To your surprise, images are helpful in search engine optimization; especially their alt tags. By optimally writing the alt tag content and correctly using the keywords, it can elevate your search engine ranking for sure.

If you are thinking of optimizing an image, think of making it as small as possible. This is in terms of download size by resorting to the right compression size. When it happens to be a well optimized image, the right name coupled with alt text is ensured.

Using images

The use of images is suggested with a degree of consideration. A picture can have profound impacts, adding a revealing spell on 1000 dull words. Go on to add images to every article that is written online; and for sure, it is going to be appealing.

If the opportunity presents to add your own image, then better do so. If it is just used for the sake of it, and a green bullet is provided on your SEO plugin, then it is not on the right track. Within your article, the image should go on to have illustrative purposes. A simple SEO reason could be attributed to that when an image is being surrounded by a corresponding text; it works better in terms of ranking for a keyword in SEO marketing.

If you do not have any images on your own, there are numerous ways to find out one without the use of stock photos. There are numerous websites to help you in this regard. The trend is that images with people are going to resemble a stock photo till it is taken by you. An alternative for a photo could be an illustration.


How to ensure that the correct images are being used in an article

When the right image is with you, then the need arises on how to optimize it better in SEO optimization field for your website. To start the process, you would need to think of a proper file name. This works out to be the first facet on how the keyword needs to be used. Without even being aware of what the real image is going to be, you should move for Google search engine optimization which will provide you with many options.

For SEO, loading time is of utmost importance. The faster a site works out, the easier is to reach for SEO marketing and then index. Image(s), present in the web page, are going to have a huge impact on the loading times. Hence, you would need to scale it further for SEO optimization.

In the domain of SEO, as far as possible, try to use responsive images. Be aware that images are bound to ruin the mobile experience and it may return back as well. The properties are the secret code to your images that ensures a different image can be served in a different way as per the bandwidth. If the process can be automated, this is pretty much going to be the case with web pages as well.

The next step in the SEO process would be to reduce the scaled image as much as possible, in terms of size. There are SEO tools which would help you and you can just export the image and find out what works out to be the acceptable quality.

How the image needs to be incorporated in the article

The message is loud and clear, just do not stuff it here or there and add it close to the related SEO content as far as possible. It simply makes a lot of sense as the image can be related it in a better way. Local SEO for small business, which is geography-based, can help you in that. Clients can also use Meta tag titles which are best in terms of SEO optimization.

Any caption in an image is going to accompany the text. The reason for it is that companies tend to use the text when they are scanning an image. What normally happens is that people tend to scan the image and include the caption below that as well. Clients can also move for local search SEO for your needs.


The image alt text SEO tags are being added to an image in normal course as a descriptive text is provided to the user. Apart from that HTML image alt text is also used in SEO ranking.This could arise if the viewer is not able to see the image because of any reason. Such a scenario may have arisen if the user has gone on to turn off the images on their web browser. Ensure that you make it a point that alt tests are added to it. This should go on to include the SEO keyword as well and works better in Search Engine Optimization tips.

Above is the best SEO strategy which helps in creating more SEO back links profitable for business. Have queries, ask us through your comments!


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