List of Best Review Generation Tools for Agencies and Local Businesses

In this internet driven world, it’s important to consider what people think about you. One misstep can result in a bad review which, in turn, can have massive implications. On the other hand, when you get online reviews of the positive kind, it can result in your brand getting greater visibility – through increased credibility and CTRs.

As a matter of fact, Google takes reviews very seriously – which is why they rank sites with higher reviews at the top of their search results. Considering not many people bother exploring beyond the first page of results, reviews take on a greater level of importance.

What is Review Generation?

Like it or not, online reviews are the driving force behind your business. The reality is that today, almost all your customers are actively reading reviews about your business before choosing whether to buy your service/product. In that regard, customer reviews are the best bit of marketing which you can generate for your company. Thereon, a combination of too many negative reviews along with a complete lack of reviews can hurt your business.

This is where review generation services and review management tools enter the scene. Online review management is the process through which you can get online reviews for your business which, in turn, can help propel your brand higher star ratings coupled with a stronger presence on local search. This will allow your business to grow and rank higher on search engines as well. Moreover, any negative reviews are sent directly to your email so you can handle them privately.

Why should one have a Review Generation tool?

In this day and age, your online reputation is everything and plays an essential role in the growth of your organization. After all, it’s how your customers gauge your brand and hence, protecting it is paramount to safeguarding your business interests. If you fail to act on time to repair the damage, it could have serious repercussions for your company.
Your online presence is the face of your brand value, image and communication to the world which is why you need to be extremely certain and mindful of your business reputation to project the best image so you can derive the best results. So what can you do to safeguard your reputation whilst maintaining a positive online presence? This is where review generation tools and online review management software help crease out the kinks.
Online review management tools & review management software can allow you to monitor and respond to any reviews which your business might get ordinarily during the course of the day. Moreover, any negative reviews will also be immediately brought to your attention and sent across to you for approval before posting. What this does is allowing you to concentrate on what you do best – running your business. You can even display your reviews in SEO-friendly mark-up on-site to drive visibility in search. Simply put, by using online review management software along with review management tools, you automatically get more reviews which, in turn, increases your reach not only allowing you to drive more customers on to your site but also helping generate more revenue for your business.
Whether it’s giving your business a voice or responding to negative reviews, there are a bunch of great review management software tools out there which can help automate & streamline the review process for you while letting you get online reviews as well.

Online Review Generation Tools to make your brand stand out

1. TribeLocal

tribelocal logo- review generation tools

TribeLocal is without a doubt, amongst the best review generation tools available on the market today. It can greatly help improve your brand presence online and aces at figuring out how to get online reviews on social media platforms and other channels. Thanks to the intuitive interface, you get a better understanding of how your brand stands online which, in turn, helps in generating better leads as well. Additionally, this exceptional online review management software also allows you to filter all your customer reviews that have less than 3-star ratings and respond immediately to them. But wait there’s more – In order to manage and monitor brand reviews, TribeLocal utilizes a dynamic review management platform that helps you track online reviews, manage your reputation and understand your customers. If you’re looking to get more reviews, it even allows you to create unlimited lists of customers.
Further, you can even group and sort out your customers with these lists. Finally, you can also send customized messages to ask for more reviews which enables you to get more online reviews across all social channels.


Free 7-day Trial – the post which you need to contact the company for pricing plans.
After the trial, we have plans starting at $29.

2. logo- review generation tools

Founded in 2013, is a powerful and effective review management software tool that helps companies gather and publish positive reviews.  It helps track & recover any unhappy or discontent customers before they post negative reviews about your business.  Moreover, its fascinating “review funnel” feature helps you greatly by automating the process of inquiring, requesting, & guiding your customers through the entire review process. Additionally, you have the option to automatically convert your best reviews into SEO-friendly web and social media content which will help improve your positive reputation as well.


A free trial is offered for this top review management tool following which you can opt for either of the below plans:
Professional Plan – $90/month
Agency Plan – $200/month
Partner/Enterprise Plan – $1500/month

3. Podium

Podium logo- review generation tools

Podium is a holistic online review management solution that integrates the entire customer experience, marketing, and operations into a single cohesive platform.  What it does is that it focuses on the relationship between the customer and your business. Thereafter, Podium makes use of a custom SmartSelect technology that allows customers to simply click the link, without requiring to sign up or login, and go to the review site of choice and leave their feedback. Moreover, you even have the ability to connect with your customers via SMS, email or social media channels through automated review requests that come attached with the links. Furthermore, the comprehensive dashboard on this quality online review management software allows you to quickly track all your reviews – from across a database of over 40 review sites – from one easily-manageable place.


Post the demo, you will need to request the Podium team for custom pricing information.

4. Broadly

Broadly logo- review generation tools

Broadly is another brilliant review management software that gives your business the boost it needs to look great online thanks to its feature of verified customer reviews. Thereon, their review management strategy makes it simple for your customers to refer friends and relatives to the most important search engines.  Additionally, their SEO technology helps your business stand out online by doing what SEO does best. The team behind Broadly also send across a weekly report card to reveal your progress which includes information about new customers, new reviews, private feedback and brand recommendations. Last but not the least, this great review generation tool has the ability to promptly identify and respond to negative reviews thus saving you a lot of time and hassle.


Post the free trial, you will need to contact the Broadly online review management software team for more information on plans and pricing.

5. BirdEye

Birdeye logo- review generation tools

BirdEye is yet another one of those comprehensive review generation tools which fit perfectly for small and mid-sized businesses as well as enterprises. It’s a solid, versatile, all-in-one online review management tool that allows you to monitor your online presence while also having the ability to integrate with your existing CRM to access your customers. Then there’s the fact that BirdEye lets you monitor your online presence and respond to all feedback thanks to real-time review alerts. Further, it’s an automated review management software system that comes packed with a comprehensive dashboard, thus helping you to monitor & filter online activity related to your brand name or company name with relative ease. You can even manage video reviews while there’s additional support for social media sharing as well.


Post the free trial, you can contact the BirdEye review generation tool team directly for information on pricing.
$250 per month.

6. Yotpo

yotpo logo- review generation tools

Still wondering how to get online reviews? Yotpo is a proactive online review management service that specializes in review generation. It sends out automated reminder emails to your customers immediately after purchasing your product/services to place a feedback. Moreover, it encourages customers to write positive reviews about your company and even submit photos. It also has a pretty nifty feature – the Mail After Purchase (MAP) – which enables you to send a completely customizable survey to your customers via email. What sets it apart from its peers is that it enables your customers to submit their survey without requiring to click on any links – straight from their inbox. There are also several customizable widgets which can be placed wherever you choose on your own site.


Basic plans start at $49/month. Get in touch with Yotpo’s review management software team directly for more pricing details.

7. Trustpilot

trustpilot logo- review generation tools

Trustpilot is another erstwhile online review management software tool that helps build trust with your customers. It follows the same modus-operandi followed by other review generation tools – it invites customers to review by providing a survey and thereon, publishes positive reviews online. As a matter of fact, you can automatically set up surveys to be delivered every time a customer makes a purchase and even check up on the progress of your customer’s reviews as well on a time-to-time basis.


Post the free trial, you can avail of plans ranging from Lite which starts from $299/month to $549/month. There’s even an enterprise plan for which you need to contact Trustpilot directly.

8. Go Fish Digital

Go fish Digital logo- review generation tools

Go Fish Digital allows you to enhance your business’ reputation, boost overall customer experience and ultimately increase your revenues thanks to its effective review generation tools.  Boasting of intuitive features and functionalities, this review management tool specializes in tracking, suppressing your negative reviews manually and even responding to those reviews on certain websites. Moreover, with its complaint search feature, you can look up keywords and display negative reviews found on over 40 websites. With the help of the fully-functional dashboard, you can even gauge which reviews have gained the most traction and view your brand ratings as well.


For pricing details and plans of this online review management software, contact the Go Fish Digital team directly.

9. KnowEm

Know em logo- review generation tools

KnowEm is another reputable review generation company that allows you to track your business performance online by checking out what people have to say about your brand. Unlike other review generation tools, however, this a tool which you should use while beginning your online reputation audit. Reason being – You will be able to explore and analyze your brand’s online visibility as it monitors over 330 social media and news sites directly in real-time. Moreover, in case you don’t have a Facebook page or you’re aren’t aware of where customers are leaving negative reviews – KnowEm brings it to your attention so that you can get them removed. This is online review management made easy!


Plans start at $84.95/month.

10. Rocket Referrals

rocket referrals logo- review generation tools

Rocket Referrals allows you to automatically improve your reviews and in turn, enhance your reputation on the internet. This review management software system enables you to scout for any unhappy clients that could potentially be turning new business away from you and convert them into your top promoters. You can even bifurcate your clients depending on their loyalty to your company. This way you will be able to find out what your clients think about you, identify trends, and deal with any negative feedback. However, what truly sets them apart is that they send your clients thank you cards on your behalf which allows you to connect with your clients on a highly personal and meaningful level.


Although a free version is available, it’s fairly limited. In case you need to access more powerful features, there are several packages ranging from $80.00-$150.00/month

11. Future Solutions Media

Future Solutions media logo- review generation tools

Future Solutions is a powerful & robust online review management software system which picks up reviews as soon as they are written thus giving you absolute control of your Online Reputation & online review management – at all times. Additionally, with the assistance of Future Solutions tool, you can not only track and remove your negative reviews but also cultivate positive ones. This innovative tool also lets you gain control of your online presence by tracking your reputation in real-time including social media and websites. Thus, by doing so, you will be able to better monitor your reviews across the web so that you always are in the loop of what customers are saying about your brand.


You can schedule a free demo by visiting their website and if satisfied, you can contact them for pricing information.

12. Review buzz

review buzz logo- review generation tools

Review buzz has a unique review management system of requesting and managing reviews on your behalf. Unlike other review generation tools though, this tool encourages reviewers to post a review by redirecting them to their own “review site”. By doing so, it allows you to manage your reviews not only on from their own site but from other sites as well. However, where this tool really shines fit is at promoting select 5-star reviews on company websites, social media platforms, and other channels.


Post the 30-day free trial, pricing plans are pretty competitive and start from $147/month.

13. Reputation911

reputation911 logo- review generation tools

Reputation911’s allows you to be in control of the way you are portrayed to others by helping get rid off inaccurate & unwanted negative reviews. What this tool really excels at is in tracking and suppressing negative reviews on your behalf which, in turn, grants you the freedom and control to portray yourself accurately online.   Moreover, in case your negative reviews have gone out of hand, Reputation911 presents you with a number of online review management solutions to help salvage matters. Lastly, you can even analyze what is being said about your business all over the internet – be it on a review site, blog post, news article, forum or on social media channels – right from your dashboard.


Pricing plans start from $99.95 for their basic PROTECT plan and go all the way up to $495 for their premium RESTORE plan.

The Bottom Line

Thanks to these review generation tools, the once dreaded threat of negative reviews hampering your business has now been laid to rest. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a retail business or a commerce business, review generation tools will help you manage your reviews better than ever before.


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