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Search Engine Optimization is good for your business – this statement is cliché now. No doubt on the power of SEO marketing in this era of digital marketing and the digital revolution. But, when we talk about small businesses like IT services, those rigorous marketing strategies need to be replaced with the single advice i.e. ‘go local’. This guide on local SEO for IT services has listed the best techniques for the same.

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How much you are Loved?

Adding testimonials from your customers will let them know their importance in your business. Their testimonials, success stories, experiences, words for your business, photographs, and reviews are wonderful to add on when it comes to market your business online. People want to what others feel about your services before they go for it. There are chances that the local visitor, viewing your website, knows the reviewer. If that’s the case, chances of conversion are nearly 100%.

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Empower Team Members

Empowering your team is the most important management activity if you are running a business like IT services. You can call team meetings to discuss future visions of the organization, brainstorm for new ideas, paste team member’s photographs, and selfies with your banner on the site, add content about them to encourage them to talk about your business. Adding a team page or section, with enough details about your team members, is a good step to take. As your team members are having local address and recognition in nearby areas, this practice can increase people’s trust in you.

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What is Local SEO for IT services?

Today everyone is using devices with internet connection for every single thing people have become habituated to depend on the search engines. They tend to search for a service like IT service with keywords and physical location on the search engine. For example, someone is looking for a service of computer and laptop repairing nearby the locality he is living in.

So, he’ll enter keywords like “Laptop repairing service in Thane” – main keywords ‘laptop repairing’ with geo-specific location – ‘Thane’. The search engine will show local businesses around that particular geographical area.


Why should an IT service opt for Local SEO at all?

While even today people still take SEO strategy as an option with other digital marketing techniques, it is the most important part of online marketing to make the most prominent online presence ever. Research says that more than 80% of the local customers trust on the online local business reviews and listings and only 20% of the adults get news from print media.

Small businesses like small-scale IT services should target these local customers to get the most of internet marketing.


Contact Information (NAP + w) across Directories is mandatory

NAP stands for name, address and phone number, the most important points for getting listed anywhere. When a customer searches for a business online, they want to contact the business and get their services done. So, your NAP should be correctly listed in the right format.

Also, NAP should be consistent everywhere across all the online profiles and directories. Incorrect, inconsistent NAP information about your business will lead to break the trust of your customer and hence, you’ll lose business.


List your Business across All the Platforms

After creating a correct NAP for your business, the second thing you need to do it, list your NAP across all the possible platforms online. Some customers prefer Google where some may like Yelp services.Therefore, listing your business on various platforms will increase your visibility online to a great extent.  

There are two ways you may prefer to do it – Mannually and Automatic. In both the cases, you need to audit your information once in a while to avoid incorrect, inconsistent and inactive listings. Even a single discrepancy in the information may lead to a potential business loss.

Online Listing

Optimize Your Website

  • You need to create a dedicated contact page which will include your NAP.
  • Displaying email address is an excellent add-on.
  • Display your business hours for customer’s ready reference.
  • It will be awesome if you make your phone number clickable for the mobile devices. It is optional though. But, the site should be optimized for mobile devices mandatorily.
  • Add a map or visual location pointer to your physical address.
  • Use Title Tags to optimize your page.
  • Add your NAP in the correct format to the schema of your website.
Optimize website

Google My Business

Google my Business is a nice tool to start with the online profile and listing of a small business. It helps to manage your profile and NAP on Google search engine. The most important thing to keep in mind while creating a GMB profile is, to keep your business under the correct category.

Completeness of your profile, correct categorization of business and collection of reviews and rankings help to grow your business, attract new customers and boosting visibility locally.

GMB Listing

Local Content Marketing

Content marketing is still not old-fashioned as it says about your expertise on the domain you are working on. You can create a blog on your website and write about different IT services, pros, cons, methods, tutorials etc. regularly. It will help to build your knowledge base too.

One most important point to be noted here is your blog should be and must be hosted on the personalized domain if you want to get the benefit of local SEO.You have to update your posts regularly. Remember, consistency is everything in business

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Reviews Help in Business

Good reviews help your customer choosing your business among other competitions out there. But if all the positive reviews are positive, it sounds fake or paid reviews. So, some negative reviews are also needed to build the trust of your customers in your business.

Basically, both positive and negative reviews with an overall ranking of 4-4.5 out of five are excellent to have. According to research done by Moz.com, Google rankings are impacted by Google reviews only.


How to Boost your SEO Ranking ?

  • Build your online citations correct on all the possible platforms.
  • Focus on link building while working on the digital content for your business.
  • Use of local SEO tools will ease your way to managing local listings
  • Use page titles to perform on-page SEO, the most important aspect of SEO optimization.
  • Hire professional SEO agency to help you with Local Search SEO.
  • Keep your NAP consistent and correct everywhere. Automate your NAP.

List of Directories

This list of citation sites is focused on those related to IT services, including computer sales & repair.

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