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Recently, you must have noticed that the numbers of opticians are increasing almost on a daily basis. What is the reason for this? One must confess that overexposure to computers, laptops, television screens, and smartphone screens does cause damage to the eyes. The average age of a person needing glasses for corrective vision is coming down with a lot of people in their late teens and early twenties using glasses. Hence, it makes sense for an optician to be available online. Thus, there is a need for local SEO for opticians.

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Have a presence in all directories

This is the age of the internet. This implies that everyone is exposed to some sort of radiation or the other most of the time. It could be from the smartphones, laptops, or computers. In addition, you have the television as well contributing to it. This causes damage to the eyes at some point in life. Hence, every person will need the services of an optician. This makes it beneficial to you to be available for your existing and prospective customers. Have a presence in all directories and announce your presence in the market.

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Fix up your citations

You want your customer to find you easily. Should you not provide him with the right address and contact number? It should not be difficult for any business to do so because this is basic information. Maintaining accuracy is one aspect and consistency another. For an optician website, ‘specs’ and ‘spectacles’ might be same. However, your search engine can construe ‘specs’ as an abbreviated form of ‘specifications’. Under such circumstances, confusion can set in thereby causing you some loss. Hence, consistency of information is imperative.

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The simple tricks of the trade

When you speak of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you have to be sure of one thing. Your business should have a website in the first place. Let us look at building up an attractive website for your niche. This should be the initial requirement for you to have a strong and effective SEO strategy.

Have an attractive website

Having an attractive website is imperative for various reasons. This is an online age with more and more people preferring to deal online. You have people buying and selling houses online. Selling spectacles online should be a very minor issue under the circumstances. However, you do need a strong and effective website.

Your principal client is going to be the younger generation. The attention span of the youngster is very low. You need to have a compelling homepage to grab and hold his attention for a significant amount of time. Let us see the aspects that go into designing the perfect website for your business.

Local SEO for Opticians website

Great content always helps

How can you do it? One way of ensuring his attention is to have great content. What is great content? In very simple words, content that is useful to your customer is great. You do not need a William Shakespeare to write content for your website. The content should be such that your customer should be able to read and find useful. However, ensure that the content is fresh and not plagiarized.

Good content requires use of proper keywords. Hence, optimizing your keywords becomes essential. Local SEO demands that you use keywords having the local flavor. One example of a primary keyword with local flavor is “best optician ‘your city/locality’”. Today, you have GPS facility all around you. Under such circumstances, the keywords ‘opticians near me’ would be more localized.

These are popular keywords. However, you should also have a sprinkling of long-tailed keywords to cater to certain sections of the clientele that prefers to be very specific in their searches. Google takes cognizance of such long-tailed keywords as well.


Do not ignore Title and Meta Description

These are one of the oldest parameters of good SEO. Ensure that your title tags contain the primary keywords. Similarly, your Meta description tags should also contain the primary keywords in the normal flow without appearing as ‘stuffing’. Now, you do not have the cushion of having long descriptions to include all your services. You have the restriction of 160 to 200 characters. Hence, the duty of the Meta description is to direct the visitor to the right website. Your Services pages content can take care of the rest.


Describe your services in detail

Who knows better about your services than you do? The answer has to be, “No one knows it better.” Hence, it becomes imperative for you to describe your services in detail. It is always better to have separate pages for individual content. The search engine bots rank web pages individually as well. This allows you to use your keywords better. You are able to spread them out better.

Include every aspect of your services right from eye examination to wearing of contact lenses in your services description. Your content writing skills come to the fore at this instant.


Use your internal and external links tactfully

Linking is a very important aspect of SEO. It can be internal or external linking. Use your internal linking tactics to highlight important areas of your services. External links help to justify the genuineness of your content. Use the FAQ pages to link up internally and externally.

Similarly, soliciting quality backlinks is of utmost importance to your website. One of the best ways to improve your backlinking strategy is to approach authority websites like the .gov and .edu websites. Contributing to blogs on such quality websites can get you the requisite backlinks. One such good backlink is worth more than a 100 cheap backlinks.



Off-page SEO alone cannot guarantee a top ranking. Similarly, a strong on-page alone does not do so either. An effective combination of both these strategies can help you top the SEO rankings on the SERPs. This is what local SEO for opticians is all about.

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