White label reputation management refers to using products and services that can be rebranded and pertain to a company’s online reputation. As a business, it may come as a surprise to you to learn that there are different aspects of online reputation management that can be white label. Once you understand this, you will also realize the important of white label reputation management.

An organization should understand that a software that it uses to monitor its online reputation can actually be rebranded. Similarly, a service that you use for review response generation can also be rebrandable, making it into a white label product. However, before getting into the details, it is prudent to understand the meaning of reputation management.

Understanding Reputation Management

Before the advent of the internet, businesses relied on word-of-mouth to get referrals. Existing customers would recommend a business product or service to family and friend and they, in turn, would rely on this advice and make the purchase. Things are not that different in the world of Internet and Google. Today, the reputation of a business is defined through a star-rating that Google, the biggest search engine in the world, uses.

In the modern times, reputation management is about scouring the internet to see what users and customers are saying about your brand, product and/or service. Any mention about your business can easily be monitored online, as there are software out there that help in online reputation management. The whole idea of is to get your target audience to talk more positively about your brand so that you expand your reach and enjoy more sales.

What are White Label Solutions?

There are white label providers who create white label product or service which is then sold on a wholesale basis to another organisation, who is free to rebrand and re-sell the product or service as though they own it.

So, when you organisation invests in a white label solution, you acquire a unbranded product or service, and then you can customize it to align with your brand name and put it out there for your target audience. This does away with the need to spend money on creating and testing a product or service for your niche market.

Focusing on White Label Reputation Management Solutions

White label reputation management solutions refers to products or services that is produced or created by a white label provider and the acquiring company then rebrands and sells to other organizations. A white label reputation management product can be a software that allows a business to monitor and manage their online reputation. It can also be a review response service.

It is prudent to remember that this product is completely rebrandable. A white label provider usually offers fulfillment services as well if an organization wants to scale the service. Usually, an organization can avail the following two white label reputation management solutions:

  • Reputation management software:

    Here the software can be an app or a platform that allows an organization’s clients to manage their online reputation on their own. The supplier of the software is not responsible for responding to reviews or managing the scores that the clients get online.

  • Reputation management service:

    You also have the option of providing your clients online reputation management services, wherein you, the third-party, handle the online reputation management of your clients and also respond to reviews and other online mentions.

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Why Your Business Needs White Label Reputation Management Solutions

As a white label reputation reseller, it will benefit you and your clients quite a bit. The first thing is that you can get high-quality products as a part of your portfolio and ensure you can maintain your clients’ online reputation without worries. By offering your clients white label reputation management platform or software, you ensure you have a team of dedicated personnel to manage online reviews and mentions of your clients.

It has become into a competitive marketplace and service providers are constantly vying with each other for clients in a digitally connected world. So, if you include high-quality reputation management as part of your product and service offering, you will enjoy a competitive edge. Just selling a single product or service is a sure shot way of losing clients, as after some time the product or service becomes stale. So, the key to business success lies in product diversification, and becoming a white label reseller allows you to do just that.

Here are some of the reasons why you should become an online reputation management reseller:

  • Get More Clients:

    When you expand your product and service portfolio to include reputation management, the chances are high you will get more clients, and some of these can be large clients. Just think about it – if your clients get everything they require for their online digital marketing and selling needs, they have no reason to leave you. After all, it is better to deal with one service provider who offers all the services a business requires than dealing with multiple service providers.

  • Provide Seamless Online Reputation Management:

    Today, a business has to be online to enjoy a flood of customers. This means online reputation management plays a major role in ensuring a business gets new and repeat customers. Any customer checks online for reviews before going ahead and buying from a business. If the reviews are negative, the customer moves on to a competitor, instead. So, by offering reputation management, you ensure your clients are able to help each prospect make it down the sales funnel to complete the sale.

  • Provide Clients with a Much-Needed Service:

    An organization is busier focusing on its core business goals. Hence, they do not have the time to manage their online reputation. This is one of the reasons that businesses often cannot monitor and respond to every review and mention across social media platforms and review websites like Angie’s List and Yelp. So, they require the support of a reputation management service or software to ensure they can track and monitor mentions and reviews with ease. A online reputation management software ensures a business can manage their reputation across different channels and platforms using a centralized dashboard, making it convenient and simple.

  • Ensures Rapid Business Growth:

    When you offer white label reputation management services or software, you don’t have to worry about research and development or the expenses associated with creating a new product. You have a readymade product at your disposal and you can offer it to clients to expand your business and boost your revenues.

  • Integrate Your Capabilities:

    One of the best parts about becoming a white label reseller is that you can integrate your capabilities with the white label product or service. You don’t have to focus on selling these capabilities as standalone products or services. Instead, you can club them with the white label product and offer the full gamut of services to your client.

  • Create a Steady Stream of Revenue:

    You can use the white label reputation management product or service to immediately create a new and steady stream of revenue for your business without spending money on building and testing the product. It will come tested and you will know the effectiveness of the product, allowing you to generate revenue from the very first day.

  • Focus on Your Core Competencies:

    It is a fact that agencies are not experts in all fields. There will be a few things your agency will be good at. When you opt for a reputation management software for agencies, you will be able to focus on your core competencies and ensure you get the desired results quickly and effectively.

The Bottom Line

If you are thinking of becoming a white label reputation management reseller, it is improve you choose the right white label service provider. This will ensure you associate just with a service provider who has products and services that are in line with your brand and the services you offer your clients. This will allow you to offer more value to your existing client, and then the word-of-mouth will come into play and ensure you get more clients. And, if you have a stellar business development team, you can rest assured knowing that they will promote and market your services to help you get more and bigger clients.

There is no doubt that white label reputation management services and products give you the necessary tools to grow your business without worrying about lack of expertise, human resources and knowledge. So, go ahead and make an informed choice by including white label reputation management as a part of your product offering. It will provide your business with spectacular results.


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