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Movie theaters are places of entertainment. Do they really require an SEO campaign? This question can come to your mind. However, is there any harm if they have one? This can be another school of thought. Under the present circumstances, a good SEO campaign is always beneficial to any industry, including movie theaters.

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Movie theaters are different from other businesses. In a way, there is not much need for advertisements to announce its presence. This is because they have a loyal clientele who will always come whenever there is a new movie released here. Yes, there is a need to advertise to the movie distributors and producers that this theater is available to screen their film. From that angle, it is important for movie theaters to increase their marketing by including audio and video content to complement the text content on their websites.

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Customer reviews count a lot

The days have changed. Today, one cannot rest on their laurels. It is important to be available to the customer at all times. Providing good facilities to the theater audience will definitely influence them to post positive reviews. You might not have a choice over the nature or quality of film released in your theater, but you can definitely make the customer’s experience a memorable one by having a clean premise, good food, clean sanitation, and so on. Positive reviews play a great role in your popularity.

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Who is your customer?

There are two types of moviegoers. One is the compulsive moviegoer who makes it a point to watch all the movies released in your theater. There is another class of moviegoer who comes to enjoy both the movie and the hospitality you offer. Now, who among these is your real customer? Who should you concentrate on while formulating a local SEO strategy for movie theaters?

This is a million dollar question for you. The easy answer is that you have to cater to both the classes. You cannot risk alienating one from the other. Let us look at the aspects of local SEO for movie theaters.

 We shall look at both the off-page SEO and on-page SEO for movie theaters in this article. Let us concentrate on the user experience part or the on-page SEO section.

Attractive website is essential

This is the online age. A majority of people book tickets online. They do not like to stand in queues to purchase tickets. Under such circumstances, it becomes imperative for movie theaters to have an attractive website. What should a movie theater website contain? You cannot compare it with a website for restaurants. The content required for a movie theater website is different. Let us see the various aspects of a movie theater website.

This website does not require much content as such. The announcement of the film itself will say everything. However, there are other areas that require your attention in order to provide a great user experience.

Your website should list out the facilities you provide on the home page itself. These facilities include the kind of stereo system, the viewer experience (2D/3D), the film it is now displaying, and the show timings. The pricing of tickets is also important. Your home page should have this information as well.

Local SEO for MOVIE THEATERS website

Speed of the website

New films do not take much time to fill up theater seats. If your theater website opens slowly, you can expect your customer to immediately opt for a rival movie theater that offers a higher speed of downloading web pages. Invest in proper machinery to ensure a faster download.

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Link up to 3rd party ticket booking websites

The moviegoer of today usually does not visit the official website of the movie theater directly. He books his tickets through an intermediary website that links up to your official website. Hence, your movie theater website should have links to as many 3rd party websites as possible. The more the number of links, the more volume you can expect to have. However, seek links with quality 3rd party websites. There can be spurious ones. Do your homework properly in this regard.

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Vacancy position

People booking online tickets would love to reserve seats as per their convenience. Your website should have a facility whereby the viewer would be able to see the vacancy/occupancy position and accordingly book tickets. This will also give him an idea about his seat position and distance from the main screen and exit doors.

Local SEO for Movie Theaters vacancy

Payment gateways are important

Naturally, customers will be making payment through credit/debit cards, net banking, or through payment wallets. Have access to different payment gateways. There are usually two credit card issuing companies, MasterCard and Visa. Link up with both of them. If you do so, you cover all your bases. Link up with as many banks as possible, for having net banking payment facility. It should not be difficult to do so.

Local SEO for Movie Theaters payment

Final Words

You have just seen that movie theaters require an active SEO strategy to function profitably. A quality SEO campaign can always do wonders in any niche. In spite of the fact that movie theaters are popular in the local neighborhood, you need a local SEO for movie theaters to help them rank higher on the SERPs.

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