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Pets are family members

Any person having pets treats them as family members. They love pets and adore them. They would love to provide the best facilities to their pets in the same way they treat their children. Hence, it becomes important for a pet service provider to have a great local SEO campaign. These pets deserve the best. Give them their due and see your rankings soar upwards on the SERPs. Let us look at some measures to follow.

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Local SEO for Pet Services citations

Handle your citations properly

The principal objective of any business is to be accessible to its customers. You would not like your customers to knock on the wrong doors for meeting their requirements. A provider of pet services should be available to his customers during emergency situations as well. This implies that you should be providing the right address and contact numbers for them to be able to get in touch with you. You can take the help of TribeLocal’s industry wise citation and ensure a high rank on the local search SEO.

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Local SEO for pet services – How?

There should not be much of a difference in any local SEO strategy. A minor tweak here and there should do the trick. We look at both the on-page SEO and off-page SEO techniques to follow. We will also look into the various aspects of SEO marketing that can help your page rank high on the SERPs.

Promote your services

Your principal objective in any business is to make profits. Your off-page SEO tactics play an equal role in increasing your profits as compared to the on-page SEO techniques. The only principal difference is that on-page SEO concentrates on improving user experience whereas off-page SEO places more emphasis on promotional tactics. Both are equally important.


Claim your Google My Business listing

Marketing your services is very important. It does not matter whether you are selling pens or planes. Marketing is a key aspect in both niches. Your pet services require proper marketing as well. People should know that they have such a service provider in their midst. One way of ensuring the same is by claiming your Google My Business listing.

Let us see how we go about this job. Access the GMB official webpage and fill out the details asked for. It will not take more than a couple of minutes for you to do so. Provide the details accurately. Incorporate the local phone number and not the toll-free numbers. GMB is more of a personalized service. They appreciate proper landline numbers.

Provide the right address with the correct zip code. Any inconsistency can cause problems for you at a later stage. Google always verifies the postal address by dispatching a postcard. On receiving the same, enter the code at the requisite place to complete the confirmation. You can now proceed to add images, placeholders on maps, landmark information and so on. Make it easy for the customer to reach you. Placeholders on maps allow new customers to have access to your services.

Maintaining the consistency of your NAP information is essential. You can use the services of TribeLocal’s industry wise citations to build up an effective citation flow. You save money and get a high rank on the SERPs as well.


Seek quality backlinks

Black Hat SEO has made its presence in recent times. In the past, people used to buy backlinks from the market thereby unfairly pushing up the rankings. Now, Google has come down very heavily on such illegal practices. Steer clear of such tactics or else you will end up with huge penalties.

Seek backlinks from authority websites. Some of them are the .gov and .edu websites. You can write quality blogs and post them on these websites. If the blogs are compelling enough, you can get valuable backlinks to your website. Be in touch with the top Government veterinary hospitals. Post your blogs on the animal husbandry official websites of the Government. You might get a positive response.


Customer reviews play a great role

People love to read customer reviews before bringing their pets to you for your services. They have the inclination to provide the best treatment for their pets. Naturally, they expect you to live up to their expectations. Hence, they love to read customer reviews. These reviews say a lot about your services and how you treat their pets. If they are satisfied, you can expect a long association. These customers serve as brand ambassadors for you. They will bring you fresh, customers.


Announce your presence in all local directories

This is the age of marketing. Unless you announce your presence in the market, do not expect people to take notice. Pet service providers are a special breed. You should have your names in the respective local directories. A presence in the neighboring directories will also help. It is better to have a mention in directories closely linked to the services you provide. One such directory is the veterinary hospital sector. These endeavors will optimize your presence in the internet. You end up with a high rank on the SERPs.

Create Citation directories


The beauty of having pets is that they give a therapeutic effect. An excellent pet service provider is necessary to handle your pets when you have to go out of town. The pets should also feel comfortable with the services provider. This requires the pet service provider to display the same amount of passion that you show. Grooming pets is an exciting job. A pet service provider gets the opportunity to deal with different kinds of pets. Having a strong local SEO for pet services is the need of the hour. An effective website can provide an exciting user experience. This can improve your SEO ranking considerably. 


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