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‘All work and no play make Jack a dull boy’. This is a very old statement applicable to practically every person today. Today, students are busy with their studies in order to gain that one extra mark that could make the difference. The young executives and office goers are fighting out amongst themselves as to who would last the competition. Under such circumstances, the ordinary resident does not find time for sports. Therefore, there is a need for people to break these shackles and embrace sporting activities as well. This will make them evolve into better human beings.

Now, you need sports equipment to pursue sports. This entails that sports goods shops have a lot of demand. They need to find the right formula to rank high on the local SEO search. An effective local SEO campaign can help matters a lot.

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Presence in all directories

There is a difference between a goods provider and a service provider. As a sports shop owner, you are more of a goods provider. Hence, the dealings you have with your customer are different. In your case as well, you have to be present in all directories. It does make a difference. This is because people should be aware of your presence in the local neighborhood. It would be a great idea to have an online presence in the form of an online retail shop in addition to the brick and mortar establishment. This helps in attaining a higher rank on the SERP.

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Customer reviews help you attain a high rank

This is an online market. In this market, people rely on customer reviews to understand the services of a business owner. They are of the opinion that such reviews are unbiased and fair. One must concede that they are certainly fair. There are the off cases of purchased reviews, but the times have changed now. No one resorts to such techniques that can backfire on them later on. Therefore, the customer reviews can be taken as genuine. A higher number of positive reviews indicate a better experience for the buyer. Now, that is what you are looking for.

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Sports Shops need local SEO ?

In this age of online marketing and shopping, why should sports shops remain behind? They are no different than the garment and other departmental shops you have in the market. With more and more people joining the eCommerce bandwagon, it is in the fitness of things that sports shops have their individual eCommerce solutions. This makes it imperative for these shops to have an online presence. You need a strong local SEO campaign to help secure a high rank on the SERPs.

Statistics present a very strong case for the sports shops to go for a strong local SEO strategy. More than 97% of people today use the internet to search for local information. That is an overwhelming figure. Out of this figure, about 74% use mobile phones and tablets for doing so. 50% of those browsing the local search on the mobile phone end up either visiting the shop or at least placing a phone call with the business enterprise.

These are mind-blogging statistics that espouse the cause for having a strong local SEO for sports shops. Why do you need a local SEO strategy? The reason is very simple. Sports shops are localized businesses in comparison to other businesses. You can take the example of a person residing in Florida. He will not search for his sporting equipment from Michigan, will he? He will contact a local sports shop either personally or search for an eCommerce location. Under the latter circumstances, the location does not have much importance. We concentrate on the former alone.

Have a mobile website

You are on an outing with your child on the way to the beach. You find that you have left your swimming shorts behind. What do you do? Turning back and traveling home to pick up the shorts would cost you valuable time. You have a simpler option before you. You can purchase a new pair from any sports shop.

The first thing you do is to flip open the mobile and search for sports shops online in the vicinity. This is what you might type, ‘sports shops near me’ Now, Google has a fantastic geographic location sensor. It immediately gives you a list of sports shops in the area that sell swimming shorts.

The basic idea behind citing this example is to highlight the importance of the mobile search in your everyday life.

If this is what you do in an emergency, so too will hundreds of others do the same. As a sports shop owner, you should concentrate on a strong mobile website that provides the requisite information within no time.

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Go for a Google My Business listing

This is a GMB listing of sports shops in Grossmont Center.  See the wealth of information it provides. How much will it cost you? You might have a valid question. The answer is it costs you NOTHING. This should make your intention even stronger to acquire the listing immediately. Can you do so? Yes, you can, provided you have the details that Google asks for.

 Access the official website of Google My Business and complete the basic information sought by Google. They do a swift verification and provide you the listing in the shortest possible time. You have a lot of advantages when you claim you GMB listing. Let us look at some of the features of the listing.

This listing provides you with the following information.

  • You have the complete name and postal address of the business enterprise.
  • The listing indicates the landline phone number
  • You can add the directions by using map placeholders
  • You can link your website to this GMB listing
  • You have your privacy as well because you indicate the times you are available
  • Category listing is very important.
  • Adding landmarks information and posting images is also possible
  • There is scope for showing customer reviews as well.

You do not need a more comprehensive listing anywhere else. This should be enough for your customers to walk in or contact you. Similarly, there are other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo. Have your listing on such search engines as well.

Now, that you have entered your data and secured the GMB listing, monitoring the listing is important. There are instances of people adding duplicate listings in your name and trying to divert traffic to their website. This is a common occurrence. Hence, constant monitoring can help you thwart such attempts by anyone.


Fix up your citation information

Updating the information and maintaining consistency of the same is important. You might change your phone number or other information. Ensure to update the same in all the directories wherever you have listed. Otherwise, you end up confusing the search engine bots into presenting incorrect results. It could well end up driving your traffic somewhere else.    


Have a presence in all local directories

You should have a comprehensive local presence in order to score high on the local SEO. The best way to do so is to have a listing in all local directories. Have a couple of cross-listings as well in some allied industry directories. Try out the neighboring locality directory. It could just happen that you might have your shop bordering two localities. Having your presence in both directories can help you with your local SEO campaign.

Add citations to directories

Final Words

The primary objective of the sports shop website is to rank high on the local SERPs. You need a combination of a strong promotional campaign and a compelling user experience to succeed in your endeavor. Follow the steps listed down in this article and end up with a strong local SEO strategy. This enables you to get a high rank.

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