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Lighting Up Your Life and Business

As long as the lighting and wiring in your home or workplace are working, you will not think about hiring an electrician. However, the moment something goes wrong, you will be immediately looking for a local electrician to fix the problem. Finding the right electrician, who can do quality work with minimal disruption and at an affordable cost is important.

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Presence in all directories

The local electrician marketplace is extremely competitive. This makes it necessary that you get found before your competition. That is why you should opt for citations in local business directories. Look to include your business NAP in general and niche directories. Tribe Local is a one-stop platform for building and monitoring citations in directories. It gives you seamless access to 100+ online directories to make the entire process of citation building and tracking simple, quick and convenient.

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Customer reviews and testimonials help you ace the rankings

There is no better way to climb up local search rankings than online reviews. So, request customers to leave reviews on your Google My Business page. Tribe Local can help track these reviews and also find out the actions your customers are taking on your GMB page. Just make it a point to respond to both positive and negative reviews to create favorable impression about your business. It shows that you care about your customers.

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Getting Started with Local SEO for Electricians

It is important as a local electrician to realize that SEO is a multi-pronged approach. You need to do several things simultaneously to optimize your website for search engines. Some of the things that you can do are as follows:

Keyword Research

Any SEO plan begins with keyword search. You need to figure out the words and terms prospective customers use to find electricians online. Since you are targeting the local market, it is imperative you find keywords that go with your town or city name. List down the keywords you can think of, like electrical wiring Harrisburg PA and electrical work Oakland CA.

Then use Google Keyword Planner. This is a free tool by Google that allows find more keywords based on your basic input. This way, you will be able to list down the relevant keywords for your electrical business.


Optimize Your Website

Once you have the keywords, it is time to optimize your website. Focus on the main pages first. These are the homepage and the services page. It is prudent to remember that all keywords are categorized into two. One category reveals the visitor’s intent to buy while the other category are research intent keywords, where the customer is ‘fishing’ and may be interested in opting for the service sometime in the future.

The homepage and services page should have the intent-to-buy keywords while your blog and FAQs page should focus on the research intent keywords, as these two pages basically introduce your services to prospective customers.

As a part of your website optimization process, don’t forget about the title tag. It is perhaps the most important part of your homepage. This tag should be about 50 to 65 characters in length. The usual format that services use is Electrician in {Your City} | {Name of Your Business}. Get the title tag right as that is what will be displayed in search engine results.

After the title tag, focus on the meta description. This description should be about 100 to 150 characters in length, giving an overview of main services and should end with a call to action.

Once you have done this, begin copywriting text for your homepage. This content should be anywhere from 500 to 1000 words in length and highlight your business, its core services and must have a call to action. Use your main keywords (buying intent keywords) naturally in the text

Use the same process of title tag, meta description and content creation for the services page, as well.


Work on Getting Backlinks

The importance of backlinks should not be forgotten. It is one of the factors for search engine rankings. However, be careful about the quality and number of links that come from other sites to your local website.

When other sites link to your website or blog, major search engines see it as a validation of your site. They believe if another site is willing to send visitors to your site then your website has information that is valuable to visitors. This prompts them to rank your website high in SERPs.

However, getting multiple links from irrelevant sites is not the way forward. Backlinks have to come from credible and authority sites. This means getting complementary sites to link to yours. Get in touch with local businesses that have an online presence. Introduce your business to them and request them to link to your site. You can tap on local electrical retailers, online trade magazines and authority blogs.

Although a time consuming process, getting relevant and credible backlinks can drive you up search engine rankings.


Build Citations

As a part of local SEO, don’t neglect citations. These refer to listings in online business directories, where your business name, address and phone number, or NAP, are listed. While it is important to build citations in general directories like Chamber of Commerce, don’t forget about industry-specific directories. It is important that while creating citations, your contact information is consistent across all directories. Otherwise, you risk not being found online.

As an electrician, look to get your business NAP onto elocal.com, the local chapter of BBB, and your state’s electrical association.  These will help local consumers to find your website more easily.

However, do remember that some listings are free while others are paid. If you are going for paid business directory listing, ensure check Google Analytics. This will give you an idea if the directory is driving traffic and helping in conversions.

Creating citations can be cumbersome and time-consuming. However, with Tribe Local, you will find the entire process of citation building and monitoring extremely easy. It is a single dashboard to manage all your citations across 100+ niche, local and national directories.

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How to boost ranking of your business with local SEO strategy for electricians

  • Choose keywords carefully
  • Concentrate on keywords with buying purpose
  • Optimize the website for keywords and long-tail keywords
  • Get credible backlinks
  • Create online business directory citations and ensure NAP is consistent and accurate
  • Create thorough and accurate Google My Business profile
  • Request customers for GMB reviews
  •  Add valuable blogs and link to them through social media

As a local electrician, SEO should be a priority. By adopting search engine optimization techniques, you can climb up the search rankings and ensure you get found by prospective customers. However, track your search engine optimization efforts using the right local SEO analytics tool, like Tribe Local. This will give you comprehensive information about the SEO strategies that are working and the ones that are not doing too well. You can tweak the underperforming strategies to get them to perform better, as a result.

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