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Who does not love to go on a holiday? Where do you search when you wish to go for one? It is obviously on the internet usually using your mobile phone. This makes it important for businesses conducting such camps and caravans to have an effective Local SEO for Camps and Caravans campaign in place.

It is definitely a tough world out there. You need to earn your bread and butter. This requires you to work hard leaving you very little time for recreational activities. As a result, you build up stress in your lives. There is a need to unwind yourselves and bring back the element of fun in your lives. Camping can give you this freedom. It does allow you to live life on your own terms. A camping holiday should always find a mention in every person’s calendar.

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Presence in all Directories

In any business, you have to make your presence felt. The camping and caravan providing services entails you to be in touch with people. People should be aware that you offer these services to them. Hence, ensure that you have your listing in all the directories. Do not restrict it to industry wise listing. Camping is as much as social activity as it is adventurous. Hence, list it in social media directories as well. This is where the younger generation is more likely to find you. Using the services of TribeLocal’s industry wise cheap citations to improve your SERPs is a great idea.

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Advertise your Brand

This is the basic rile of advertising. Unless you inform people about your brand, how can you expect the people to know about it? Do not ignore any channel of announcing your presence in the market. Use the audio and video route to advertise your services in the neighborhood using cable television advertisement insertions. The print media is always a great asset. Insert your flyers in local newspapers. Invest in a solid social media campaign. This is the best way to attract teenagers who then would do the recommendation part for you at the appropriate level. If you have received any local award, it can serve as a great advertising idea.

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Have a Mobile Friendly Camping Website

Today, people are more comfortable using their smartphones for accessing the internet. The younger generations practically do everything on their phones. Under such circumstances, having a mobile friendly website is the best thing to do. Optimize your web pages in such a way that they are mobile friendly. This is one of the first steps to follow which creating a website for camping.


Have your GMB Pages in Place

Every business should have its specific listing in Google My Business pages. This is imperative. The first thing that shows up on the Google Local SEO is the GMB listing. If you do not have one, the chances of people finding you go down drastically. Having a listing on the GMB pages is not enough. You should ensure to update the listing at regular intervals. Ensure to have your NAP information as updated as possible. Providing inaccurate information can dent your SERPs. Uploading images of your business displaying some attractive camping sites should do the trick.


Optimize your Keyword Strategy

Make intelligent use of your keywords. Inserting them left, right, and center is not going to help you at all. In fact, it can have a detrimental effect on your SERPs. Use keywords related to your industry. Be careful when you mix up keywords that relate to other industries. You can take the example of the word, ‘national park’. This keyword is useful to you, but has more relevance to the tourism industry. It can help you in some ways, but can confuse people at the same time. Confusing your customer is the last thing you should be doing in any business. Use your keywords intelligently in your content and FAQ pages. The best way to use these keywords is to use them as internal or even external links. In this way, they serve a dual purpose.


Have an Attractive Homepage

Your homepage should induce your customer to move on to the inner pages. They will do so only if you have an attractive home page. Insert beautiful images of the places you would like people to camp such as river banks, mountain slopes, and forests. Include a couple of attractive animals like deer in your images. It can attract people to browse your website further. Engaging the attention of your customer in the short span is important. Ensure that the images you use are compatible to be of use as screen savers. Youngsters have a habit of changing screen savers at will. A compatible image will induce the youngster to have your website image as a screen saver.

Attractive Homepage

SEO Content Still Rules

Drawing the attention of customers to your website requires you maintaining excellent SEO content. Ensure that the content provides genuine information that people can use for their benefit. It should explain the camping areas in detailwith appropriate images. It is better if the content describes the routes to get to the holiday park.

It should also include the equipment you need to carry for camping. That can range from clothing, shelter, protection, recreation, and relaxation. Having links to the online stores dealing in such equipment can help you to obtain quality SEO backlinks from them. This can definitely push up your SERPs.


Google Adwords Can be Your Key Strategy

Invest in an effective Google Adwords strategy. These Adwords pop up at the right time and location many a time. This strategy has the power to hold the attention of the viewer. The best part of this strategy is that these Adwords have a very close linkage to the browsing history and habits of the customer

Title and Meta Descriptions

They are excellent on-page SEO tactics. Have an expert content writer draft your SEO title and Meta descriptions. A professional touch is always helpful. Ensure that the title is short and crisp. It should not exceed 50 to 60 characters, but it should arouse an eager want in the customer to read further. You can have the Meta description to exceed 160 characters and go up to 200.


Customer Reviews

There is no alternative to customer reviews. Positive reviews from your existing customers can help your rankings to soar. Normally, when you provide good services, customers do not hesitate in submitting positive reviews. Ensure that every customer posts a review. In case you have a satisfactory or even a negative review of two, you should not break your head over it. It helps a lot because it conveys the genuineness of the reviews. An impeccable 5-star rating arouses suspicion, but a couple of 4-stars or 3-stars in between put such suspicions to rest.

Customer Reviews

Invest Heavily in Social Media Campaigns

The heart and soul of the younger generations is in social media networks. You can observe that every teenager or youngster accesses his Facebook and Twitter accounts innumerable times during the day and night. Therefore, it makes great sense to have an effective social media marketing strategy in place. Use this powerful medium to your advantage. Your website should contain links to your social media accounts, especially Instagram and Pinterest. This is because these two are major photo and video sharing apps. Your content can spread like wildfire if you invest heavily in an effective social media campaign.

Social Media Campaigns

A Blog Page is Vital

Your industry is such that it encourages people to share their experiences through blogs. It is a good idea to have an interactive blog page where others can respond with their views and comments. This healthy exchange of information increases the popularity of your website a great deal. A great blog is one that includes DIY tips. They are invaluable in camping. You can let people know to tie their own hammocks. There may arise occasions where they might have to repair one. Your DIY blog can help them in this regard. An interactive blog can encourage others to offer their DIY tips. Link your blog page to all your social media accounts.

Blog Page

Do your Marketing Right

You have taken the steps to ensure local SEO for camps. One way of intensifying the efforts is to have an excellent SEO marketing strategy in place. The best way to market your website is through the use of social media channels. You should try out the traditional cable TV advertising strategy. YouTube is a beautiful option for setting up your video advertising campaign. Never ignore the print media. It still holds sway because the older generations still prefer the traditional printed advertisements to the other online advertising campaigns. You should not ignore this clientele.


Enhance Ranking of Your Business

  • Mobile marketing is the key. Keep your website mobile friendly.
  • Never underestimate the power of Google My Business listing
  • Invest in quality keywords in your SEO content to attract strong SEO backlinks
  • Create a great first impression with an attractive home page
  • Explore different SEO marketing techniques like Google Adwords
  • Title and Meta descriptions are invaluable
  • Induce customers to drop in positive opinions
  • Have an effective social media campaign in place

List of Directories

We have sorted out the top citation sites for travel related businesses, including camping sites, hotels & B&Bs for you. Please note, we have disregarded any sites that do not allow you to list a business.

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