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Score a birdie with your Local SEO

What is the connection between SEO and Golf courses? You can have his question. One must say that your query is legitimate. One of the principal reasons for having an effective SEO strategy for golf courses is to move with the times. This is the age of internet marketing. Research shows that 97% of US internet users search online for virtually anything. Hence, having a strong local SEO campaign is definitely not going to harm your chances in any way. On the contrary, it can serve to build up your reputation further. Let us go into the business part of the article and see how you can build up a local SEO for golf courses.

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Improve Local Presence

The nature of your industry is such that you need not invest in a global SEO campaign. However, a strong local SEO strategy can definitely help a lot. Go for quality backlinks from authority websites like the local sports ministries, five star hotels, local sports associations, etc. Have a presence in the local sports magazines and conduct promotional events on a regular basis to announce your presence in the market. Remaining in the limelight can help you secure a top rank in the local SEO.

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Update Your Citations

Providing accurate contact information is essential for customers to acknowledge your presence. Maintaining consistency of the information is equally important. Simple errors like spelling mistakes in your NAP information can lead the sear engine bots on the wrong path. This affects your ranking on the SERPs. You can use TribeLocal’s industry wise citations for savings in cost. In addition, they enable you to score high on the SEO front thereby resulting in an improvement in your ranking.

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Why Local SEO and not Global SEO?

Golf is a localized recreational activity. Some places like interior Kansas might not have many golfers whereas places like Pinehurst, North Carolina might have them in abundance. Hence, it would not be necessary to have an SEO strategy in Abilene, Kansas whereas it can be of great use in Pinehurst. The level of competition determines the need for an SEO strategy. Hence, there is a greater need for a local SEO than a global one.


SEO – Misconception

Before going into the details of creating an effective SEO strategy for golf courses, we shall clarify certain misconceptions about SEO. If you think that an effective SEO strategy for golf courses will immediately result in thousands of visitors to your website every day, I am afraid you are off the mark. It will definitely generate visitors, but not to the extent you are expecting it to. However, we guarantee that the quality of visitors will be better thereby resulting in a higher conversion rate. Now, that is what you are looking for.


Customize your GMB Pages

Investing in a Google My Business listing costs you nothing. Is there any harm in having a GMB listing? There should not be any at all. Visit the GMB official page and fill in the details accurately. It does not take much more than a minute or two to do that. You have your listing on the GMB free of cost.

Ensure that you supply accurate and consistent information. By consistency, we refer to your NAP information. It should be the same on each of your listings. ‘Ave’ and ‘Avenue’ might be the same for you, but not for the search engine bots. They might construe them as two separate entities thereby affecting web traffic towards your website.

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Have a Presence in all Directories

Have your name in all directories connected with your sport. The main sporting directory is one. You have allied directories like golf equipment manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, fitness centers, local sports associations, and so on. Ensure to have your presence in each of these directories. You can get your lead from virtually anywhere. Corporate entities have special golf recreation clubs. Enlisting your name in such corporate directories will also help boost your ranking.

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Ensure Quality Backlinks

Quality backlinks can help improve your ratings on the SERPs. There was a time when businesses used to acquire cheap backlinks. Now, Google has come down heavily on such practices. This leaves you with no option other than to seek quality backlinks. The best part of your industry is that you would be having links with corporates and prominent sporting bodies in the Government. Seeking backlinks from such websites will also suffice to propel your ranking forward.

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Seek Positive Reviews

Reviews play an essential role in improving your rankings overall. Seek reviews from your high-profile customers. The advantage with this industry is that its patrons usually to the higher echelons of society. Golf is a rich man’s sport. Hence, these reviews matter. They can influence others to patronize your services.


Stay a Step Ahead of the Nearest Competition

Conduct promotional events and link up with high-profile state sports associations. Contacts with the top golfers help a lot. Invite them for your promotional events and let them share their experiences. Conduct local competitions and encourage talent in schools and universities. In short, do things that your competitor does not. This will make you look different from the others. This difference will generate more traffic from customers in your locality.

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Encourage Social Media Interaction

Golfing is a recreational activity. Hence, it becomes imperative for you to have a great social media presence. Interacting with people becomes easy when you do through this medium. Facebook and Twitter have become virtual household names. Throw in a bit of Pinterest, Instagram, and WhatsApp you have great social media content on your plate.

This can play a great role in pushing up your local SEO rankings a lot. Announcing sporting events through social media is a great idea. You can inform the maximum number of people in the shortest possible time without incurring any cost in advertising expenses.


Have a Fantastic Website – Looks do Matter

An attractive website can entice people to browse through and seek information. Use your web pages to highlight the various services you provide in addition to the golfing ones. It can be indoor recreational facilities like gyms, snooker tables, tennis courts, etc. Use quality content and concentrate on providing quality information.

Sharing the latest news and developments in your sport is possible through the interactive blog section on your website. Use these blogs to share some tips and tricks to play better golf. Include write-ups from past and present champions in your blog section. It can bring in a lot of traffic. Enlist the services of an influencer to promote your website.


Mobile Friendly Website

A mobile-friendly website is the need of the hour today. More and more people browse the internet using their mobiles. Hence, having a dedicated mobile app is also a good idea to get more traffic. Google has changed its metrics in the recent past to give more importance to websites having an active mobile presence.


Boost your SEO Ranking

  • Invest in a strong local SEO strategy in comparison to a global one
  • Claim your GMB listing. It is free.
  • Seek quality backlinks from reputed sources.
  • Customer reviews and testimonials have their role to play in the improvement of your rankings.
  • Social media interaction is invariable.
  • An attractive website can do wonders for your SEO.
  • Have a presence in all local directories. A cross-presence in allied directories is a definite bonus.
  • Acquire a great internal and external linking strategy.

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