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Practicing law is not merely about going to the court and winning. While you may be a terrific lawyer, how would you benefit if people seeking for a law firm do not know about you in the first place? Yes, work-of-mouth matters. But is it enough?

Which is why in today’s time of digitalization it is crucial that you are exactly where your clientele is – on the World Wide Web. Whether your law firm is based in a metropolitan city or a small town, people around you, your clients, are making use of the internet and the local search engine to look for attorneys near them. And while you might be aware of the importance of high rankings in these local search results, the process sounds easier than it is. To get a top rank in the search engine results page, you need to ensure that the search engine optimization (SEO) practices followed are right and that they are helping you maximize your website’s visibility in local search results.

And if you are still wondering about the importance of having a website and to work on its SEO, then you must know that about 20% of all search queries carried online are for local businesses. Moreover, around 97% of consumers search for local businesses ‘online’ before making a decision. Thus, when your law firm’s website ranks high on a local search engine result page, it provides you with the opportunity to convert free visitors into paying clients. And while not many of your competitors are even looking in this direction, it is time that you pay need to it to keep getting a constant flow of traffic.

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Make use of Google’s AdWords platform

Keyword research is as important as the website and following any SEO tool itself. Your keywords may include terms related to the service and the results; but, in order to choose the right keyword at the right place, platforms like Google AdWords play a crucial role. And this is where the experts at TribeLocal come into the picture helping you navigate through the SEO practices. They not only lie down the right keywords as the foundation of your SEO campaign, but also make sure you get the best results each time.

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Write an accurate description in the most precise manner

A description, be it on your website’s home page or on a directory or Google’s My Business page is the first thing a potential client would read and get interested in approaching you. It should be treated like an elevator speech about your law firm and the services it offers, the history of your success, the reasons why someone must choose you over anyone else, and a call to action to give someone a quick access to reach you. It must also list the right name, address and phone number of your business to keep these listings ‘even’ across all platforms and even on all local listing. While it may all sound overwhelming, all you have to do is contact TribeLocal who have a team of experts who know exactly how to present your business in the best possible way to your clients.

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Have separate service pages to enhance the local SEO strategy

Optimizing the website begins the home page, but also continues on every page the website has. Referred to as the core pages, the service pages give a much better scope at integrating the keywords while also giving a chance to improve upon the title tag (also known as the page title). This title tag displays on the web browser after the root URL as the blue text which is underlined. This is a useful component for optimizing location-based services for your law firm. To know the best practices in this regard is to seek services from TribeLocal who hold experience in everything related to SEO.

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local SEO for attorneys

Post and share reviews that are authentic and positive

There is nothing more powerful than a recommendation, and in the digital world it comes from a positive review posted about your business. Be it on the website, Google’s My Business page, or any other directory, always make sure that you have testimonials and personal experiences of your clients to share with other customers. It can give you an edge over other local competitors plus push your website on Google local SEO too. Subtly ask your clients to write about their experience and to review your practice through an email request. To learn a better way of not offending your customers and still getting the desired reviews is to hire specialists like TribeLocal who know the right way of getting the job done while you concentrate on your business.

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How to Implement Local SEO for ATTORNEYS

Before you look any further to know how SEO works wonders for a website, let’s understand the basis of any SEO practice – keywords! When you use the right keywords, it can turn out to be the best marketing initiative you ever took to help you land up exactly where your client is looking for your services.

To make it simpler, let’s understand that anyone looking for anything on the internet types in certain words such as ‘best law firm website’ or ‘attorney for businesses’ to get hold of the right person. When your website smartly uses these keywords along with SEO marketing strategies, your website comes in the top ranking and compels the visitor to click to explore further. This is partially because of the psychology that the website ranking on the first page is better than the rest. Which is why, keywords form the main elements of SEO.

Keywords are the words and phrases in the web content that make it possible for someone to find your business. They help you speak the same language as the prospective client. When you play on optimization of your website to rank it higher, you also win a chance ahead of your competition. But, SEO and its practices is a long process, of which you must know about even when you plan on hiring experts to make it work for you.

SEO campaigns are more than just keywords; they are set of rules that improve the user experience and the usability of the website for anyone seeking your services in your practice area.


Ways to boost Local SEO for Attorney services

Categorized keywords according to the legal practices

Before you begin planning for local SEO for attorneys to boost your website, identify the keywords that someone might use to reach your business and its various services. Primarily, short and long-tail keywords for lawyers can be categorized as hiring intent keywords and research intent keywords.

Which means that either someone is looking to hire you for your services, or is simply researching to know more about the law. In either case, your website should be well-equipped with the right words and information to help the user choose the best. Moreover, having the right kind of content to deal with any situation also establishes your firm as an authority over the subject. This is easily achievable through accurate website content and blogs that are published in a timely manner to impart the right knowledge. Also, this would help you ‘be there’ when a potential client is looking to hire a lawyer, and when someone is simply seeking some advice.


Have a Google My Business Page

Once you have optimized the content on your website by choosing the right keywords, it is time to establish yourself as an authentic business by having a My Business page on Google. This is the one that comes up with a map when you look for local business. Keywords again play a crucial role in making a profile for this page, which is why it should be in sync with your law firm’s website and content. From SEO optimization perspective, this delivers two key benefits. First, this page acts like a mini-site within the Google framework which will be fruitful in your future attempts to optimize your on-page SEO. Secondly, having a page on Google’s My Business section will make it easier and faster to reach the top ranking in local search engine results.

To begin with, you must first claim and verify your business, followed by listing the accurate name, address and phone number (also known as NAP). This NAP detail should be consistent across all your listings on other web pages, directory listing, social media, as well as your own website. This will also help you build a mobile-optimized website, as the links on the Google My Business page can be directed directly towards your website, thus ensuring a valuable customer.

While at this, do not miss out Google’s guidelines for categories that describe the services offered by your practice such as Bankruptcy Attorney, Divorce Lawyer, Employment Attorney, Estate Planning Attorney, Family Law Attorney, General Practice Attorney, Immigration Attorney, Labor Relations Attorney, Lawyer, Trial Attorney, etc.


Write impactful meta description

Although not visible on the page, meta description just like the title tag is an essential SEO component of your local SEO tools. It is the initial impact you can have on your prospective client that will convince them that your practices are the best solution to their problems. While working on meta descriptions, make sure to include the geographic area you serve to maximize your presence, and go as narrow as possible.

The same goes for H1, which is the headline on the page, and the body copy all through the website. Every part of the content should be concise and descriptive, including the primary keyword most suitable for your practice. A significant point to consider here is that not every part of the content needs to be expanded and lay out all the information there is to it. The content, be it of any kind, on the on-page and off-page should be compelling, one that would encourage someone to choose you.

meta descriptions and titles

Bank on local citations

Once you have built a website using the best SEO tools, what next?

Next comes the authentication of the website in more than one way. While Google My Business Page is a good way to give some more credibility to your website, followed by the reviews, local SEO citations can optimize your website even further. Citations are the mentions your business and the website gets across digital platforms that separate your law firm and its services from the competition.

An easy way to include citations if to mention your business name, address and phone number which is 100 per cent consistent on sites around the digital platform that are relevant to your business, and also on social media platforms. Along with having the same details on your website’s contact page and footer of each page, you can also apply for them in various directories like business directories, industry-specific directories and local directories (being listed locally will also assist you with local SEO for small business and large companies).

Add citations to directories

Do not miss out on an opportunity to develop backlinks

Just like your website and your business, there are many others who have established themselves over a period of time. People look up to these, and the best way to mark your presence is to develop hyperlinks to your website that originated from other such websites. Google and other search engines lay a lot of emphasis on these SEO backlinks, also referred to as ‘inbound links’.

Although the best practices recommend that the more backlinks your website has, the better it is, make certain that they are relevant.



1)   Out of the plethora of keywords that a business can make use of, categorizes the ones that can yield you the best results, depending on the pages your website has.

2)   Having an official page on social media at a time when everyone is there is beneficial to make a name and create a brand. It can also be used as a form of citation by having direct links to your social media pages through your website.

3)   Be on relevant directories and especially on Google’s My Business page, listing consistent and accurate information like your business’s name, address and phone number. Make it easier for people to connect with these listings on search engines, and reach you.

4)   Write content, be it on the home page, service page, or for components like meta description and title tags, that is keyword-rich, unique and to the point.

5)   Have relevant local SEO backlinks and citations sourced from other authentic and authoritative websites, portals, directories, and businesses that can help you reach out to potential clients as a trusted source.

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