An advanced technology in almost every other sector of people’s daily concerns has made a huge difference in ease of maintaining and extracting information. Such valuable inputs make a predetermined analysis for any search happening by ourselves. Healthcare is one of the most crucial aspects of everyone’s life as its usually an emergency sort of concern and a prime priority too.

So, a good and trusted result is every time expected by any user for a Doctor or health care institution’s availability, accessibility, and reliability. Things are not into the scenario of conventional means where a reference was made through “word of mouth” usually, nowadays, a trusted and live data-based analysis along with detailed information is very much required and appreciated to make a perfect decision about any procedure or consulting specialty.Options of subscribing to newsletter from these modes are of great help to stay updated about your concerns fro time to time with latest at valuable information.

Therefore a lot of web-based platforms (online means) are available to present reviews about doctors and health care institutions or hospitals. A meaningful and symbiotic association has also been accumulated between a patient and a healthcare marketer through such online modes.

Here are listings of 15 popular websites performing the same purpose and almost every website mentioned is available on both desktop and mobile application versions (available on the app store and Google play store)

1. Yelp

One can estimate its popularity through data available on the yelp official website that 72 million unique visitors through mobile web and 32 million via Yelp mobile application in quarter 2 of 2018, alongside more than 163 million reviews written by the end of Q2 2018 Their automated software based on a variety of parameters to ensure quality, reliability, and transparency in their activity, yields much appreciated and relevant desired results for a user.

Their blog can provide an interconnected network between “Yelpers” (who uses yelp), to extract quite more relevancy and transparency with their findings. Latest updates for local area searches with elaborated details about a particular doctor can ensure a filter for making a perfect decision.

Availability of Photos or Videos about a searched result is an add-on for the user. Even for Marketers tied up with the yelp have an option to mark an inappropriate review (quite intentionally) without having a permit for manipulating a review.

Their easy interface look-up with different languages to choose makes a user experience more accessible.

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2. Caredash

Started in 2016, it’s emphasizing on providing transparency towards a goal for any search happening for a health care provider on its platform. Socioeconomic categorization should get an equal part of information about their health benefits and services from the consultants through accessing unbiased and completely trustworthy reviews written about them in a straightforward manner with an absolute deep relevant data.

A paid advertiser can never be able to influence their reviews pattern in any manner, that is what they have claimed firmly for their users.

To break a conventional approach for getting reviews quality available for various platforms, they are driving through a complex projection at the backend to ensure a much deeper yet easy to understand and to access information about health care providers in their area.

Their blog posts (Living Well, Health 101 sections) inputs about varieties of topics based on Health will make a great support for a user to extract a knowledge about their own probable diagnosis or cure possibilities.

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3. Zocdocs

As far as its creative interface is concerned, it seems to be very engaged and up to date platform for reviewing and searching your doctors or other healthcare related services. It’s mainly in use through their mobile application platforms (both app store and google play store)

As soon as one finds it desired search result, they can book an online appointment instantly, as details about doctor’s timings and availability are on the system along with detailed reviews about them. So you can easily access your requirement’s match.

Apart from Doctors lists, they do have an option for searching Insurance providers, Pharmacists, etc. (almost everything related to healthcare services) at one place itself.

Their claim of making the delivery system updated almost instantly with recent updates about healthcare Service providers’ information is a remarkable feature for any user.

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4. RateMDs

A collective bulk of significant services for any user, at one place, is highly crucial, especially when there is a need for Medicare, such criteria follow an easy accessibility for a patient to find his/her requirements for healthcare services at a prime level. That’s exactly RateMDs are claiming to have at their platform.

You can search for your Doctor along with relevant detailed information in particular to the specialty required at just one click. Medical Insurance providers, Pharmacists in your area can be easily listed with just a few keywords in the search box.

Their popularity and reliability can be confirmed from statistics like, they have more than 2 million reviews available (almost 2.5, as per website data ).

An elaborated information regarding a specific consultant or hospital, including the status of the conditions of their area, where they are operating is an add-on for sure.

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5. Social Media (Facebook, Twitter)

Especially Facebook is a great source for analyzing reviews (with millions of users)posted by other users, for a specific fan page of any health care service provider, either for a doctor or a hospital or even Medical Insurance providers.

Fan page or a Business page on Facebook is highly popular among the majority of the population, especially for young individuals, as they use it for several other purposes too, quite frequently. So such people can help others to extract information about any service provider.

Images and videos concerned with the facilities, they are providing , along with a call to action buttons like a Direct message or Map of their clinics or hospitals is an easy access tool.

Twitter which is also an important and popular platform with millions of subscribers can provide the same service, still, it’s not that efficient as Facebook is up to.

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6. Vitals

This is a widely accepted platform due to its diverse service range for both users and marketers in concern for the Healthcare sector.

Apart from finding reviews about a specialty or an individual, one can go beyond that is a shopping extravaganza for healthcare products.

A detailed information through “Vitalmegs” about Medical costs and their procedures can be extracted easily. A reliability and authenticity can be accessed by looking at the number of visitors or users or reviewers they have currently. Their appreciation in top brands on information sources is likely to influence you a lot to have trust in them.

Infusion of high technology tools for the desired results at users end is a symbol of being trustworthy and transparent to deliver a quality outcome that will ensure a no time waste experience by any user.

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7. RealPatientRatings

Endorsed program by The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). As the name suggests they are “real” in terms of focussing towards a pattern of getting reviews from the patients who actually visited the healthcare service provider desk and revealing an insider view or information about all the factors.

Its a sort of survey which is being carried out by professional providers committed to binding towards an authentic and transparent system of collecting information specifically.

The website interface at home page itself , will reveal top 5 verified reviews, you can search for any specialty according to your area and search terms.

No fake reviews claims by this platform on the basis of extremely transparent and active participation of the real patient are highly appreciated, in concern to making up a decision to visiting a relevant consultant.

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8. UCompareHealthCare

This website has a basic view of a comparative data analysis based on search criteria chosen by the viewer like past performance, credibility, quality, the geography of their desired search outputs.

You can find Doctors, Hospitals, Pharmacies information as per your selections, and a reliability depends upon an availability of data from federal government and trusted third parties inclusions. It’s not just a comparison reflecting grading or rating, but a detailed information, about a result, that will ensure your further analysis to think about a final decision make-up for visiting that particular healthcare provider.

Its trustworthy credibility can be analyzed through a data available on their website regarding more than five million reviews, fifty thousand pharmacies, one million professionals, six thousand hospitals. Its interface is also simple and easy to access to any user.

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9. Wellness

It is majorly a Blog community and directory of almost every specialty in healthcare. The home page itself reflects dominantly about Articles or Blogs posted by various contributors specialized in their respective expertise.

A diverse range of topics or titles related to healthcare services can be easily accessed on this platform. Apart from all these, you can search for a specialty doctor available in the area near you.

Availability of healthcare products, as well as almost every sector related to medical or healthcare, is easily available with a must to have information.

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10. Google Business Page

Google as a major search engine, usually on top of everyone’s list whenever there is a search to be carried out online, almost for every other requirement. It’s an open platform, the user when feeds a search term for any health care provider according to his/her geography along with other relevant keywords, the most appropriate result with all major details including reviews for that particular healthcare search gets reflected ( as a Google doctor ).

From available reviews, a user can analyze an idea about that specific consultant or a hospital with all other significant and essential details like the website, map for directions, timings, photos and video, if available.

There are specific criteria at the backend, wherever a business registers its details with Google, a verification process is applied. So an authentic result can be expected very good at the users end.

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11. webmd

It’s a vast and broadened mixture of valuable information related to best health care services. It’s not just restricted to the exchange of information, but consists of tools that are well prepared to define your problems with more detailed version.

Availability of latest and credible updated information about almost every other sector of healthcare makes it highly reliable and useful for any user who is in search of a healthcare service provider.

Featured or latest posts on significant topics that are in direct relevance with preventive measures to adopt in general, will be very useful.

Their authenticity can be judged through the number of visitors in millions apart from a collection of content presented in a unique and easy ways of understandings for viewers is attractive.

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12. Healthgrades

Popular website, providing information to consumers for Healthcare services requirements. They claim to provide trusted information or reviews that consists of Qualified Professionals and reputed Healthcare centers (like a hospital ) for the user.

Headed and managed by highly professional staff, both at technical and information levels, they serve a blog where one can find meaningful and relevant information about health care concerns in details and can refer those to your known ones.

A better and most concerned result with updated analytics tools and presentations defines their quality and transparency about their service providing values.

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13. RealSelf

One of the leading and most trusted source for elective cosmetic treatment. They have upgraded themselves from simple cosmetic procedures to the latest ones and with the bulk of options, from which a user can share their experiences, and connect with top providers.

This site claims to provide an unbiased information to its users about every other aspect of cosmetic treatments containing trusted experts.

More than 20,000 board-certified doctors and healthcare professionals are listed on this website along with absolutely real patient reviews.

Cosmetic treatment analysis by any common person can be done significantly by analyzing before and after photos concerned to the treatments done.

A selective approach will be very helpful for a user.

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14. Angieslist

They claim to have absolutely Verified reviews and ratings in hundreds of categories that help a user to search for the best companies or professionals.

A researched listing or database is prepared with a regular check of that specific specialty or institution, so a certified quality and trusted result can be attained to make a perfect choice at the users’ end.

Their clean and easily accessible interface provides a great support in carrying out a search rapidly and perfectly as per desired outputs.

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15. doctor-oogle

Dedicated to searching, particularly in a dentistry field , where one can find a specific result with a qualified dentist in an area near you.

Simple and clean interface are highly appreciable and makes an ease of access to any user , saving their time.

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These are the top 15 review websites for doctors and healthcare providers that you should be tracking as part of maintaining your online business reputation. However, it can be tough to track each review site individually. That is why you should opt for TribeLocal, a local SEO and citation software, that allows local businesses to manage their online reputation with ease. The platform has partnered with more than 200 local listing sites that ensures local businesses can manage and track reviews from a single dashboard.


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