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Help you to relocate

If there is an industry that requires local SEO, it is the moving companies sector. You are shifting from your present location to another one. Where do you think you will search for a moving company? Does it require a marketing genius to answer this question? It is obviously the local market. Therefore, a local SEO campaign for moving companies is compulsory. We shall see how it is possible.

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Fix up your citations

As a moving company, you need your customers to contact you. It will be possible if you present the right address and phone numbers on the directory listings. You do not have a bigger directory listing than the Google My Business pages. These pages require accurate information. In case you post incorrect details, you end up confusing the search engine bots. Now, that is the last thing you would like to do. Use TribeLocal’s industry wise citations to help you rank high. They are inexpensive as well.

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Local SEO for Moving Directories

Your customers need you

Moving companies come into the limelight when you shift your location from one place to another. It can be within the same locality or same city. It can also be an intra-city affair. No one will be able to do on their own. Hence, it becomes imperative for these moving companies to announce their presence in the market. One way of doing it is to have a presence in all local directories. Having a presence in some allied directories like transport operators will also help you a great deal.

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Why is it Important?

You are living in Houston. You have landed a job in Michigan. Shifting your household items becomes important. Would you look for a moving company in Michigan or Houston? Prudence says that you will choose your local area. If this is what you think, so will hundreds of other people like you do. This makes it important for moving companies to have a local presence in SEO.

How do we go about the task?

Before we go into the details of how we go about our task of building up a local SEO campaign, we shall have a look at the basics of SEO.

Look at the following image. We are reproducing the first page of Google Search engine showing the results for the keywords typed in the search bar.

Google takes less than a second to dish out more than 1.5 million results. Do you have the time to go through the entire list before making a choice? If you have the time, you do not have the inclination to shift base. Normally, one does not go beyond the first page of a Google search engine. Under such circumstances, you have a clearly defined objective. That is to rank on this page of the search engine and no further. You need to get your basics right. Everything else will fall into place. This article will help you with the basics.

In order to achieve your objective, you need to go through a process known as search engine optimization, SEO. This entails optimizing your website and other information in such a way that your website starts attracting high volume of traffic. The higher the volume, the higher will be your rank on the SERPs.

There are two aspects of search engine optimization, the promotional aspect and the user experience aspect. You also know it as the off-page SEO and the on-page SEO concept.

You need an effective combination of both these aspects in order to rank high on the SERPs. Let us look at the promotional aspects first before moving on to the user experience factor.

Local SEO for Moving Companies important

Beat the competition

Every business has its competition. Moving companies have theirs as well. The image on the previous page shows more than 1.5 million entries. That should give you an idea of the competition involved. You need to find a way to beat the competition and rank ahead of them. One way is to entice the customer and offer him something different from what others do. It can be by way of rebates or discounts in rates. In fact, it can be anything that the customer would love to have.


Be there for your customer

Your customer should be able to locate you among the high level of competition. This is possible only if you have your presence in all the local directories in your category. Note that there are some more categories as well having some connection with the moving companies industry. Have your listing in such directories as well. One such example could be the transport operator industry.


Be consistent with your NAP

You have a presence in all directories. Have you checked out the consistency of the information? It can be “3 Men Movers” in some directories and “Three Men Movers” in some others. When you read it, it might sound the same, but your search engine bots do not read such information. They scan through them. Under such circumstances, they might lead your customers on the wrong path. There might be another business by that name. Hence, you would end up doing him a favor. In this age of competition, is this necessary? Exercise care and maintain consistency of your information.


Have your Google My Business page listing

Refer to the search done in the previous paragraph. The same search results give you the following information as well.

This is a Google My Business listing. Is it that difficult to get a listing? How much does it cost? We shall see these aspects in this paragraph.

To answer the first part of the question, ‘It is very easy to get your Google My Business listing.” It costs about five minutes of your valuable time. This answers the second part of your question. Let us look at the procedure and the wealth of information on display.

Access the official website of Google My Business and fill up the simple form on the screen. It does not need any explanation of our part as to how to fill up the form. You have to submit your basic details. Google has its process of verifying the information. Once they are through with that aspect, you get your GMB listing.

What do you see on the listing page? You have a map as well as the names of three moving companies. Recently Google has changed the procedure and reduced the number of listed companies from 5 to 3. Of course, you have the option ‘More Places’ to bank on. Each of the companies has its address, phone number, and category. There is an option for including the working hours as well. You have the option of including your website details, images, landmarks, and any such information that can be of use to your customer. There is a ‘Directions’ tab as well to help them drive right up to your doorstep.

Do you require any more advertising than this? Similarly, you can have your listing in other search engines like Bing, Google, Apple Maps, and so on.

Local SEO for Moving Companies gmb


Moving companies need to have a strong local SEO strategy. You should employ an assortment of both the off-page and on-page SEO techniques to have a high ranking on the SERP. This is what you should be looking for if you wish to employ sound strategies for local SEO for moving companies.

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