Yext Vs WhiteSpark Vs TribeLocal – 2018

A comprehensive analysis of Yext Vs WhiteSpark Vs TribeLocal in terms of features and pricing

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Yext Vs WhiteSpark Vs TribeLocal – 2018

Pricing based on your pocket size

These tools are to build top citations at very affordable packages as per your location needs. Yext and WhiteSpark help you rank locally on over 55 directories while TribeLocal gets you listed on 100+. With White spark and TribeLocal you own the listings forever with one-time payment. Yext offers clients four sets of packages starting at $199 annually subscription-based, so basically it does not let you try it for free. While White Spark and TribeLocal offer you free version and free trial, they don’t even ask for the card information. WhiteSpark’s basic package is priced only at $35 per month but that is a per-location price for only 30 emails per day and maximum 5 sites for review monitoring. TribeLocal is a well-packed solution along with auditing and Google analytics integration is an excellent deal priced at $39 per month.

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Local Business SEO changes with time

Yext, WhiteSpark and TribeLocal offer multifold Local SEO ranking solutions. By offering businesses to be listed on multiple local directories, the tools harness the 25% of the factor that contributes to a higher ranking on Search engines. The tools optimize your listings, offer review tracking and management solutions. Within a quick timeframe, your listings are ready to be ranked higher and generate more conversions.

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Yext Vs TribeLocal Local SEO Expert
Yext Vs WhiteSpark Vs TribeLocal – 2018

Superior Client Experience is a must

TribeLocal values the clients with most superior client support and experience. With easy to use dashboard and multiple integrations like GA it massively reduces your overhead. With 24*7 live technical support, TribeLocal will never leave any client in a difficult situation. Yext and WhiteSpark struggle with this factor as Yext promise 70+ Local directory listings, but efficiently the used ones are 55. The reviews show clients struggling to reach out to the customer care.

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Online Reputation Management

Enterprises always have diverse requirements of reputation management and Localization needs. WhiteSpark and Yext are flexible and extensive Localization support models, but they lack customization. TribleLocal does not force enterprises to try and squeeze into off shelf solutions. With multiple websites and growing listing on local directories, your business is also susceptible to negative reviews. The need for a perfect online review management tool arises, and TribeLocal is capable of quickly handling the negative reviews and use of widgets to encourage visitors to leave positive reviews.

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Yext vs tribelocal reviews
Features Whitespark Yext TribeLocal
Industry Average Citation Score
Local SEO Audit
Review Management
Whitelabel Reports
Insights on GMB
Client Portal
Custom Directory Integrations
Ranking Across locations
Advanced Website Popups
Lead Capturing
Reply To Reviews
Dedicated Account Manager
Local Marketing Consultation
Area Mail
24×7 Support


Case Study

Popular SEO Agency based out of Oklahoma, moved to TribeLocal from Yext. What was the outcome of this? They Saved annually $26,000 in Local SEO efforts!

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Bird’s Eye View Comparison of TribeLocal and Yext and WhiteSpark

yext vs tribelocal 2018 comparison

What is TribeLocal?

TribeLocal is your all in one solution provider for all Local SEO needs. The tools are capable of imparting higher ranking, 100+ Local directory listings and citation management with a free version, free trial and subscription-based models.

yext vs tribelocal 2018 comparison

What is Yext?

Yext tool ensures your website is listed on 55+ Local directories and offers Localization data management. The tool is designed to manage the localization precisely. Trusted by clients as mapping software.

WhiteSpark logo for comparission

What is WhiteSpark?

WhiteSpark is popularly known as citation builder. With WhiteSpark you get monthly subscription package that is not auto deducted. The tool lets you own the listings, and keeps them fresh and better-ranked.

Business Listings

  •   With Yext offering 55 Local directory listings, WhiteSpark and TribeLocal let you create 100+ listings with a web-based and mobile web app.  
  • WhiteSpark is popular as a citation builder, but Yext and TribeLocal are robust enough to offer citation bursts. 
  • With TribeLocal and WhiteSpark your listings always remain there but for Yext if you do not subscribe for next year, you may lose all the existing listing.
yext vs tribelocal business listings


  •  TribeLocal handles each citation at just $2 while WhiteSpark costs you $35 per month of a limited number of citations. With Yext per citation, the call is competitive to TribeLocal, but you will always have to go for an annual package.
  •  TribeLocal and WhiteSpark have flexible client engagement option. Both of them are freemium models available for monthly subscriptions.
  •  TribeLocal is offering tailor crafted solutions each business domain.
yext vs tribelocal cost

Review Monitoring

  • With Saas, Cloud and web deployment all the three tools offer world class review management. From a single and intuitive dashboard, you receive alerts for any negative reviews left on your website, and you can quickly fix them. With multiple websites, it gets tougher for the client to handle reviews. But, TribeLocal is the best and smartest tool to watch out for the reviews you get online. Another plus is – it is available at a minimal price.
yext vs tribelocal reviews

Local SEO Monitoring & Reports

  • TribeLocal offers extensive monitoring and reporting with customization for each client.
  •  Yext and WhiteSpark do not support offer white label reports like TribeLocal. TribeLocal is easily deployable to your Google Analytics account, bringing consistency in your solutions.
Yext Vs TribeLocal Local SEO report

Customer Support & Lead Generation

  • TribeLocal offers 24/7 live support. Yext and WhiteSpark, customer support system, is not as responsive as TribeLocal.
  • Lead generation is at par for all the three tools but with Yext, the listing drop in case of nonrenewal and (kind of) makes you get stuck with them forever.
yext vs tribelocal customer support

Why Choose TribeLocal?

TribeLocal offers a very flexible and extensive tool priced reasonably to monitor real-time online reputation, Local ranking, and citation building. The power of customization makes TribeLocal solutions perfect for every business as they will pay only for what they need.

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The Bottom Line

TribeLocal is a comprehensive tool for driving more conversions to any business scale locally. Extensive features of keyword rank tracking, Google business optimizations, and review monitoring makes it the best available tool for all Localization needs.

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