Since 2016, videos have become the mainstay of many digital marketing campaigns. Almost 87% online marketers use video content, making it the most popular medium. And, did you know that nearly 45% of the population watches more than an hour of YouTube or Facebook videos a week? On an average, 55% people watch videos online every day. These statistics show that while social media marketing is the key, videos are the best way to engage your target audience. This concerted effort can boost your search engine page rank and give impetus to your online marketing efforts.

Here are 7 video marketing tactics that help local businesses form a clever SEO strategy to garner local audience and increase their reach.

1. The Stories that You Narrate

Audiences connect with anything they can relate to. Hence, your social media marketing strategy needs to focus on video content that tells a story while giving out a message. Such videos boost online marketing endeavors. You can create product demo videos that give people adequate knowledge of your product and/or services. Campaign videos that tell funny stories help in offering light-hearted amusement, while people take home the importance of your brand.

2. Make It the Best 10 Seconds Ever

While 56% videos published last year are less than two minutes long, 20% viewers click away from a video in 10 seconds or less. This is why your video marketing strategy needs to be short and laser targeted. Get to the point right away, and set the standard the first five to 10 seconds itself. Ask questions and add teasers – this ensures audiences are engrossed in the marketing plan.

Adding a video on your landing page that gives more information about your product or service can help boost your conversion rate by up to 80%, making it integral to your overall SEO efforts.


3. See That the Video is Shareable

Videos are basically created for SEO marketing and some of them even become famous on social media websites. If customers like your product or service, they may share your video within their social networking circles. Remember, making videos sharable helps in local SEO as the tendency to share with people located within the same geographical region is higher.

Statistics reveal that social videos have the ability to generate 1,200% more shares than both images and text combined!


4. Never End the Video with a Blank Screen

Online marketing involves constantly engaging the viewers. Do not leave the end of your video with a blank screen. If a viewer has watched your video right till the end, you must offer a call to action. This will guide them to the next step in your funnel marketing approach. You can even insert a poll in the middle of the video to gauge whether the viewer finds the video engaging. This is how SEO marketing works.

5. Optimize Your Video with Keywords

For local SEO, perform a keyword research based on your target audience. This ensures you can create a compelling video that is relevant to your audience. Also, using the right keywords will bring in organic traffic from search engines. This will take your video content marketing efforts to the next level.

6. Check and Analyze Result Statistics Often

For an online marketing business to work, particularly the ones with videos in them, you need to know that they are running successfully. Merely taking into account the number of views is not the deciding factor. How the content engages viewers and the length of views and/or re-views will give you a good indication whether your video content is in sync with your SEO strategy.

7. Give Equal Attention to People and Products

To convey a promising story and carry out intelligent video marketing, you need to put a human face to the company you are marketing. You can have your partners talk about the business and what it has to offer, or you can even engage customers in your success stories. Marketing videos should not lose focus of the viewers. They should engage them while still highlighting the benefits of the product.

Video email marketing is a great way to communicate with your customers and obtain new leads. The effectiveness of video is said to have a greater impact when compared to text. It has been found that 40% of people respond better to visual information than plain text. The reason social media marketing is popular because it uses a visual medium. Consumers remember videos as it involves active listening and viewing.


SEO optimization is all about creating qualitative content and attracting an audience that share the same location, tastes or preferences. Use these video marketing tactics to improve SEO results, attract new leads and enjoy better rate of conversion.