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The local doctor for your vehicles

Let us begin on a humorous note. A noted cardiac surgeon had to take his car to a mechanic for repairing the pump. The mechanic made a remark while going on with the job, “Doctor, we do similar sort of jobs. Both of us clear the blocks and repair the pump. Under such circumstances, why doctors are getting such high pay whereas, we, mechanics languish.” The doctor remarked, “Yes, I agree that both of us do similar type of jobs. The only difference might be the fact you repair the pump when the car is switched off. I do the job when my patient is alive. Maybe, you should try repairing the car when it is running”

Jokes apart, the mechanic has an important job to do. He is the person you always depend on to keep your car in perfect working condition.

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Presence in all directories

The nature of the mechanics industry suggests that you should be present for the customer at all times. The best part of the industry is that you are liable to get customers from other localities as well. Anyone can suffer a flat tire anywhere. The ‘find mechanics near me’ keyword becomes the most important keyword under such circumstances. This explains why your industry should have a mention in all local directories. This ensures your availability to your customer.

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Accuracy and Consistency of information is the key

If there is one industry that needs providing accurate addresses and information, is the mechanics. You never know when you might get a customer. Any vehicle can break down at any time anywhere. Hence, it becomes very important to get the citation information on the dot. Maintaining consistency of the information is essential. Search engine bots do not overlook spelling mistakes. They might just lead you somewhere else. This places more emphasis on the accuracy of the information.

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Why is Local SEO for ISPs important?


Where do you search when you find out that your car does not start on a cold wintry morning? The most likely option is that you flip out your mobile and search for the local mechanic. You should be finding one on the local search. That is provided the mechanics have a strong SEO campaign in place.

The days of the Yellow Pages are gone. Today, Google is the new Yellow pages. Statistics show that about 97% of people search for local businesses online. Secondly, when people search for local mechanics, they usually go for the job as well. This is because people do not search for the mechanics when they do not need them. This makes it imperative for mechanics to have a strong local search SEO.

How do we do it?

This particular industry requires you to have a strong SEO presence. We will look into the promotional aspects of the campaign that can help you secure a high rank on the search engine.

Have your GMB listing

When it comes to local search, the Google My Business listing is the best bet for you. Claiming one is not a tough task at all. Access the official website of Google My Business. You have to fill up a simple application form that requires you to list out your personal information. One should note to provide the details accurately. The zip code and phone number is of great importance.

Google has a unique way of verifying the information. They send a postcard to the address mentioned in the application form. This contains a verification code. One should enter the code at the requisite place and confirm the listing.

Once Google confirms the listing, you can go ahead and add other information such as images, working hours, and directions to approach your place of business, etc.

The GMB listing provides you with facilities to include your customer reviews. These can provide your customers an insight into the quality of service they could expect from you.

This is how a traditional GMB listing looks like.

You can see that the information available in the GMB listing is a comprehensive one. You get details like whether the service is open or not. You can click on the ‘Directions’ tab to get accurate directions from the customer’s location to your business center.

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Have your presence in all directories

In this age of the internet and online marketing, you should ensure that you have your name on all local directories. This can help your customers to find you better. There is a lot of competition in this field. Hence, one should have a mention in some of the allied industry directories. The examples of such industries could be tire manufacturers, hardware shops, gasoline stations, etc. The principal objective is to let your customer find you easily.

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Maintain consistency in your NAP

The internet is a wide ocean with all sorts of information floating everywhere. As a mechanics business, you must have also have entered your information at various locations. The search engine bots have a habit of procuring all such information while searching for your location. It pays to have consistency of information. This will not confuse the search engine bots in any way. Hence, it improves your website’s rankings.


Backlinks speak a lot

Seeking backlinks have always been the best way to improve your ranking on the SERPs. There was a time when you could purchase backlinks online. A couple of years ago, this approach would have paid dividends. Now, with the introduction of the Penguin update, Google has come down very heavily on such practices. This places great emphasis on websites to acquire quality backlinks.

You can link up to reputed automobile spare parts manufacturers and seek backlinks. You can also try out the automobile servicers associations as well. These backlinks serve you well.


Social media presence is a must

The mechanics can do well to invest in a strong social media policy. Who is not active on social media today? This could just be the right place to have meaningful interactions with your customer. This media is the most popular one today with the number of social media accounts outnumbering the total population of the world. This signifies that one person has more than one social media account.


Final Words

Having a local SEO presence is of utmost importance for mechanics. This is because people invariably search for mechanics locally. It becomes essential for mechanics to have a strong promotional concept. A quality website is of great utility. You need a strong off-site SEO strategy as well to complement your website. A heady combination of both these aspects can pave the way for a high rank on the SERP.

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List of Directories

The following citation sites are for mechanics & other businesses that offer automobile repair services. We have not included those sites which simply offer advice in this field.

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