Local SEO For Dentists

Bring more customers by implementing simple SEO steps to Dentists


A local presence is more important than a national or an international one.

A good SEO is one that is flexible. It should not conform to the one-size-fits-all kind of activities. Retail businesses might feel the need to have a national or an international presence. Hence, their requirement is different from that of dental practitioners. Dentists require more of a local SEO campaign for the simple reason that they cater primarily to local patients.

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Enhance your Presence

You might have just begun your dental practice. Naturally, you need people in your locality to know that you are available to treat them. How do you announce your presence in the local market? There are specific ways of doing it. Advertising in the press, sending out flyers, announcing it in social media, arranging a dental awareness camps, etc are some trusted ways. Having a great website is also a beautiful way of announcing your arrival. Hence, it becomes necessary to have a strong local SEO marketing campaign.

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List in All Directories

A dentist has to be available for people at all times. Dental problems can occur at any time. It is better if a dentist prescribes the requisite painkillers instead of people purchasing them from the pharmacy shelf. This requires you to have a presence in all local directories. In fact, it would be better if you extend your presence to the neighborhood as well. You should have a listing in the sectors closely connected with your profession such as pharmacies, local physicians, schools, and so on. The main objective is to assure people of your availability for them.

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Reasons to Invest in Local SEO

  • People do not have time to browse the Yellow Pages. They prefer to search online. Research says that 97% of consumers search for local businesses online. Do you require any further justification for having a local SEO campaign?
  • This is where the traffic is going to come from. The biggest advantage of this SEO strategy is that it can generate free organic traffic.
  • When you search online, you get results immediately. In this fast-paced world, people do not have much time. This makes it imperative for dentists to invest in a local SEO campaign.
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The Strategy

In the normal course, you do not expect dentists to be well conversant with computers and more importantly online marketing. They have a tough profession to handle. However, investing in a strong local SEO campaign is extremely beneficial to them. Following these strategies listed below can ensure that you get a first page ranking in the fastest manner possible.


Effective Keyword Planning

Keyword planning can be divided into two parts, keyword research and keyword optimization. We shall look at both of them in brief.

A lot depends on the intention of the user. He might use the keyword with an intention of hiring the dentist for availing his services. Under such circumstances, the keywords used are different from the ones people use for searching with a researching intention.

A good example of the hiring intention keyword can be ‘teeth whitening dentist’ or tooth extraction dentist’. The examples for a keyword with a research intent can be ‘benefits of root canal treatment’, or ‘cost of laser frenectomy’. In this case, the intention is more to gain knowledge.


Google My Business listing

Claiming a GMB listing is not difficult. Access the Google My Business official website and fill up a simple application form. It will not take more than a few minutes to complete the process. Ensure to enter accurate details and verify the listing before you claim the same. It is imperative for you to maintain consistency in your information as any sort of discrepancy can bring down your rankings drastically.

GMB Listing

Have an Attractive Website

Starting with the home page, you should do everything possible to entice the customer. An attractive looking homepage can play a great role in people visiting your website. The more the traffic to your website, the higher is the ranking on the SERP.

Having an attractive looking homepage alone does not suffice. It has its benefits, but one should have great content to complement the attraction of the home page. This is where your on-page SEO comes into the picture.

Attractive Website

Citations and Links

You can have these SEO citations on the GMB listing and other local directories to announce your presence to the world. Usually, there are three types of directories, global directories, industry wise directories, and local directories. A dental practice website should have the listing on the local directories. You can have it in some of the allied directories like pharmacies, other medical professions, etc.

Use TribeLocal’s industry wise citations to get a pricing advantage. You get a bigger reach whereby, you end up with a better ranking. You have just seen the benefits of internal linking between various pages of your website. Gathering external links is a great way of improving your rank on the SERPs. Try to get SEO backlinks from authority websites. Avoid cheap backlinks that can hamper your ranking and attract penalties.

Citations and Links

Customer Reviews

Positive reviews from the customers can propel your ranking to the top within no time. You can ask your patients to drop in a good word or two on your website or even third party websites like Yelp.

Another way to attract reviews is from the dentist associations in your neighborhood. You can ask for the pharmaceutical stores to share their experiences about your practice on the internet.

Normally, if you provide good service, you need not ask for reviews at all. People will be happy to share their experiences. Hence, it boils down to customer service. You can also ask your existing patients to refer your website to others. These are ways of increasing traffic to your website. All these efforts are centered on obtaining a high rank on the local search SEO.

Customer Reviews

Social Media Marketing

Your social media interactions can define your ranking on the SERPs. Practically, everyone has a social media account. Advertising your services through this all-important medium should see your rankings zoom in the SERPs.

This is a great place to share information about your dental services. This exchange of information between customers and you can be of great value to both. Using your keywords intelligently and linking to your service pages from your social media account can improve your position. Similarly, every page of your website should have links to social media accounts. It becomes very easy to access and share blogs through social media.


List of Directories

Dental citations are one of the most popular categories in local search, and this is reflected by the large amount of business directories that we have found below.

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