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Digital marketing is not a new concept. Most of the marketers have been using many trends, methodologies and strategies for making the best use of digital marketing. Since digital marketing has already made its place amongst the marketing agency the next concerning question is what can be the possible next phase of digital marketing? What new trends do the year 2018 holds for digital marketing?

With many new technologies developing every now and then, many predictions have already been made regarding the future aspects of the digital marketing trends. However, the sure shot formula to succeed in the digital marketing domain is to use the right technologies and platforms at the right time for maximizing its business benefits.

If you too are interested in knowing the digital marketing agency trends that will rise up high in the year 2018 in terms of providing the maximum benefits, then this is the right place to do so. Have a look at the possible trends.

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1. Video marketing:

Till now, text marketing has been the priority for the marketers and they also have delivered valuable results. But with the changing trends, people are now seen more interested in the video content. And thus, 2018 will be the year that will be contributing to the growth of video marketing in the digital marketing trends. Every Digital Marketing Agency will put its efforts in posting better video contents for their clients. According to the latest predictions, Cisco believes that about 69% of the user traffic will be from an effective use of video marketing.

Digital Marketing Agency Trends 2018 image 1

Moreover, many experts from the industry are hinted at the fact that video marketing will contribute a total 80% for improving the conversion rate for the websites. Many big brands have already started investing their time in making some creative, short and informative videos to get highlighted on their website in order to engage their audience and enhance their performance. With such predictions and expert’s opinions, it is very much clear that video marketing will be one of the most popular trends in digital marketing in the year 2018.

2. Chatbots:

Since customer satisfaction is one of the key requirements of the present digital marketing scenario, the digital marketing agencies are ready to try anything for reaching to the highest level of customer satisfaction. Chatbots will surely be one of the key players in helping the digital marketers with their need. These talking bots significant for almost each industry:

Digital Marketing Agency Trends 2018 image 2

Chatbots are seen to have a significant impact on improving the customer services along with improving the business customer relationship with an instant response to all the queries of the customers. Analyzing the potential Chatbots can bring to the business, marketers are focusing on improving the designing of the Chatbots with the help of continual learning. If a Digital Marketing Agency suggests you to avoid this and use the conventional methods of communication, they are so wrong to go with.

3. Delivering Personalized customer experience will remain the preference:

Be it offline marketing, online marketing or digital marketing, the marketers (and Digital Marketing Agency teams) are well aware of the fact that if customers are not satisfied they have no chance to stand in the competition. Due to the limited options in the beginning of the digital marketing, customers had no alternatives to switch when they are not satisfied with the services. But as the platform of digital marketing expanded, the competition in the sector increased immensely. So, you too should go with the best Digital Marketing agency which preference delivering customized user experience to your audience.

Digital Marketing Agency Trends 2018 image 3

In the year 2017, many new players entered in the digital world and customers had many options to switch in case of any dissatisfaction. Thus, the marketers felt the need of focusing on personalized customer experience to retain the customers. The year 2018 will be no different in terms of personalizing the customer experience. Marketers have to develop strategies that can provide a better customer-centric business environment for satisfying the increased demands of customers for experiencing personal appreciation that can delight them and can satisfy their demands.

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4. Social media marketing:

The world is turning social and so is expected from the digital marketing agencies. According to the experts, if you are not socially active, you are missing a huge amount of reaching for many potential customers. Although many marketers and digital marketing agencies have started including social media marketing in their marketing strategies, it is observed that only a bit of this enormous platform has been utilized till now.

The vast availability of so many social platforms, the implementation cost of social media marketing is relatively very less than the other digital marketing trends. It is expected that in the year 2018, marketers will spend more in expanding this immensely potential sector for promoting their products and services along with reaching to a huge variety of clients and potential customers. So, ask your Digital Marketing Agency if they are using best Social SEO tactics or not, and what they are doing to gain visibility on social media for you.

5. Artificial intelligence:

Just like the other sectors, artificial intelligence has already knocked at the doors of digital marketing. Nearly 57% of the marketers, employed at a good Digital Marketing Agency, are making the use of artificial intelligence for getting an edge over their competition. It is predicted that this figure will increase by 53% in the year 2018 with the growth of technology. Many marketers are expecting that the emerging scope of artificial intelligence in 2018 will help them to engage the customers in a better way.

The figure depicts some areas where AI marketing will be used the most in 2018:

Digital Marketing Agency Trends 2018 image 4

Though, artificial intelligence is already contributing to improving the experience of the customers by providing them with the search results according to their preferences and likings. In the year 2018, the scope of artificial intelligence will improve with the help of technologies like intercom and drift. These technologies will help in delivering a better chat experience to the customers and website visitors.

6. Mobile marketing:

It is not a hidden fact that the present generation is mobile-centric and spends most of their time on the phone. According to the latest reports, more than 65% of people use mobile phones for most of their needs and requirements. Such statics is enough to drive the attention of the marketers to develop a mobile marketing strategy that can help them to expand their reach to the customers.

2018 will see mobile technology to majorly taking over most of the digital marketing activities. To ensure that the trend becomes popular in 2018, Google had announced the launch of their mobile-first algorithm in early 2018. As a result, many others marketing agencies are looking forward to putting their best foot in the race of utilizing the benefits of mobile marketing. Amidst the tough competition, are you ready with your mobile-friendly strategy? If not, ask your Digital Marketing Agency to implement it as soon as they can.

7. Live videos:

For some people, video marketing and live videos may appear to be the same thing but the two stands distinguished when considered in playing a role in advancing the digital marketing trends and strategies. The use of live videos is also not new in the digital marketing domain but it has not been used to its maximum potential till now. The concept of live videos is not being used by more than 15% of the marketers which lays down an immense potential for this trend in the year 2018.

Digital Marketing Agency Trends 2018 image 5

Live videos are not just becoming popular amongst the marketers but the users also love the growing influence of live videos. Nearly 80% of the customers have admitted that they love the concept of live videos. Wouldn’t live videos be one of the most popular digital marketing agency trends in 2018?

8. Machine learning:

No marketer or Digital Marketing Agency can deny the fact that sustaining the existing customers is the greatest need of the marketing world today along with attracting new customers. If the customers are not satisfied with the present and offered services of the marketers, they take no time in switching to your competitors. Thus, marketers need to be really responsive towards the customers for retaining them to the brand.

In order to be in the competition and to hold on to the customers, machine learning will be the winning weapon of the marketers. Machine learning will be a significant trend that will help the marketers to bring automation in their business strategies. Even the experts have indicated that the businesses which will focus on machine learning will be greatly benefitted by machine learning.

9. Voice searches:

The idea of voice search still has a lot more to offer to the customers. In the present time, the voice search depends upon the use of keywords which sometimes are not recognized correctly by the machine and therefore deliver dissatisfying results. However, the marketers are trying really hard for finding the more relevant keywords that can be easily recognized by the machine for enhancing the voice search results. Your Digital Marketing Agency must also be paying attention to the implementation of natural language processing for improving the results.

Digital Marketing Agency Trends 2018 image 6

If things work as planned then nearly 50% of the searches will be made using the voice search concept, which is 20% at present. Keeping the present scenario of the voice search in mind along with concentrating on the future aspect, it can be rightly said that the voice search will provide a huge market for the marketers for improving their business strategies and plan them according to the future needs and requirements.

10. Social messaging apps:

Communication is the key requirement for the marketers for knowing the likings, preferences, and dislikes of their customers. The implementation of the social messaging apps offers some vast opportunities to the businesses for reaching to their potential customers and to expand their business. In the year 2018, most of the businesses will be seen investing their time and effort for including social messaging apps in their marketing strategies as they can help them to expand their customer reach and profit levels.

Many popular sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. have already working in the needed direction.

This is not it. There are some more trends which can help the marketers to maximize their performance their digital performance. Here’s the quick list:

  • More focused on improving and enhancing the privacy in the digital marketing activities. The year 2017 where on one hand, digital marketing was prevailing on the positive edge, there were many security breaches encountered by the users. 2018 will be emphasizing more on maintaining the security of digital world by making use of data protection regulations.
  • Being honest and transparent to the customers are two most important aspects that mark the success of any business. It is no easy to forge the customers even with the present technologies but still, there are certain compromising situations in terms of transparency. 2018 is so planned that the marketers will focus more on being transparent to the customers so as to reduce the cases of customer frauds.
  • Content marketing is even today one of the most influential trends of digital marketing world. The sector is expected to grow more in 2018 with a better implementation of the presenting text and information. To keep up the craze of the content marketing, it has been observed that 70% of people like to learn something new with the help of content rather than watching from an ad.
  • Connecting with micro influencers will also be a trendy factor relating to the growth of the digital marketing. 90% of the customers are seen to develop trust for a brand on the recommendation from a powerful influencer. Thus marketers are focusing on developing connections with micro-influencers having 100,000 followers as they are four times better in engaging the customers and users.

Conclusive Outline:

The field of digital marketing is growing very rapidly every passing day. The year 2018 is expected to present some more business opportunities with the upcoming creative and innovative digital marketing agency trends.

Using the above-mentioned trends such as providing personalized experience to the customers, making the use of machine learning, etc. can surely help the digital marketers for improving their customer retention rate along with attracting new customers. These trends will surely not last forever and will be taken over with some new trends, thus, it would be worthy to take the maximum advantage of these trends as soon as they enter the market.

With more than 30% of the businesses are planning to implement the new digital marketing strategies for them, when are you planning to implement these new digital trends?

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