Voice search is one of the fastest growing and trending search types. Just like every other change for enhancing the search engine, the use of artificial intelligence in the mobile has been gradually accepted by all types of people.<>
Teens and adults both of the class of audiences have been using the feature of voice recognition in their smartphones. It is that time when mobile is used not only for talking but for doing a number of other things. Mobile is a device that can help you in your searches at any place and at any time and so verbal searches are becoming more popular.


Many businesses and companies have been optimizing their local SEO as per the generally asked queries of the people. The main motive of the companies to do so is to make their stand in the market with high ranks in the search engine by delivering the results of the various searches. While every other business and companies are following the idea of voice search, it is important to know how to assist your audience just as Cortana or even better. Here are some of the ways that you can do:

  1. Optimization

The use of Siri for helping the people get the right personal assistance has worked in the right direction. People can get the right and accurate answers for all their queries in the easiest and convenient manner. Moreover, they don’t have to follow any set method or tradition of doing the search. They can use this feature in the manner they want. Thus for the opening scope of your local SEO to get listed in the search result you need to optimize it according to the preference. Preference of your users so that they can get the desired answer to their questions. You must do the voice search engine optimization accordingly to make the whole voice search advanced and compatible with the mobile devices.

  1. Different languages

It is very important to keep in mind the queries can be in language and people can questions in any natural language. Thus to target the majority of the questions and queries the search engine should analyze the different languages and speech style the audience can use. It is important that the search engine should understand the different keywords that are used in the most frequent manner and thus Siri must be ready with all the answers in the natural language.


There is a best way to be sure that Siri is being used to knowing and understanding. Through the way Cortana response to the various queries of the people. It is also beneficial to know the relevance of the content that Cortana uses for understanding the queries of the people and then providing them with the desired answers for their questions.

  1. Relevant verbal keywords

Searching in the general manner where the people type in and get the results is way more different than the verbal searching. In the verbal searching mode, the search engine has to be more optimized for being used in the mobile for the various queries and questions. Moreover, when a verbal search is being used in the mobile, its content should be used more relevantly. There should be the use of more and relevant keywords that can target the majority of queries and can help Siri present the right answers to the doubts of the people.

Relevant-verbal-keywordsIt should be so that the keywords used must be mobile centric. As the majority of the people today use their mobile phones for searching for their queries. The marketers can do the research about the trending keywords and then use them in the way that they target the answer to many queries of the people. Optimizing the keywords can help the marketers to use the same keywords for more than two queries of the people.

  1. Recreating the content

It is not the old way when any of the content can work for delivering user with the needed content. It is the time when you need to optimize your content as per the voice modulations. This is the time when the marketers must re-think about the content they are using the search engine. Be sure that the alignment of the content should be so made that it fits in the best frame for the mobile device.


The SEO for voice search should be so made that they must adjust according to the different levels and context of the speech of the people. There are customers who will pronounce many words differently and thus the search engine must be capable enough to grasp the different speech tone and then present the relevant results. You can re frame the content according to the recent searches and can optimize them in the natural language.

  1. Response time

The SEO for voice search should be so made that they respond in the earliest way possible. Usually, people who are using the voice search in their mobile devices are looking for an instant result for their queries and questions. Thus the voice recognition should be so made that the customers and audience can get the needed personal assistance. That too in the fastest and the most convenient manner.

For this, you can be sure that you are covering the majority of the queries and questions that your potential audiences and common people ask for. You then can optimize your local SEO and feed the relevant answers with Siri. Make sure that you only use natural language which can easily be understood by the people and customers.


The SEO for voice search can give you the best results if you use it in the right and optimized manner. Before you start getting in the depth of the concept, make sure that you are clear with all your queries and doubts. And are using the keywords in the best possible manner. It is not that difficult to reach to your mobile users. And help them to get an answer to their questions using the voice searches. All you need to work on is drafting the right and relevant content along with understanding the mindset of the people.