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Average Ratings

Assess the average rating that your business has received over a certain period of time

Number of Ratings

Check the exact number of customers that have provided their valuable feedback to your products and services in a certain duration

Review Monitoring

Check the total number of customer reviews your business has garnered across all the business directories

Lifetime average rating

View the average rating of your Business over an entire lifetime, from the point it is setup until recently

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Track your online reviews over any period of time

Your reviews are an important aspect for your website to rank. But how do you track them? Sign up with TribeLocal and we will collate all of your reviews in one place so that you can analyse how your business is performing and effectively take action.

Respond to all your ratings and online reviews from one place

Do you want to pull your hair out as you move from Facebook to Google My Business to Yelp in order to check your reviews? We understand your worries, and therefore using our platform, you can answer all your reviews by logging into one place.

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Monitor your online review trends and see how your business grows

With the help of our platform, you would be able to track your ratings and review growth along with your business. Not only do we track the reviews from each website independently, we also create an average rating for you across all the platforms you are listed on.

Check your online reviews grouped by your ratings to easily weed out negative reviews to respond to them

And the last, and perhaps the most important aspect of our Review Management process is to let you know the negative reviews so that you can respond to them as soon as possible, without getting bogged down by any of them.

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Why do you need online reviews for local business?

You have a business that is getting you great customers who love your business, you are making a profit every month, and you have a loving wife, kids, a dog and amazing friends. Why do you need a website, and more importantly, why should you care about getting reviews and managing them?

TribeLocal Online reviews

Online Reviews help in increasing confidence in customer

Let’s say you run a restaurant that serves Italian food. If one of the person nearby you wants to have a pizza, how is he going to choose the best options nearby? And you do know that there are more restaurants nearby including Domino’s and Papa John’s. This is where having a website with lots of positive reviews will help you out. Your potential customer will be able to see how the previous people who visited your restaurant had a wonderful experience, and they would want to try you out as well. This is the biggest help that TribeLocal can provide you with.

Customer Reviews

Online Reviews help in increasing visibility

The more number of websites you get registered on, the more number of reviews you would be able to generate. This means, when a potential future customer wants to assess where can he go on a date next, or where can he have his next potential client meeting, there is a high chance that he would stumble upon your business inside a specific area. Help your potential clients reach you by getting registered with the help of TribeLocal, and we will make sure that your business reaches its full potential.


Online Reviews help in increasing off-site rankings

Long story short, search engines like Google and Bing pretty much control your fate if you have a website. If they do not like you (or basically their algorithm doesn’t like you), you will not be able to rank your business on them. This is where your reviews (positive ones) help you out. They act as a friendly reminder that your business is good enough, and therefore when a user searches for “pizza restaurants around me”, your website should be among the top websites to be featured. One of our major focuses in TribeLocal is to get as many of these directories possible, so that we can help you rank for these pages.

Online Reviews help in your marketing plan

A survey by a leading marketing firm suggested that 7 out of 10 customers would be happy to provide the business if they should ask for it. And you should build up that courage because as mentioned earlier, the search engines absolutely love reviews. In fact, according to a study conducted by Neil Patel, one of the leading Digital Marketers in the world, 8 out of 10 websites who are present on the top 10 spots on Google, had at least 4 customer reviews on their homepage. And digital marketing is all about these search engine rankings. So, stop hesitating, and start asking for reviews.

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How to handle negative online reviews?

Everyone loves a good review. But negative reviews are inevitable, no matter what you do. So how is it that you escape them, and if not that, manage them so that it doesn’t become a hindrance for you because of overwhelming negative reviews.

Are negative reviews ok to begin with?

Yes, they are. It might sound surprising, but negative reviews can at times be very helpful by providing you with insight about your business. In that case, you can call it constructive feedback while helps you analyse the issues that you might have overlooked. With that in mind, keep on asking customers about their feedback, and whenever someone mentions that their experience with your service was not satisfactory, try and probe them with reasons. This would also help in assuring the customer that you actually care about what they have to say, rather than simply giving them lip-service about making things right the next time.

Create a conversation, not a clarification, and take immediate action

The way to deal with negative reviews is much easier than expected. Do not get into too many apologies and what could have gone, as this might be termed as a defensive, or even worse, insincere behaviour. What the customer expects is immediate action coming out of his/her experience, and that is what you need to provide. Here are the steps that you can take:
1. Probe the customer about the problem faced
2. Tell him about the possible solutions that you can take
3. Speak with your staff about the situation
4. Take an action based on availability of resources
5. Reach out to the customer to tell him about the corrective action

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