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Web development industry has never been static. It has always witnessed many distinguishing and changing trends from time to time that have helped the industry to stay in the needed fashion. The year 2016, helped the mobility to overtake desktop browsing, 2017 brought a lot of apps and technical benefits to the industry and now the year 2018 is expected to deliver the maximum utilization of the available functionalities of mobility.

The year 2018 will be targeting more on delivering a rich working experience to the web development industry. It is expected that all the trends which were ignored in the previous years will be seen trending in this year. 2018 will also be delivering better web designs by eliminating the on-going limitation of having limited bandwidth for designing. Developers will have totally new and modern belts of tools for implementing their creative and innovative web designs and development.

Every tech-savvy person is seen interested in knowing the latest trend when the matter is concerned with the web development. Are you also interested in knowing the hot picks in the web development for the year 2018? Discover the various trends for the web design, technologies, and tools that will be dominating the web development industry in 2018.

Trends of 2018 to scale the web designing and development:

1. Using mobile-centric designs:


The basic yet essential trend that one can surely expect in 2018 is focusing more on the mobility while designing. Businesses will be focusing on developing their websites with such designs that can help them to get compatible with all the leading mobile devices for delivering a better experience. In other simpler words, websites will be designed with more mobile-friendly designs. According to a report on Statista, in the year 2016, nearly 43.6% of the website traffic was generated using the mobile devices. These were the stats when the mobile development was just at its beginning. Now with the evolved and changing time, the maximum amount of website traffic which is 65.1% is generated with the help of mobile phones.

With more number of people making the use of mobile devices for their day to day functioning, the involvement of mobile-friendly design for the development of website has become a necessity. Considering the wide potential that the mobile-friendly designs can deliver to the web development industry, many web developers are concentrating to frame their websites around such web designs which are compatible with all the leading mobile devices for an effective impact on the user experience. Thus, with so much focusing on making mobile as a priority, it won’t be wrong to say that 2018 will be the year revolving around mobile specific web designs.

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2. Implementing micro-interactions

The web development industry can also mark a sustainable increase in their revenue and profits by diverting their focus on the implementation of the micro-interactions. The trend initiated by Facebook to react in multiple ways to someone’s post was accepted hand to hand by the users worldwide. With micro-interactions, the users need not focus on the traditional ways of commenting and liking on the posts but now can also react in many different ways. 2017 marked just the beginning of such micro-interactive communications whereas the year 2018 will be seen delivering expertise using this emerging technology.

Micro-interactions have also helped in enhancing the user-experience as now the users don’t have to reload the pages every time while making a comment or leaving a review on any web page. The need to reload the page every time, made the entire experience of the users really inconvenient and irritating which results in an increase in the bounce rate of the websites and reduction in the engagement percentage. They simply need a few clicks to express their opinions and preference for a particular page or post. The web developers are now focusing on using this technique of micro-interaction in a more detailed manner for increasing the communication speed and improving the user experience.

3. Flat designs:

With the shifting focus on mobile-centric designs and mobility, the web developers are now using cleaner web designs. This has introduced the concept of flat designing in the web development industry. The flat designs are a better version of the present designs as they make the website looks brighter along with delivering better space management. The idea of using flat designs in the framing of the website designing is to deliver some simpler yet effective designs to the website for better user interaction and quick response. Contrary to the assumption that flat designs will make the websites look dull and boring, flat designs have given the needed fresh change in the website designing.

Flat designs have helped the websites to reduce their loading time by eliminating the need for using too heavy images. These designs are so beautifully used while designing the websites that there remains no need to include so many images in the websites which as a result enhances the website’s loading speed. Moreover, these designs can be used in both the mobile browsing and desktop browsing. Flat designs are the refreshing change in website designing which has directed the entire process away from all the unnecessary distractions.

4. Virtual reality videos:

2017 was another great year for the rise of videos in the website designing. The trend got so popular that nearly 74% of the website traffic was with the help of video marketing. Almost every website used an introductory video on their website for attracting the users by introducing the concept of transparency for their daily operations and functionalities. The websites focused on delivering more details related to behind the scenes to the users for gaining their trust and thereby turning the potential customers as their loyal clients for the future needs. The customers are also seen happier and satisfied when they are given the needed information and security for their invested time and efforts. Thus, this directly helps the web development agencies for enhancing their business.

The scope of including videos not only ends with this. 2018 is the year that is seeing the trend of using virtual reality videos. With more than 55% of people watching online videos on a daily basis, the future potential of virtual reality is undoubtedly bright and growing. The website videos will get modified with the techniques such as 360 modeling, interactive videos, video mapping, etc. This, on one hand, will increase the website traffic by a significant percentage and on the other hand, will deliver better user engagement and retention for the website. There are many apps available in the market which has made the implementation of virtual reality videos quite easy and accessible as per the growing needs of 2018. Isn’t it a great start in the web development and designing for 2018?

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5. Progressive web apps:

Apps have been one of the greatest discoveries of the humans in the world of digital media. According to the present analysis of the situation and the usage of the apps, nearly 89% of the total media time is contributed with the help of apps. Apps have undoubtedly made our lives much easier by providing an easy and interactive interaction with all the needed functionalities. Considering the relevance and importance of the mobile apps in the digital world, 2017 introduced many incredible apps that helped in the digital growth of the web designing and development industry.

If we talk about the year 2018, the web developers are focusing on further developing the concept of apps. The traditional behavior of the apps is being mixed with the traditional behavior of the web pages to come up with a combination of the two. This combination is of website and app behavior has resulted in the development of progressive web apps. These apps have many advanced functionalities like push notifications, offline mode, splash screen, animated page transitions, etc. Many popular websites like Twitter, Medium, etc. have already introduced these apps to their customers for delivering them the ease to get the maximum accessibility with just a few clicks. As many websites are using these apps while the others are in process to incorporate the apps with their business functionalities, are you prepared with your progressive web apps?

6. Voice search:

The concept of text search was very much gradually accepted by everyone throughout the world. It was a big deal when people can search their required details over their mobile phones. But as it is said, change is the necessity of life. Likewise, change is very much needed for the development and betterment of the web development agencies. Earlier, no one was that much familiar with the idea of doing the searches via their voice. It was more of an impossible or hard reality to achieve. But the voice searches came into existence in the year 2017 where most of the businesses offered the feature of voice search to their customers.

According to a Northstar Research, nearly 41% of US population alone uses voice search for their daily search needs. This number of users using voice search is only going to increase with time and the starting has been made in the year 2018. Nearly 41.6% of people have admitted that they have started using voice search for their daily search needs within the last 6 months. However, one of the major problems that came in the way of voice search is the inaccuracy in the result. Many people were not convinced with the search results that they got using the voice search feature.

But, with the beginning of features like the natural language processing and keywords optimization, there has been an evident improvement in the search results carried with the help of voice search. Thus, the web development agencies are focusing on the better use of the voice search advancement for enhancing their revenue results.

7. Bright colors and bold font format:

Gone are the days when using bright colors and bold fonts for designing the websites were considered too much. The previous trend which specifies that using the brighter color for defining the necessary information on the website appeared way too much. Moreover, the use of bold font format was a big no when designing the website content and framing it. But, no trend remains forever and is totally taken over by some of the other latest trends. The same is about to happen in the year 2018.

2018 is all set to break the stereotype of not using a bold and bright texture for the website designing by making the use of more and brighter and bolder text and colors. These font styles and colors are the best suited when being used with the flat web designing feature. To complement the simple and subtle designs of the flat designing elements, the larger and brighter colors and font style are the best choices to pick. The main reason for being bold with the simple yet effective flat design is to catch the attention of the users who barely spend a few seconds observing the site. If they don’t find anything interesting and eye-catchy they will bounce back, thereby creating a negative impact on your website amongst the competition. Thus, to scale up the business, web development agencies are ready to accept the combination of flat designing elements along with the bright colors and bigger font style.


There cannot be any particular static design that can remain forever in the web development industry. The designs will keep on changing in the coming years. Thus, one should focus on utilizing the present trends to their full potential for getting the maximum benefits for their business. 2018 will certainly be the year focusing on the simple yet effective website designs delivering the best user-experience along with offering the maximum compatibility. The new styles, technologies, features and formats for web designing and development will add a new charm to the websites. While 2018 is ready with its share of innovative ideas of web development, is your website ready?

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