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Bring more customers by implementing simple SEO steps to Car Insurance business.


Make Your Car Insurance Business Popular

For all you know, popularity of a brand or business is the key to getting more customers and driving more revenue. So, in order to achieve unparalleled success with your car insurance company, all you ought to do is boost the brand awareness, something which can be conveniently attained simply by implementing a local SEO strategy. Trust us, making your business the talk of the town was never as easy, as is with Google Local.

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Help Your Customers

A customer may or may not search Google looking for your Car Insurance company. However, when he does, it is more than important that he finds the name, website and contact information of your insurance agency in the first go. For this to happen in a flawless manner, you ought to list your business on Google Local (Google My Business) along with local directories. Though easy to do, this task usually needs technical know-how, which is where our experts at TribeLocal can prove to be of great help.

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Maintain your Citations

A citation is the indication of the Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) of your car insurance business on the web. Higher the number of citations, the more traffic your website is likely to attract. However, for this to happen, your business must claim a listing and get verified. In addition, you should take all possible efforts to ensure that all the citations for your brand name have a consistent NAP. This is often easier said than done. But then, you can always rely on TribeLocal and rest assured of a job well done!

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Importance of Local SEO

For all you know, SEO is a much more common term in the digital world than Local SEO. However, the latter has been gaining prominence over the past few years. So what is it that makes Local SEO so important? The answer lies in the fact that Google is constantly updating its algorithms to give more preference to localized listings as compared to generic ones.

Today, no matter the scale on which your competition operates, or the extent of services it provides, if you have a good Local SEO strategy in places, chances are you will much rank higher than your competition, for the Google searches in your area.

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Keyword Research

If you’ve ever read or even heard about SEO, the one word that would have come up repeatedly is “keyword”. So, what is a keyword? A keyword is but a word or group of words that define and/or summarise the content of your website, webpage, blog or article. Keywords help your website show up on SERPs when a user comes looking for something that you have on offer.


Content Optimization

Finding the right keywords and is the first step towards an effective On-Page SEO strategy. The next step involves the optimisation of the website content through the use of these keywords.

  • HTML Elements

  • Quality Content

  • Rich Snippets


HTML Elements

Title Tag – It should ideally be 55 characters in length, and must comprise of both, the name of your insurance company as well as the city you’re established in.

Eg – Car Insurance College Station Texas| ABCXYZ

Meta Description – This should be anywhere between 100-150 characters in length and must include the name of your company, the services you offer, the name of your city, your contact information as well as a simple to follow Call-to-Action.

Title and meta description

Quality Content

Once the HTML elements are taken care of, you must now pay attention to the content that is published on your website. You can begin by ensuring that the keywords which attract a larger majority of the traffic are effectively used on the Homepage as well as Service pages of the website. Low-intensity keywords can be used as a part of the blogs, articles, FAQs and other auxiliary pages of your website. Needless to say, in order to above a higher rank in local search results, your content should explicitly indicate the city/are which you’re established in.


Rich Snippets

It is imperative for you to implement rich snippets and mark up the information about your services, your business NAP (Name, Address, and Phone) as well as customer reviews. This can be done with the help of the popular Google Webmaster Tool – Data Highlighter. Not only will this help Google to understand your business better, but will also enhance the visibility of your website on the SERP thus increasing the click-through rate.


Optimisation of Google My Business Page

For your car insurance business to make its mark in your city, it must be listed in Google My Business, also known as Google Local. This is one of the most promising ways to enjoy an enhanced visibility in the local search results. However, you will first need to get the listing verified, before you can begin to reap the benefits of the same. This might take anywhere between 1-2 weeks.

optimize your GMB Page

Ensuring NAP Consistency

For your car insurance business to make its mark in your city, it must be listed in Google My Business, also known as Google Local. This is one of the most promising ways to enjoy an enhanced visibility in the local search results. However, you will first need to get the listing verified, before you can begin to reap the benefits of the same. This might take anywhere between 1-2 weeks.


Garnering Reviews

Google is known to appreciate and reward businesses and websites who have genuine reviews, most of which are positive. Hence, you should take every effort possible to encourage your customers to leave a review online. Of course, this must be done only when you’re sure that the customer is happy with your services. Given that ratings and reviews often appear along with search results, this simple technique could prove to be of significant benefit for your site.


Building Backlinks

A backlink is essentially an external link to a web resource, such as a web page, website, or a web directory. For what it’s worth, a backlink often helps drive traffic to the website. However, not all backlinks are same. In fact, as per Google’s Guidelines for Webmasters, only a naturally existing backlink offered by a reputable website, company, blog or directory is considered good. Backlinks generated using unscrupulous measures are considered bad, and can invite a penalty.

You should, therefore, take deliberate measures to garner high-quality backlinks from relevant sources such as auto finance companies, financial bloggers, insurance experts etc.


Social Media Optimisation

It is no hidden fact that having a compelling presence on the leading social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can prove to be beneficial for a business. However, simply being present doesn’t do the trick. You have to keep your social media pages buzzing with activity, whether it is in the form of regular posts, contests, giveaways or any other activity. Make sure to use the platform as a way to build a trust-based relationship with your potential customers, and before you know it, you will become the go-to car insurance brand for hundreds and thousands of people residing in the city that you’re established in.


Enhance your Ranking

Keyword Research using Google Keyword Planner

Optimisation of the Website Content and HTML elements

Optimisation of Google My Business Page

Ensuring NAP consistency across all citations

Garnering reviews by requesting happy clients

Building backlinks through reputable web sources

Social Media Optimisation of Web Content and Blogs


List of Directories

Car Insurance citations are big business in local SEO, and here we list the top citation sites within our own database, plus some additional ones we’ve found manually.

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