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Have a sparkling SEO strategy

This is an online age and people do like to buy online. It is better to move with the tide rather than try to swim against it. More and more jewelers are switching to the online mode. It is high time you did so as well. As it has become imperative to be online, it is better if you know the tricks of the trade. This article will teach you these tricks so that you end up with a higher ranking than your competitors.

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Be there for your customers

Would you like to approach a shop and find it closed? Naturally, you would not. Therefore, you should also be available for your customers at all times. How can you ensure this in an online business? Have a presence in all local directories in your niche. In fact, you should also have a cross-presence in other niches as well. A jewelry shop/dealer should have a presence in the wedding planners’ directory as well. People buy a lot of jewelry during weddings. Having a presence in that niche can help matters.

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Get the most from your brand by talking about it

Does anyone know more about your brand than you do? Secondly, why should they know as well? It is your business. Therefore, you have to do the talking. The competition is tough for you, jewelers. Hence, advertise your plus points through video campaigns, audio advertisements, text ads, and the social media. The more you advertise, the more the people will notice you. Marketing is all about presenting yourself in the best possible manner.

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Why is Local SEO for Jewelers important?

There was an advertisement on TV quite recently. A man approaches a jewelry shop to purchase a ring for his wife. The jeweler shows him three different diamond rings of varying prices. The man was thinking about which one to choose. The jeweler asked him the purpose of buying the diamond ring. The man replied that it was a present for his wife on their wedding anniversary. The jeweler naturally asked him, ‘Sir, when is your wedding anniversary.” The man replied, “It was yesterday.” Immediately, the jeweler put back all the rings having the lower prices and suggested to the man, “In this case, only this ring will work.”

The point to note here is that it would not have been the case if the jeweler had an online presence and the man was purchasing online. He could have ordered it even at midnight on the day of the wedding. It would have been easier for the customer. This explains why it becomes essential to have a strong local SEO for jewelers.


How to do Local SEO for Jewelers ?

As a local jeweler, you have crossed an important milestone, the ‘Why’ bridge. Now, your next target is to learn how to develop a strong local SEO strategy.

You will come across some jargon like off-page SEO and on-page SEO. There is nothing to worry about. The logic is very simple. We would make it simpler for you.

Any local SEO campaign will have two major characteristics, the off-page and the on-page strategy. Let us look at the off-page strategy first.

Have a presence in all local directories

It is important for your jewelry business to be available for your customers at all times. It is not necessary that every visitor to your website does so with the intention of buying jewelry from you. He might be visiting it as a means of surveying the designs and prices. Naturally, if he finds them attractive, he might end up buying it as well. Therefore, you should have a presence in all local directories in your niche.

There are other niches connected to jewelry stores such as wedding planners. Put yourself in the shoes of your customer. Think when he will buy jewelry. Usually, it is during weddings. Hence, having your name listed in the wedding planner directory can help the customer a great deal. Be in touch with the local wholesale gem and jewelry business associations. Have a presence in their directory as well.

Add citations to directories

Claim your Google My Business listing

How will people know that you have a jewelry store? You have to make the announcement. This enables people to be aware of your presence in the market. Claiming your Google My Business listing is the right way to go about it.

It is natural for a jeweler to be worried with jargon like ‘Google My Business’ and so on. It is not at all difficult to have the listing. Visit the official webpage of Google My Business and fill up the simple application form. Ensure to include accurate information. Google sends out a verification message. Enter the code at the requisite place and claim your GMB listing. Now you will have a presence in the GMB pages. This is how it looks.

Local SEO for Jewelers gmb

Concentrate on your customer reviews

In the olden days, you used to do your advertisement by ‘word of mouth’. Your customer refers a couple more to you and the cycle continues. In the online world, the reviews replace such ‘word by mouth’ advertising methods. People love to read online reviews posted by other customers that have experienced your services.

Extend good services to your customers. You automatically get good reviews. These reviews help you to attract new customers. You can also use this platform to publish your testimonials. Normally, the gem and jewelry associations honor the top performers of the year with citations and certificates. In case you are a recipient of one, you should be highlighting t to your customers.

Local SEO for Jewelers reviews

Social Media Marketing

Social media has a tremendous reach. You are able to contact the largest number of people through this medium. It makes business sense to have a strong social media presence. You are able to exchange your new plans through this medium. You can advertise new designs as well. Have some contests among your social media contacts and ask them to submit quality designs. You can always give away prizes to the winners. You make your clientele happy. In the bargain, you get a whole lot of designs free of cost. You might even end up using some the designs in your future jewelry items.

Nothing can beat this medium as far as advertising is concerned. You can spread the word to the opposite corner of the world with a simple tweet or a share. There is no need for you to write long essays to make your point on social media.


An excellent website page is essential

Invest in an excellent and attractive website for your jewelry store. The design should be such that people should turn their heads and say, ‘Wow’.

 You should be able to entice your customer to your website. Remember he has a very small attention span. Your design should be such that you manage to hold his attention long enough for him to close the deal.

An effective web page design should have the usual characteristics of all home pages such as ‘About us, Contact us, Services, Catalogs, Gift Ideas, Contacts, Blogs’, and so on. An important point to note here is that every webpage should have your contact information. Navigation should be easy. The customer should be able to exit from any page.

An important point to note is that he should be able to review his cart at any time before making the final payment. Have tie-up arrangements with some of the fastest payment gateways. No customer likes to get stuck at this point. It can be extremely frustrating. The speed of the internet connection is essential for the fast loading of your pages. If it loads brick by brick, it is better to dismantle the website and go for a new design that loads in a jiffy.

Local SEO for Jewelers website

Final Words

This is how you build up an effective website. It has become necessary in this world today to be one step ahead of the competition. Your local SEO strategy should take care of this aspect. Engage the services of SEO experts to continuously monitor your website rankings on the SERPs. This will help your ranking soar upwards. That is your primary objective.

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