Within no time, SEO has been an irreplaceable part of the business world. There have been many businesses that have incorporated SEO in their activities while some are moving gradually towards it. Apart from this, SEO is also changing on regular basis. It has been growing at a really fast speed with the changing technology.

You desperately need a SEO-Perfect Website – Here’s why!

A well-built site not only helps in increasing the traffic on the site but it also helps in enhancing its efficiency. SEO helps the site to be relevant in relation to the business and thus connect to as many people as possible. It also helps businesses for improving their business by providing them better visibility in the search engine’s results. Overall the entire concept of SEO has many benefits for the business if used in the correct manner.


Why People Fail?

It has been observed by the site of Vivial that 80% of the traffic on the website is because of a search query made. It, therefore, becomes even more important to be aware of optimizing the content and context of SEO. Many businesses just start doing SEO activities without prior analysis and thus, fail to get the desired results.

If you have a proper knowledge of SEO, it can help you to enhance the traffic on your site which in turn will provide better performance and brand value in the market.

Importance of SEO Optimization

SEO optimization will help you to be in the top position of Google for all the related searches that the customers make. Other than that it will also help you to establish connections with the other reputed names in the industry. Thus balancing your efforts in creating and maintaining the SEO and its optimization is of great importance.


Here, the main question of concern comes in mind –

How SEO can be used in the most effective way for enhancing and improving the business’s performance?

Staying updated with the latest changes in the algorithms of Google is one of the ways that can be observed along with experimenting with the efforts. Other than putting efforts in expanding the knowledge with research and experiments, using the trending and advanced techniques for SEO is another option that comes in the mind.

Unwrapping the Secrets of Technical SEO

Talking about the technical SEO, it is a very similar process of using the SEO but keeping the technical requirement in consideration. The technical SEO keeps in mind to increase the efficiency of the searches of the search engines so that your business page can gain an instant boost.
As soon as the businesses have realized the importance SEO holds in the progress of the businesses, they have been trying many different ways for getting the maximum benefits from it. Experimenting different techniques of SEO is a part of this. These SEO techniques are really simple when understood completely and are quite effective too.

Benefits of Using SEO Tricks Optimally

There are a number of benefits that your business can get if you use an effective and related SEO technique as per the needs and requirements of your business. Have a look at the following benefits that you can get if you successfully choose the SEO technique as per the site of search engine land:

  • Increase in the Google’s search results
  • Enhancement in the visibility
  • Better performance
  • More website traffic
  • Effective connections in the industry
  • Better return on investments
  • Developing the brand value and name in the market
  • Getting competitive advantage

The 15 Advanced SEO Techniques, as you wanted to learn

Now that it has been clear that SEO factor is of great importance and it cannot be ignored for the growth of the business, one must be really clear about the various SEO techniques that can be used for generating the desired results.

Let us have a look at the various SEO techniques that can be used in general by all types of businesses for performing better than their competition in the industry.

1. Performing an SEO auditing on your website

The very basic step that you can do, to begin with, is to analyze and observe your website for the things that stop you to get listed in the top results of the SEO, according to Wikipedia.

a) Do the Audit Yourself
This step is one crucial one as it can help you get to know the cause of the problems and shortcomings. There are many reputed companies that offer you this service but you too should perform this activity by yourself for enhancing your focus and performance.


 b) Get the idea about ‘Where I exist’
Auditing your website in respect to SEO factors will help you to get a clear idea about your position in the market. You will come to know where you are standing in comparison to your competitors. All the leading businesses are aware of the importance of fact of knowing their position in the market against their competitive business. This can help them to know about the various factors and efforts that they can take for improving themselves over others.

c) Optimize your website by using the results of SEO Audit
It can help in optimizing all the lacking areas on the website. The business can modify their content, keywords, URL, etc. as per the requirements of SEO. Most of the businesses skip this step thinking that this does not count in the advanced SEO techniques. But sooner they realize the importance of this step. On the other hand, the business who works on this step right from the beginning, they get its benefits with their starting phase.

2. Understanding your audiences

It will be of no use if you just post anything on your site unless and until it is in accordance with the likes and preferences of your audience. It is no more the time when the audience gets satisfied with anything they are served. Now they want everything to be perfect and best. As a matter of fact, audience sticks only to that business or brand that fulfills their needs and requirements as per what they are looking at and what they expect.

Know ‘them’, or no one will know your website!

If you are not aware of your audiences and customers, there are high chances that they will soon make a move to your competitors when they will not get what they want. Thus, knowing your audience is of great importance.


Before starting with anything new you must invest some time in knowing and analyzing the needs of your customers. This can help you in developing or converting your website with all the relevant content that may attract your targeted audience pool. It requires no saying that when the customers will get what they want, they will never switch anywhere else and will turn into loyal customers enhancing your business and brand value.

Be mobile-friendly

Do you know in the present times, more than half the population is becoming mobile?

a) Ignoring Mobile Users could be Suicidal
With time, there has been a drastic increase in the number of smartphone users along with an increase in the dependency on the mobile. More than 60% people prefer using their smartphones for doing all their daily routine tasks rather than performing them, instead of sticking at a fixed place. Still daring to ignore?

b) Mobility Factor
Are you aware of this? Have you introduced the mobility factor in your business?
If not, then this could possibly be one of the factors due to which you are lacking behind in the race. Work on the parameters for making your website mobile-friendly in order to get in touch with the mobile and present generation users. Make sure that your website is been developed in such a way that it is compatible with most of the mobile interface and devices.
c) Test it well for mobile separately
Test your content in reference to all the leading brand names in the mobile industry to be completely sure that your website passes every parameter such as being responsive, interactive, etc. Don’t just be on mobile but be active on the mobile. This can also help with the latest update in the Google’s algorithm has been on the side of businesses that are mobile-friendly. So are you ready to get all mobile?

4. Optimize the landing page

First impression is the last impression. We all are familiar with this, aren’t we? But how often do we keep this in mind when working on your website? Very rare. In the desire of being better than the others we try and develop a website that contains everything but in all this, we fail to understand the fact that it should be SEO optimized too.

a) The lifeblood of Your Website – The Landing Pages!
Coming to the optimization of the landing page of your website, it is very important as it is the first page on which your user will judge you. They will get an idea about your working style, approach, and way just by looking on what you have uploaded on your landing page. Thus the optimization comes in picture.

b) Take Care of Keywords and Bounce Rate
If your landing page is optimized as per the SEO, it will reduce the bounce back rate and thus will help you in performing better than the others. Also if your landing page is optimized with all the necessary SEO keywords, links, URLs, etc. chances gets very high that you will be in the top positions in the Google search results. Isn’t it something that is worth?

5. Use more of images and Infographics

An attractive image speaks louder than thousands of words.

a) Keep it Easy to Understand and Impressive
It holds the potential to attract more audiences and people as compared to the words. Thus you should make sure that you are using more of the relevant images on your websites that speak about your business instantly. Your users and customers can get an idea about your working, achievements, specialties, etc. within no time.

b) Infographics and Story Telling Can help
An addition in the way of using images, many businesses have started using Infographics. They have used many different ways of presenting their stories to their customers.

c) Stay Unique to Make an impact
If audience will see anything interesting and appealing on your website, there are chances that they will remember it for a long time. Apart from this, Infographics are an easy yet effective ways of letting your users know about your work and business. You can further take your Infographics to the next level by writing about it in your blogs and making more people aware of it.

6. Focusing on content length

You should keep in mind that today the customers not like anything that is stretched way too much. Some tips:
a) Everything that is presented to them should be in the best and less possible form so that they actually can relate to them. There is no point in extending the word count and writing unnecessary stuff just for the sake of presenting. It is rather better if you present your work in less yet clear and transparent manner.

As far as the average word count of the site is concerned, it has been found that a total of 1,890 words are sufficient that can be used.

b) It is the best and sufficient number of words that you can use in informing your customers about the products and services that you offer. It can also be used in the best form to let the customers know about how you are better than the others and how you can benefit them.
Be completely sure that you are using only the needed word limit which can define you in the best possible way without affecting the quality of the writing.

7. Try roundup post

The latest trend in writing blogs, articles, etc. is the roundup post. These posts are an easy way to enhance the Google rankings as they have a complete scenario of different viewpoints. Well to begin with a roundup post is a post that is made after conducting the interview of many people and then putting them all together.


This became popular as the users can find multiple views right at one place without doing the struggle of searching. Moreover including different viewpoints in your blogs and articles on the website will get you many responses, feedback, and visibility and this will help in enhancing the business’s growth. You may also try and publish your work on many different websites for getting more number of likes and comments. Backlinks can also be used effectively in this case.

8. Social media – It can elevate, it Can Kill!

How can one be not aware of the need of social media in the present time? Being active on the social media not just helps in getting a competitive advantage but it also helps in expanding the benefits of the business.

Audience is there – Like, 24/7!

Today, most of the people spend most of their time on the various social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Thus, it would be not wrong to say that these social platforms are a great source to get connected to the potential customers and audiences.


What to Do then?
The businesses can use them for connecting to the audience whom cannot be reached otherwise along with being visible to them at all the time. You must focus on uploading only the relevant content on the social media so that the people can get to know only the real side of your working. You can also use the relevant images to support your content. Doing so will increase your ranking in the search results.

9. Use more of linking

Backlinks are the unsaid necessity for increasing the visibility of the businesses. Having relevant backlinks can help the businesses to mark their presence on many reputed sites along with developing the relationship with them.

How to Add Backlinks?

One of the easiest ways of doing so is being aware of the names of the companies and businesses that are working better than yours and then contacting them. You can check the domain authority of the sites before considering anything.


Why are they Essential?

Backlinks are beneficial for increasing the search ranking of the sites. Google appreciate the fact that many reputed sites have shared the content of your business and thus helps in increasing your rank.

This can be viewed similarly to the cross-promotion technique where many businesses share each other’s content and information in order to grow and expand their business. The only difference here is that you have to take into account the various parameters of the SEO and then work in collaboration with other reputed sites.

10. SEO Keywords

This is one of the most common and most used SEO techniques. The companies find and then use a number of keywords that are in great demand in the industry in most of the areas possible. It could be in the website content or can be in the content of the blogs, articles, press release, etc.


Points to Ponder During SEO:
a) All the keywords are ranked as per the frequency in which they are used by the people. The more times the keyword is used the more it increases its value in the market.
b) If you use those high-frequency SEO keywords in your content, it will help your content to be in the higher position in the search results. Make sure that you are using the accurate number of keywords.
c) Don’t overstuff the keywords and neither keeps their count extremely low. Use them in an adequate number so that it enhances its ranking without violating any of the norms of Google and other search engines.
d) In order to be better than your competition in the market, you can analyze the various keywords that they are using and then incorporate the same in your writing.

11. Using Google AdWords

Just like SEO backlinks and keywords, Google AdWords also play an important role in improving the performance of the business. You can make the use of Google AdWords Ads for generating the article in the required quality. These Ads are already in the optimized form in respect to SEO, thus all you have to do is to use them effectively for getting the relevant content.


As these Ads are short, you can add some extra information that you think can strengthen your position over your competition. If you want to keep it safe you can just use the required amount of information available in the Ads and then can frame the possible content. This can help your business to increase its organic traffic and visibility by having a content that is SEO optimized.

12. Using multiple keywords

One of the ways for improving your business page performance is by using a number of keywords in its title.

Tips for Using Keywords Variants:
It is very important to be very specific in using the relevant keywords on the page for making it as per the Google. For that, keep in mind the following:
a) While some businesses feel that using a number of keywords in the title might not be good but it has the opposite effect on the business.
b) Use of multiple keywords in the SEO title of your business page makes that page listed in many Google categories. Thus whenever anyone searches for any of that specific keyword your page will be the top few that list up.
c) Thus this makes your business page to present as and when the audience needs. Make sure that you have optimized your page as per the SEO guidelines for getting the desired results.

13. Monitoring the results

No doubt applying and implementing the various SEO techniques on your business page and website is very important but do you know what is even more important than this? It is the monitoring of those techniques. How can you be sure that your applied SEO technique has done its work and has improved your business value and name unless you don’t observe its results?


Monitoring the technique for its action helps the business to be sure that they are moving in the required direction and therefore they can continue with the same. Whereas if the business feels that the applied SEO technique has not generated the required result, they can switch to any other technique without wasting much of the time.

Thus, monitoring the applied SEO technique can help the business in multiple ways. First, it can help the business to be sure that their decision of choosing the SEO technique was right. Second, it can provide the businesses an idea if they are moving in the wrong direction and thus giving them enough time to correct the same.

14. Reframe the old content

Most often many businesses make this common mistake of not using their old content. It is one of the biggest faults of the businesses to consider that the used old content can’t be re-used on the site.


Well, Truth is Contradictory to what you think.

It has been seen that reframing and re-publishing your old content can make a remarkable difference in your position in the market. Publishing the old content gives you the surety that it will be loved by the audience.


If you fail to reframe the old content in an innovative manner, there can be a chance that your audience will not like it. But you have played with the content in the most creative manner you can surely expect some positive results.

How to Reframe?

You can make the old content new by reframing the sentences, adding some recent stats, graphs, etc. or by using some new images in that. You can also change the headline as per the current need for making the content more appealing and for increasing its connection with the audience.

15. Use videos, they work like Charm

Just like the images, videos too have a positive impact on increasing the organic traffic on the website. Videos have been attracting the audiences for a long time considering if made and framed within the SEO guidelines and needs.
You can try to make an informative video where you are providing all the necessary details about the product or just can make one which talks about the reviews of the present customers. Either way, the videos will help to attract the potential audience towards your brand and thereby enhancing your performance.


Today, SEO is no more an option but has become a necessity for the businesses. Over the time, SEO has proved its worth and has made it very obvious that it is of extreme importance for the business to use this. It is important for the businesses to always be aware and update about the various SEO techniques that can work in their favor. These are the following general techniques that have been favoring and helping the businesses for improving their performances and working.

All these techniques are not the fixed techniques that have to be applied anyhow. There are a number of other SEO techniques that the businesses can try when it comes to making their page SEO optimized. These techniques are so that they can help almost all types of business for sustaining in the crowd by making their presence felt. Now when you are aware of the various SEO techniques that can your business, so which of the following SEO technique would you use?