Synup Vs TribeLocal – 2018

A comprehensive analysis of Synup Vs TribeLocal in terms of features and pricing

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yext vs tribelocal price

Pricing based on your pocket size

Synup and TribeLocal are awesome tools available for local business SEO solutions in the market. Both of the tools offer error free analytics and fixing of citation issues perfectly. Pricing options offered by both the tools are also very transparent. Synup is available at $360 per year and charges are for direct submissions. Tribe Local is available at a monthly subscription cost of $39 only and it charges only $3 per subscription, which is quite an affordable option.

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Local Business SEO changes with time

Local SEO have emerged and changed fast with technology over time. Synup and Tribe local offer edgy technology and advanced services that include online reputation and review management, citations building and management and superb analytics. Synup works towards getting positive reviews and encouraging customers to write it. On the other hand TribeLocal notifies negative feedbacks and encourages response to them instantly. Also, it offers offline management of services which is a unique feature.

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Yext Vs TribeLocal Local SEO Expert
Yext Vs TribeLocal Customer Experience

Superior Client Experience is a must

Synup and TribeLocal are the tools which specifically work towards the customer experience. These tools provide smooth and robust functionalities which help customers with all aspects of local business SEO. Tribe Local offers web-based local SEO tool which is efficient in handling queries of customers 24 * 7 through phone, ticketing system, online training and live chat support. It also helps customers analyze the performance of their business through white label reporting and rank management systems.

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Online Reputation Management

If a business wants to get established online as well as offline, it needs to have good reputation everywhere. Branding and reputation management has become essential for any size of businesses these days and local SEO tools like Synup and Tribe Local help them achieve that easily. Tribe Local has a cutting-edge review management system, which notifies customers about negative reviews instantly and helps them keep an eye on any kind of review across the platforms in a single place. Also, it offers customized widgets for customer feedback to get personalized and relevant reviews as per the requirement.

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Yext vs tribelocal reviews
Features Synup TribeLocal
Industry Average Citation Score
Local SEO Audit
Review Management
Whitelabel Reports
Insights on GMB
Client Portal
Custom Directory Integrations
Ranking Across locations
Advanced Website Popups
Lead Capturing
Reply To Reviews
Dedicated Account Manager
Local Marketing Consultation
Area Mail
24×7 Support


Case Study

Popular SEO Agency based out of Oklahoma, moved to TribeLocal from Yext. What was the outcome of this? They Saved annually $26,000 in Local SEO efforts!

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Bird’s Eye View Comparison of TribeLocal and Synup

yext vs tribelocal 2018 comparison

What is TribeLocal?

Tribe Local is an advanced and smart platform for all the local business SEO requirements of an Agency, Single Location and Multi-Location SMBs. It is designed to create and manage business listings and citations across platforms over the internet.

What is Synup?

Synup is a local business SEO tool which offers a good platform and advanced features for local search engine optimization. It helps customers in reputation management, citation and business listings, basic SEO reporting features, and data syncing facilities.

Business Listings

  • TribeLocal and Synup offer 100+ sites of business listings which is a good number. TribeLocal offers business and niche specific sites for more exposure. Synup offers some sites that do not have good value.
  • Tribe Local works for multiple locations when it comes to citations and location management. On the other hand, Synup only works for the US based locations.
  • Tribe local can handle citation bursts and in-depth organic web traffic analysis.
yext vs tribelocal business listings


  • Pricing of Tribe Local is very transparent. The monthly subscription of business account starts from $39 and $3 per citation. It also offers citation only plan.
  • Tribelocal offers all the major and available features across all the packages and options.
  • Synup and Tribe Local both offer monthly and yearly subscription plans.
  • TribeLocal stays a step ahead by offering quotation based packages according to the need and requirement of the customers and their customized solutions.
yext vs tribelocal cost

Review Monitoring

  • Review monitoring systems are very strong for both the tools. However, Tribe Local offers negative review notification systems and customized dashboards for analysing and viewing reviews at a single place. It also provides rank analysis and rank comparison with the competitors for better understanding of business performances.
yext vs tribelocal reviews

Local SEO Monitoring & Reports

  • Google Analytics and data drive reports for analysis are the positive features offered by both Synup and Tribe Local. Tribe Local precedes by providing smart white label report options which can be saved, visualized and shared online.
  • Rank tracking and review monitoring are the important functionalities offered by Tribe Local.
  • Tribe Local offers client portal for better local SEO monitoring and customised management.
  • TribeLocal provides ranking across multiple locations and all over the world.
Yext Vs TribeLocal Local SEO report

Customer Support & Lead Generation

  • Customer Support is the main focus of both Synup and Tribe Local. Tribe Local leads by offering dedicated account manager for each client.
  • Tribe Local provides Local SEO consultation for each of their clients
  • Tribe Local helps customers generate business leads. It offers packages that include generated leads from number 50 to 300 and above based on the pricing and subscription option. Synup does not offer this feature.
yext vs tribelocal customer support

Why Choose TribeLocal?

Tribe Local provides a cutting-edge advanced local SEO platform that helps customers through all the issues and functional requirements of local business SEO. It helps customers increase their business value and reputation in the market and establish the brand. Increasing organic traffic and organic ranking in SERPs help the customers to get more visibility online, across the platforms.
The pricing options are comfortable, affordable and transparent. Tribe Local offers customization starts from pricing to subscription of the tools, widgets and services as per the needs of the customers. It does not enforce signup and allows claim listings. Advanced analytics, reporting and metrics provide a powerful platform for analysing the performance and ranking of the business in the market. Lead generation is the unique feature catered by Tribe Local and business leads are the final motive for any business out there.

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The Bottom Line

If you want a smart, high end and affordable tool that can be customized as per your needs, you have a choice. Tribe Local is a smart choice for all type of local SEO solutions and for growing your business both online and offline.

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