Local SEO for Removal and Storage Companies

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Best SEO Practices for Removal and Storage Companies

Removal and Storage Solutions At Your Fingertips

Removal and storage companies have a lot of potential. There are always people and businesses looking to move to store surplus items for future use. Most prospects turn to the internet to find the ideal removal and storage company. Hence, it is important that such companies have a full-fledged online marketing and advertising strategy to boost their search engine rankings. Local SEO helps immensely in this regard.

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Use Citations in Local Directories to be Found Online

Removal and storage are services that people never think of until they need them. When this happens, they always go online to find a local removal and storage company. That is why removal and storage companies need to focus on citations in local business directories. This will help them get found by prospects. Use Tribe Local to build and monitor citations in local directories. It is a single platform to get access to 100+ local, national and industry-specific directories.

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Local SEO for Removal and Storage Companies
Local SEO for Removal and Storage Companies

Ensure the Business Citations are Accurate

While business directory citations are necessary to get found and search engine rankings, it can have the opposite effect your business NAP is not correct and consistent across all online listings. An incorrect phone number or getting the street name wrong can have a profound effect on your search engine rankings. Tribe Local helps to ensure that your business NAP is consistent across all online listings and citations. So, make use of it and get found by prospects, who are looking for storage and removal services.

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Ask Customers for Reviews

The power of online reviews should not be underestimated. It can not only fetch you new business, but also help your search engine rankings. Request customers to write honest reviews on your Google My Business page and other review sites, like Angie’s List and Yelp. You can track reviews with the help of Tribe Local. Just make sure you respond to all review, be it positive or negative. This will have a major impact on your online presence and credibility.

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Local SEO for Removal and Storage Companies

Track Your Local SEO Efforts using the Right Tool

When it comes to local SEO, it is a continuous endeavour. That is why it helps to have the right tool to track your efforts. Tribe Local allows you analyze your local SEO strategies so that you can make an informed decision to pursue with some tactics while tweaking the others so that they offer the results you envisaged.

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Local SEO for Removal and Storage Companies


Removal and storage companies are working in a highly competitive local market. It can be challenging to attract new customers on a regular basis. However, did you know that when someone wants to relocate, they invariably turn to Google to find removal and storage companies? Then they will make a few calls based on the numbers they get from Google search engine results page before deciding on one company. This reveals the importance of local SEO for removal and storage companies. So, if you are in this business, you should never underestimate the power of local search engine optimization. It will help you attract new customers by helping to reach the top position in local search engine results pages.


Reasons to Focus on Local SEO

Local SEO for removal and storage companies is a proven method to attract customers. Here are a few reasons that you should not neglect search engine optimization:

Google is the new Yellow Pages. Yes, you read it right. No longer are people looking through Yellow Pages to find a removal and storage company. Instead, they are performing a search on Google to find listed local businesses. Research clearly shows that nearly 97 per cent people perform an online search to local a product or service they require.

Advertising and marketing can be expensive. However, if you focus on local SEO, not only will you spread the word about your business in the online realm, you will also rise up the search engine rankings. As a result, you will get free organic traffic that you generate you leads. You would have to work to convert them into paying customers.

Local SEO tends to give you quick results. Remember, you are not competing nationally with other removal and storage companies. Rather, your competition is localized and it is important to stand out from the competition. You can get results within 30 days if you emphasize on local SEO for you business rather than waiting for months.


So, how does local SEO for removal and storage companies work? Here is the skinny and when you implement these steps, you will enjoy favorable results in search engine results pages.

Get Your Keywords in Place

It is important to focus on keywords that speak about your services. Since you are into moving and storage, your keywords should be generic keywords to begin with. These include house movers, moving services, movers and furniture movers. To make them targeted to your geographical region, add the city name to these generic keywords. For instance house movers in Oakland or San Jose furniture movers.


Keywords refer to the phrases and terms that your prospective customers use to find the service they are looking for. So, create a comprehensive list of keywords, as you can make long-tail keywords using Google Adwords. You don’t have to worry about paying for Google Adwords campaign. Through Google Adwords you can access a free keyword tool called Google Keyword Planner. This tool helps you to create keywords and get more keywords based on your input. So, look to create a free account with Google Adwords to expand your keywords based on search volumes for your geographical area.


Optimize Your Website

Now you have your keywords and it is time to insert them into your website in a meaningful manner. The way to do this is to divide your keywords into two categories – buying intent and research intent.


Buying intent keywords show the person’s intent to purchase something while research intent denotes that the person is merely researching and may purchase in the future. Your website’s homepage and services page should contain buying intent keywords while the less important keywords, or the research intent keywords, should be part of the other webpages, including FAQs.

Make sure you insert keywords into meta descriptions and title tags. These two are displayed in the search results. So, it is necessary to have them to optimize your website locally.

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Claim Your Google My Business Listing

Now, it is time to make sure that your removal and storage company can be found by prospective customers. This is where your Google My Business listing will come to your assistance. It functions like a mini website and is found in the Map section of local listings on Google.

Do a search to see if there is a listing of your business on Google My Business. If yes, you need to claim the listing. This involves verifying your business. While this can take time, the effort is worthwhile as it allows you to get found by potential customers if you optimize your listing for the right keywords.

Make sure your business NAP (name, address and phone number) is accurate. It should be the same as what is present online. Always add your local phone number rather than a toll-free number. This ensures Google and the people that you are really a local company. Also, the categories should be service-oriented. So, insert categories like moving and storage service, house relocation service, furniture moving service and office storage service. You should have about three to five services listed as your categories.

Do write a short, about 100 to 200 words, description of your business and conclude it with a call to action. Mention the office hours and these too should be similar to what is present in other online listings.

Finally, end your Google My Business listing with some high definition images of your business. Add inside and outside. Usually, you should have about free to five images that of high resolution. Images help to increase customer engagement.


Build Online Citations

Now that you have taken the initial steps for local SEO, it is time to increase your online reach and give your Google ranking a boost. You can do this through citations in online business directories.


Citations are nothing but a listing of your company and its services. It will show people the name, address and phone number of your business. Since you are a local removal and storage company, you should be looking to list your business in local business directories and niche directories. It can be time consuming to list your business NAP in every local and niche directory. Thankfully, you don’t have to do it. You can use an amazing tool called Tribe Local. It helps to build and monitor citations in national, local and industry-specific directories to ensure your NAP is consistent and accurate. Tribe Local can help you enjoy great local visibility as it helps you build citations across all local directories for your geographical area. It also helps you insert the same NAP in all citations, thereby ensuring consistency and accuracy. You can see performance of each citation with the help of Tribe Local and focus just on those directories that are sending you tons of free traffic.

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Get Online Customer Reviews

Never underestimate the power of online customer reviews. For one, they help prospective customers to use your service and they inform Google that you are a legitimate local business. In fact, research shows that customer reviews are one of the best ways to boost your Google rankings.

So, each time you serve a customer, don’t hesitate to ask them for a review. To make it easier for them, send them an email requesting for a review. Provide the links in the email where you would like them to post reviews. It is best to focus on Google My Business as after five reviews, they begin appearing in searches. So, it helps to improve your online credibility. Of course, you should get your customers to post review on multiple sites.

Have a Social Media Presence

Social media is one of the best directories and review sites. It also functions as a search engine for many users. So, build your business presence in social media. Look at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Run promotions, post informative and helpful articles, answer queries and offer tips. This builds customer engagement and helps to boost your search engine rankings.

Also, by posting on social media, you create backlinks to your website. These backlinks are authority links and work to build your rankings and also offer prospects a way to check your site.


How to boost ranking of your business with local SEO strategy for removal and storage companies

  • Choose keywords related removal and storage
  • Optimize the website for keywords and long-tail keywords
  • Claim you Google My Business listing
  • Build online citations
  • Get online reviews from customers
  • Create social media presence
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Removal and storage industry is competitive. However, you can create a niche for your business by adopting these local SEO measures that will not only help your business surge to the top of search engine results page, but also drive laser targeted traffic to your site so that you can convert them into paying customers. Just track the local SEO strategies you are using so that you know which ones are working and which ones need more work.

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