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get google reviews

Why getting more GMB reviews is important for your business?

In this day and age, for any entrepreneur who carries out his business online, my Google reviews can be an indispensable asset – after all, they’re your first impression for people searching for your business online. Google plus reviews are a vital component to boost local SEO rankings as they have the knack of popping up more emphatically in the search results as compared to other reviews available on the internet. In the world of online marketing, it’s all about networking with the right people as it can go a long way in determining success and failure in business.

How important is a google review?

My Google reviews allows a business to reach targeted audiences more effectively and in helping them make the choice between your company and your competitor. Whether you’re on the lookout for an electrician near your location or alternatively, looking to check out the new restaurant in town, Google plus reviews are your best bet and they look like this.

get google reviews

It, therefore, goes without saying that Google is undoubtedly the most important place to get more reviews as it goes a long way in helping increase the credibility and appeal of your business.

88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

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3 Simple steps to get more google reviews

Step 1: Ask for a Google review

It’s not farfetched to state that positive customer reviews on Google can prove to be the game-changer that determines your company’s success. Here’s another startling fact – in case you don’t have a satisfactory number of Google reviews, Google may opt to leave you off the list altogether. Google business reviews make a telling difference which is why you should try your best to get as many as you can.

One way of doing so is to ask your customers to write a review on Google. More often than not, customers forget to leave reviews even if they are satisfied. Various reports and surveys have suggested that unless you ask your customer to explicitly write a Google review – only a small percentage of people will leave Google plus reviews on their own. What you need to ensure is that you get the timing right – asking them too early or leaving it too late can be counterproductive.

Although, it might seem overwhelming at first, having a proper feedback system in place can help streamline the process. Ideally, you should ask your customers to write a review on Google during a follow-up call/email, through a post-purchase survey, calls to action on your website, email marketing campaigns, or even social media.

Additionally, when you ask them to write a Google review, inform them that their honest feedback matters and will help your business grow.

Step 2: Show how to leave a review

Although this sounds like a no-brainer, you will be surprised by the fact that many companies fail to provide clear-cut instructions on how to leave a Google review. The simple solution here is to make clear instructions available for your customers. You can do this by having a fool-proof system in place. You can do this by either having a printout/ handout available at your front desk that you can give your customers stating clearly –  review us on Google. This hand-out can have all the instructions which can help walk them through the process on how to leave a Google review on your website and social media accounts.

Another important detail that you should keep in your mind is to ensure that your reviewing process isn’t overly complicated with tonnes of details and multiple steps. By having a difficult review process, you stand the chance to lose out on your customers whose motivation diminishes when faced with a complicated reviewing platform.

Step 3: Remind them to review you

Don’t be afraid to remind clients even if they forget to leave a Google business review. Send them a reminder – review us on Google. This way, your customers are likely to feel valued and heard and, in turn, make them that much more likely to come back/use your service again.

While you’re at it, make sure to acknowledge your customers by responding to existing Google plus reviews. When a customer sees that the company is taking the pains to regularly respond to feedback posted on their portal, their willingness to share feedback will increase exponentially knowing that you’re responsive and accessible and someone will actually be reading it.

If you’re looking at how to get Google reviews, another measure you could incorporate is by offering incentives or rewards for writing my Google review. It doesn’t need to be anything extravagant – you could possibly offer rewards points or coupons which they could redeem next time they visit your establishment or use your service. Win-Win!

How TribeLocal can help you in review management

Your online presence is not just the face of your brand value, image, and communication to the world but is essentially a culmination of everything you do.  You need to be extremely certain and mindful of your business reputation to project the best image so you can derive the best results. Google reviews business locals play a major role in doing just that.

Your brand is essentially how your key audiences perceive it to be. If you’re trying to figure out the easiest method to get more my Google reviews and don’t want to spend all your time walking each customer through the process – you should consider signing up with TribeLocal. At TribeLocal, we are of the belief that brand positioning should always be a top priority and never an afterthought. In that regard, our experienced professionals are adept at elevating your brand in the digital arena thus giving you the recognition you deserve.

If you’re still struggling with how to ask for a review, TribeLocal can help save you valuable hours in your day that you could be spending on other productive things. We offer exceptional SMS and Email templates that you can send to your customers which makes the entire review generation process quick and simple. In addition, we also allow you to track all reviews generated by us for your business and subsequently, calculate your ROI (Return on Investment) for all reviews generated by us. You also are handed the option to create your own review templates – based on the type of business & the type of customer – which will enable you to get more number of reviews. At the end of the day, it’s about standing out from your competition and we help you achieve that and much more.

At TribeLocal, we make certain that no stone goes unturned when it comes to maintaining your brand reputation at its very best. But wait there’s more – upon signing up, you can avail 100 free SMS reviews absolutely free – no strings attached. It’s a really effective and reasonably priced product for marketing which will have your business booming in no time.


If you haven’t taken my Google reviews seriously yet, now’s the time to change that outlook as they can longer be ignored while chalking out your digital marketing strategy.

While a positive Google plus review will have new customers flocking over to make use of your services or buy your products – it’s a difficult task to maintain your strong online reputation unless you keep at it. The most unsettling part of this is that even a single negative review can undo all your previous good work and destroy your reputation, image, and customer loyalty completely.

Whether you have a negative review or living with the fear of getting one, TribeLocal makes sure that your reputation is always intact, well prepared and never vulnerable through our top-notch Review Generation Software. We are 100 percent confident that our ingenious software will put you on the right path to success.

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