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Behind every good business is a great accountant

There is a famous quote doing the rounds in accountancy circles. “It is possibly the most boring subject in school. It also ranks as one of the most confusing as well. However, if you want to be rich, it is the most important one in the long term.” The point we wish to make is that accountancy has great importance in the financial scenario. Every business enterprise needs to maintain their books of accounts. There is tremendous scope for accountancy firms today, but you have to contend with the highest degree of competition. Use these tips to score high on the local SEO and be at the top of the SERPS.

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Presence in all directories

Competition is intense in every field. You have people resorting to the use of local internet searches for meeting their various service needs. Providing accountancy services is a specialist job. The customer has access to a lot of information. You need to establish contact with all your local customers. In order to do so, you have to announce your presence in the local community. You can do so by having your name listed in all local directories.

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Fix your citations

One of the biggest secrets of doing well in business is to provide the best quality of customer services. You have to let your customer find you in order to ensure this. Fixing up your citations in all local directories is important. Maintain consistency and accuracy in your information. In case of a change in the address or telephone numbers, update them in all your listings. You do not want your customers barking up the wrong tree.

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How is a local SEO strategy for accountants different from any other similar strategy for any business? The basics are the same. You need to have strong on-page SEO tactics to complement the off-page SEO strategies. In this article, we shall discuss about both these aspects in detail. A combination of the two is necessary to enable the accountancy firm to reach the pinnacle of the SERPs.

Let us concentrate on the off-page SEO promotional tactics initially before moving to the technical aspects of creating a fantastic user experience for the customer.

Announcing your presence in the market

There was a time when the customer did not have much information about any product or services. It was the duty of the service provider to provide such information to him. Today, the situation is exactly the reverse. The customer has a wide range of knowledge about the various services available to him. In fact, one can say that the customer does his homework well before approaching any service provider. Under such circumstances, it becomes imperative for a service provider like an accountancy firm to announce its presence above the crowd. The trick is to catch the eye of the customer. One way of doing it is to have a presence in all local directories. You can have a listing in a couple of allied directories like banking companies, tax consultants, etc to name a few. The more you are visible, the more are the chances of your customer locating and acknowledging your presence.

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Claim your Google My Business listing

We agree that you are the most knowledgeable accountancy firm in the locality. No one can come near you as far as efficiency is concerned. How does the ordinary business enterprise know this fact? You have to announce your presence. Is there a better way to do it than claiming a Google My Business listing? We doubt it.

Is it that difficult or time consuming a job that you cannot spare a few minutes for your promotion? In addition, this is a free listing. In this age of competition, you should grab this offer with both your hands.

Let us see how you go about building a Google My Business listing.


Maintain consistency in your citations

Having a listing in all directories is a good thing to do. However, note that you should also ensure to have the right information as far as your names, addresses, and phone numbers are concerned. For you, ‘Ave’ and ‘Avenue’ might be one and the same. However, the search engine bots are not that intelligent as people think them to be. They can see it as two different addresses and might just direct some of your traffic to another accountancy firm. Naturally, anyone would welcome such walk-in traffic.

citation consistency

Customer reviews are imperative

The youngsters of today do not believe in any offline information. How do they judge the capability of an accounting firm? Normally, one seeks the advice of others who have experienced your services. The youngster does not have the patience to seek out such people, especially when he can have the same information from a third party online. We are referring to the customer reviews. They play a great part in enhancing the image of any business enterprise. Obtaining good reviews should not be a problem at all in this age of customer-centric businesses. Seek as many 5-star reviews as possible to give your rankings the much-needed boost.


Final Words

You need an effective combination of both on-page as well as off-page SEO tactics to score high on the SERP. Concentrate on both these aspects and there will be no reason why you should not top your category.

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Top citations for businesses related to Accounts. These include a list for accounting or financial planning, and insurance businesses of all disciplines. The insurance citations include only sites that allow you to add a business listing – rather than just price comparison sites for example.

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