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There was a time in the world a couple of decades ago when you had to go out on the road and shout ‘Taxi’ for the yellow colored vehicle to reach you. Today, the world has changes. You can order your taxi right from the confines of your homes. The world has certainly come a long way. This makes it essential for the cab firms to have a strong website. This calls for a comprehensive local SEO strategy. This article will certainly help you have one in place.

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Presence in all directories

Taxi and Cab firms are purely localized businesses. Hence, it is imperative that they have a solid local presence. They should be available to the local population at a split second notice. It would be right on their part to have a presence in all local directories. There can also be cases of people hiring cabs for long distance tours. This makes it essential for these firms to have a mention in the local transport operator directory as well. You are only expanding your reach by displaying your availability.

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Customer reviews are extremely important

Cab services are completely customer oriented. It is only when you give good customer service you will be able to survive in this market. The level of competition is tremendous. Have a nice fleet of vehicles that provide maximum comfort to the customers. A nice set of courteous can drivers is vital. Many a cab industry has been embarrassed due to bad behavior of cab drivers. The cab driver is your brand ambassador. A courteous driver will fetch you a lot of positive reviews. The more the number of positive reviews, the better it is for your ranking on the SERP.

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How do we go about developing a local SEO for taxi business?

Considering the fact that you will not be getting much of intra-city traffic, there is no need for you go for a global SEO. A local SEO campaign should be the best for your business. Statistics say that 75% of people use the mobiles for searching the internet, it is better if you concentrate on developing a mobile website or a dedicated mobile application. This assumes greater importance when you notice that 97% of all searches on the internet pertain to local searches. The best aspect about searches for cabs and taxis is that people search from them only when they feel the need to hire one. Hence, you can say that the conversion rate is virtually 100%.

Therefore, you should be concentrating on the promotional aspects of the SEO more than the user experience factor. If you get the promotional aspects right, you can compensate for the user experience by providing a high degree of customer satisfaction. This can also help to rank your taxi and cab firms website on the top of the SERPs.

We shall now focus on the promotional aspects of SEO before glancing through the on-page SEO factors as well. Of course, you will need a website because you need to have the back office staff working on it. You can use this website to link up to the mobile application that the customer can download. You can also provide your drivers with a separate mobile application where they can track their performance and payments.

A strong mobile-friendly website should do the trick

You need a strong and compelling website to make a beginning. These websites connect to individual mobile applications like the one we are going to discuss in the subsequent paragraph.

Naturally, an interactive website would be a great one to have. You can provide the information and allow the customers to log in through a secured login page to avail the services. They can also have the facility to download a dedicated mobile application from the official website.

You have the responsibility to make this website responsive enough to fit various screen sizes like tablets and mobiles. Google places great emphasis on websites offering a mobile-friendly experience to the customer. Such websites get preference over the others.

This website should have all the features that a successful website should have. They include the ‘About Us’, ‘Contact Us’, ‘Services’, ‘FAQ’, and ‘Promotional Offers’ pages. Ensure that your website has individual web pages for the different services you provide. Have a link to the mobile application tab to ensure a great user experience.   

Have your title and Meta Description content to describe your services in the most enticing manner. The objective is to entice the customer to your website and make him download the mobile application and use it as well.

Quality content plays a great role in engaging your customer. People might ask as to what is there to describe in cab services. You have a vehicle to hire it out. Your driver does the job for you. In many ways, they are true. However, you need to explain these points in the Services page to educate the customer and bring in a sense of transparency. The customer will be aware of his rights when he avails your services. This is because some cab drivers can exploit the customer and try to make a fast buck. This happens everywhere in the world. It is your duty to inform the customer about the requisite rules and regulations.

Your website should connect to the mobile app of the customer as well as to that of the drivers. You need a clean collaboration between the three parties. This is to provide the benefits to the customer and accept payments for the services as well. A dedicated wallet can do the job for you.

When you have a wallet facility, you should have access to various payment gateways. This brings the security aspect into the equation. Have a trustworthy ‘HTTPS’ domain instead of the ‘HTTP’ one. This improves the trust factor thereby enabling you to rank high on the SERPs.

A fast-loading website is important. Your customer does not have the patience to wait for an eternity and why should he? He has a tremendous range of options available to him in the market. Website speed is an important factor affecting your rank on the SEO.

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Invest in a mobile application concept

Think like a customer. How would you order for a taxi or a cab? You need a mobile application installed on your smartphone. Log in through the mobile app. The Geolocation factor takes over and determines the locality you are in at present. You can change the location if you feel the need to do so. The next step is to type the destination on the search bar. The geolocation maps it out perfectly and shows you the shortest route to reach there. It will also display the approximate fare that you might have to pay to the company at the end of the journey.

The mobile app starts searching for the available cabs in the vicinity. On finding the nearest one, it shoots out a message to the driver’s phone. In case the driver accepts the ride, you get the confirmation message that the driver is on the way. You get the details of the cab driver thereby allowing you to contact him as well and provide accurate directions to reach you. Usually, the company inserts a confirmation code that you share with the cab driver to initiate the ride.

You have the option of using the in-built wallet to pay for the journey. You can also pay by cash if requires. This is in short the working of a cab mobile app. You should endeavor to build one along the same lines.

Your mobile application should have all the features described in the above illustration. Now, that you have a strong website and a dedicated mobile application, we shall concentrate on the marketing aspects of SEO to enable you to achieve a high rank on the SERP.

Have your presence in all local directories

You have to announce your presence in the market. You cannot sit back and let the world take notice of you. No one does that. You have to move forward and make the pitch. Have a presence in all local directories.

Add citations to directories

Claim your GMB listing

A Google My Business is essential for every business in the world. The best part of it all is that it is free. When you have something free and extremely useful, it makes sense to use the facility as well.

Access the official website of Google My Business and fill in the details as asked for. You get your listing after Google does the verification. This listing is extremely useful for the sheer volume of facilities it provides.

  • The GMB listing has a separate ranking and listing page on the search engine results. This is a highly localized service. Therefore, you might find different results for the same search from two different locations.
  • The zip code and phone number are very important. Ensure to provide the accurate address and phone numbers. In case of any change in the future, make the changes in the GMB listing and other directories as well.
  • It is comparatively easier to rank on the GMB listing page as compared to the normal SERP. This is because of the highly localized nature of the listing.
  • You can optimize your GMB listing by including images of your business premise, inserting landmarks for customers to find you easily, and other information that can be useful to them.
  • This page has a facility for showing your customer ratings. They get updated from the mobile app on a regular basis.

Considering the advantages, it is advisable for you to have a GMB listing. Monitor the listing on a regular basis to avoid people from misusing it. Exercising a bit of care from your side can help you achieve a high rank on the SERP.


Final Words

Local SEO is the need of the hour for your taxi and cab business. This is because customers usually have these mobile apps for cabs on their smartphones. They might need to book the cab from anywhere, not necessarily from the place they reside. Hence, having a locality-based website/mobile application is more effective than a simple local SEO campaign. If you can call it, the taxi and cab services are the truest forms of local SEO. Invest in a strong campaign and watch your rankings grow on the SERP.

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