businesses, customer reviews say it all, whether the review is positive or negative. Both BrightLocal and TribeLocal have their own online review and reputation management services. It helps local businesses to know about the reviews on the platforms, get notified about the reviews and respond to a negative feedback. Tribe Local’s feature of custom tools and dashboards for viewing all type of reviews from all the platforms in one place makes it super easy for a customer to track the reviews 24*7. Also, the review analytics and personalised review widget help the clients to get personalised customer reviews for their business.

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Yext vs tribelocal reviews
Features BrightLocal TribeLocal
Industry Average Citation Score
Local SEO Audit
Review Management
Whitelabel Reports
Insights on GMB
Client Portal
Custom Directory Integrations
Ranking Across locations
Advanced Website Popups
Lead Capturing
Reply To Reviews
Dedicated Account Manager
Local Marketing Consultation
Area Mail
24×7 Support


Case Study

Popular SEO Agency based out of Oklahoma, moved to TribeLocal from Yext. What was the outcome of this? They Saved annually $26,000 in Local SEO efforts!

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Bird’s Eye View Comparison of TribeLocal and BrightLocal

yext vs tribelocal 2018 comparison

What is TribeLocal?

TribeLocal is a web-based local SEO platform that offers an array of tools to build and monitor citations across local, industry-specific and national directories. It analyses search engine rankings of a website and points out major NAP issues.

BrightLocal logo for comparissionBrightLocal logo for comparission

What is BrightLocal?

Bright Local is a tool, similar to TribeLocal, which offers rich features and tools for managing online listings, online reputation, track reviews and performances online for smaller businesses as well as big enterprises. It helps gathering online data as well as helps create online reports.

Business Listings

  • TribeLocal and Brightlocal both offer online directory listings on 100+ sites which include local and national sites. Tribe Local also provides niche and business specific sites for more specifications and detail orientations.
  • Brightlocal has a bucket full of online directories for business listings and customer has a good number of options to choose from. On the other hand, Tribe Local gives the flexibility to add as many directories as a customer wants of their choice. This customization gives freedom to add business specific directories and relevant citations.
  • On TribeLocal, users have the freedom to claim listings without necessarily signing up.

On both the tools, bulk data of citations and business information easily.

yext vs tribelocal business listings


  • TribeLocal is a pocket-friendly platform for new start-ups and small businesses. The subscription starts from $39 only with all necessary and relevant features. Also, it charges only $3 for each citation in citation only plans.
  • All the TribeLocal packages include important business features and can be used for any small businesses to medium size enterprises. BrightLocal single business package has very limited features. All important features are included in Multiple Business package only.

Unlike BrightLocal, TribeLocal has online free Local SEO consultation which helps beginners and start-up newbies the pricing, features and listing options according to their needs.

yext vs tribelocal cost

Review Monitoring

  • Both BrightLocal and TribeLocal, provide review monitoring and review management services. TribeLocal is a new and advanced tool, which provides customized dashboards to monitor reviews for all the platforms in a single place. Also, the review widget helps to get customized review templates for better and specific feedback for each business.
yext vs tribelocal reviews

Local SEO Monitoring & Reports

  • Reports are the important feature for any kind of local business SEO and monitoring as well. Customized reports from Google Analytics helps understand how a business is performing online. TribeLocal helps to monitor organic and mobile searches and GA account can be integrated as well.
  • TribeLocal provides customized reports creation option for all the Local SEO reports. It provides white level reporting options. Also, the reports can be accessed online or downloaded and shared as PDF format.
Yext Vs TribeLocal Local SEO report

Customer Support & Lead Generation

  • On BrightLocal you can use online training and live chat option for customer service. In Tribe Local there are four communication channels, like Phone, Live Chat, Ticketing and Online Training for any of the issues.
  • Unlike BrightLocal, TribeLocal provides online SEO experts for each and every client.

TribeLocal packages include leads generated starting from 5 up to 300 depending on the pricing chosen. It also helps clients through the lead generation process. Bright Local does not have this feature.

yext vs tribelocal customer support

Why Choose TribeLocal?

TribeLocal is an advanced platform that offers cutting-edge features and services that provides a solution for all the needs of local search engine optimization for a very competitive price. It helps local businesses building an online reputation and increasing online visibility.
The services of the platform start from business listings, directory management, review monitoring and management to white label reporting, organic traffic monitoring and lead generations. It helps businesses optimizing and analysing Google My Business listings. TribeLocal automates your local online marketing helping your business stay one step ahead of the competition around.

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The Bottom Line

Comparing best tools in the market is not easy, especially when Local SEO techniques changes with time and technology. In 2018, you have the best choice for your local business SEO needs and TribeLocal proves it well with offering a feature-rich and affordable solution for you.

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