If you are in anyway familiar with the world of internet, the two words that you have heard the most in the present times are SEO and social media. These two are so closely related that it is not possible to think of one without the other. However, the relation is not always positive between the two as there are drawbacks besides positive sides.


Let’s analyze how their co-existence is a love-hate relationship, everyone is interested in:

Going Viral on Social Media vs. Search Ranking

What will bring more conversion – A link posted on social media or a page ranking high in the search engine results?

To Clarify, the links on social media turn into credible backlinks and thus influence page ranking. For instance, the idea that when a post goes viral on Twitter or Facebook, it’s ranking on Google improves due to the generation of new links. The fact of the matter is that the number of times a link has been tweeted does have a significant bearing on increasing the ranking of a site on search engines.

How Do Google and Bing See Social Media?

Bing states that it incorporates social media signals in their algorithms to reflect it in their search results. Well, that’s pretty clear and reasonable. But what about Google!

Google has not taken a clear stand on the matter and is still going two ways about it. It is hoped that Google, being the most popular search engine, will make its algorithms clear soon as this would be a massive help to the SEO service companies.

A Google Web Master Trends Analyst said Google doesn’t take social presence into account, but then why we see the social media links on the top of the list, while a search query is made? Weird!


Do social links boost your search rank?

The way social media has progressed in the last couple of years is astounding. Now everyone, from all works of life and all age groups, is present on one or other social media platform. 81% US citizens are on social media at present, and there is a probability of 15-16% enhancement in it, just in a year. It is, therefore, quite natural that the businesses that want to grab the eyes of a global audience are also making their presence felt on social media.

Now the obvious question arises that being present on the social media and the generation of links there, at all has any bearings on the ranking of business on the search engines. The answer needs a vivid discussion on the topic.


The Social Media Backlinks

Most of the SEO gurus will tell you that link of your website in the social media directly influences your ranking on the search engines like Google and Bing. This is because, in their opinion, right backlinks are generated by turning out original content.

All the original content generated by a business is now posted on the social media by the business for maximum publicity. Thus the things that you post on Twitter and Facebook or LinkedIn and so on make the search engines understand the credibility of the links, and it puts it up in the ranks accordingly

Google’s Algorithms on Social Media Links

Google is undoubtedly the most popular search engine of our times. In its earlier stand on the matter of social media backlinks, it had stated that the re-tweets of a link have no effect on the ranking of the page on Google’s pages. On a more recent interview, it went back to its earlier stand and said that social media links are incorporated into its search results.


Now to clear things up, the fact of the matter is that Google crawls up on the social media platforms for gathering data in the same manner as works for the rest of the websites. The pages like Facebook and Twitter get treated in the same way as all the other pages, so the links on these social media sites are as relevant as the links on any other sites. To put it simply, any site that can be crawled upon by Google will be included in the search results.

The social media shares and likes – Are they helping you in SEO?

The number of times a post has been shared on the social media may not always affect the position of a page on the search engines. But the fact remains that the content on the social media pages are valuable in the ranking as it establishes the credibility of the site.


If you search any brand or business on the search engines, you will see that the first things that pop up other than the webpage of the company are the social media links like that of Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest in which the company is present. Thus, it can be in no way said that the social media backlinks have no bearing on the search engine results. The likes and comments on a post have similar effects on the search engines.

Keyword and Social Media – Goes well together!

This is a conventional technique used by the companies that have an effect on the search engines ranking. The use of multiple keywords which is not possible in other contents does not work that way with the social media sites. On these sites, one can use as many keywords as one desires. This way the rank of the site is naturally boosted up by the companies.

The only thing that they are conscious about is the fact that all these keyword uses and sharing does not have the adverse effect on the ranking. The embedding of any kind of tracking codes in the manner of keywords or sharing link will make the search engines drop the classification of the sites. The relevance of social media is therefore immense of the influence of the ranking of a page.

Do social media profiles rank in search engine?

Social media! This word is known to us as every single individual is found spending more time on this platform. Now the question to consider is that does the credible profile on the SM get a rank in the search engine? Well for that answer a doubt is a must! No work is complete without a doubt! Jokes apart, the answer is yes. Social media is not only used as a tool for having long chats with friends or others. Businessman incorporation brain must be used. Didn’t get the fact! Well acquire some knowledge

Social media is a powerful tool for branding yourself into the world. But precisely it has not been defined by any search engines to rank the social media profiles. Google, the most extensive search engine, still has its own following algorithm. Even social indicators like following, share, retweets, and pins don’t factor much in the rankings of the search engine. But still, social indicators play a crucial role. Remembering the third law of Albert Einstein, there are ways through which you can get a ranking in the search engines. Eagerly waiting to get the right answer.


Okay. So it matters, right?

If you are willing to know how you can improve your search engine and social media image, read further:

  • Make your community activate by providing pertinent facts

As written earlier that search engines do not give a ranking to the social sites directly, an indirect way is there to get the rankings in the search engine. What is that indirect way? This way is straightforward. All you have to do is to form a community in the social sites. To create a community on the social sites, you have to look for the people who have interest in the topic which you have. Right!

Just upload pictures and factual information on that community site. Your work is done. Thinking how? Search engines place the name of those who have followers in different social sites regarding the topic you are looking for.

For example, you have an interest in wrestling. In the news, much information are there regarding the back of ‘The best in the world.’ Now you can inform your community members about the returns. But that must be authentic. You will see that if your information has relevance, it will be placed by the search engines regarding the search operations.

  • Don’t follow the path of word counts

It is the fact that word counts to may matters a lot. With Hashtags, they used to write more to fulfill the word count limits. But dude that’s the way follow in the yesteryears! In the social media copy, less is more a simple option to the public. Facebook is now making word counts less to get the readers the materials they need. We all love crisp. Less is brittle than the big fat ones.


  • Engage your readers in a different way

What is an engagement of readers? Search engines only place your social media profile when they found that you have the potential to engage your readers. Your upload may not require retweets or comments. Be specific to your readers what you want to do with them. Specifically, tell them if you want an explanation or retweets or just likes or shares. Engage your readers in this way.

  • Why should People Visit your Profile? Give reasons!

Your readers must get the knowledge that why they should click on your profile. In the facebook, you will get to see mutual friends and profile of the people. It suggested friends according to your criteria. You must fulfill that criterion. Getting a rank in the search engines with your social media must specify that who you are and what is your profile. If you are a spiritual leader, then you must be specific about your workings and profiles.

According to the criteria of spirituality, you must be specific that in which field you are a master. Search engines will automatically place your social media profile for the people who are looking for a spiritual leader.

Are social media platforms search engine?

The globe has changed. Geographically maps are not required to get the direction. There is Google! Ask it! Sound like the commercial on television. But it’s true. But now Google and bing are also not required. Astonishments are circling, and astonishments are waiting. The advancement of the social media channels is now so active that a person uses the social channels to look for the stuff that they are looking for.


Neil Patel, the most followed figure regarding the information and updates on the Search Engine Optimization, explain it in just a line. According to a statement by Patel, Search Engine Optimization embraces the option of search that happens to uplift the working process of the search engines of the social media.

  • The working procedure of the search engines social sites


Well, the working process varies from search engine to search engine. If you follow every single working procedure, then don’t blame for getting flummoxed. When everything is straightforward just follow the simple steps. Everyone is active on Twitter. If not wrong the answer should be yes. People who are looking for the content marketing related information will get you at ease.

The step is simple. You tweet with your followers in twitter. You have tweeted them about your new content distribution app. Searching in the search engine of Twitter they will get information regarding your tweets to your followers. Following these simple steps brands that want to visualize themselves in the social sites follow the same rule. What do they do? By adequately categorizing their pins and the  hashtags the brands are envisioned by other people on Instagram or Pinterest.


  • The Other ways!

A single way is not what you should look for. Your findings on the search engines of the social media sites must vary. If you want to check out any company on the social media sites, then look for the presence of the company in the social media sites. Look for the tweets or the chats that go on between the people and the company. In the present day, Youtube and Google + are also playing a great role as search engines.

In the year 2010 and 2012, it has been found that people are using more the search engines of the social networking sites than searching it with the Google and Bing. Statistics show that:

  1. In the year 2010, Twitter has fingered 19 billion search queries per month. This graph is five times double the query handled by Bing.

  2. In the same year, 2010 has got search query around 3.7 billion a month. Every minute in youtube nearly 100 hundred hours of videos are uploaded.

  3. In the 2012 Mark Zuckerberg founder of Facebook said in a conference that it had got one billion search queries per day.


  • Concluding the part

Companies that still believe in the search engines like Google and Bing must expand their views on the Search Engine Optimization. The SEO Companies are building a search in the search option of the social networking sites. Get relevant information.

In the past, it has been found that in the social networking sites many pop-ups of other companies come in the forefront when searched for a group. But thanks to the keywords! Only the relevant companies will now show on the screen when examined.

Do you factor in Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines?

Talking about the factor of other search engines it cannot be erased from memory that how the search engines help these days till date. Citing an example of the social media sites just provide the information that from where the social media sites are known to everybody? For sure the answer is from the search engines. Google algorithm cannot be compared with Bing and Yahoo.


  • Algorithm of Bing

According to a report of Bing, it has been stated that the search engine works differently. They used to look for the social authority of the user. The way of searching is more practical than the algorithms followed in Google. Bing used to search that how many people accompany you on the social networking sites and how many people a user follows in the social networking sites. After getting the ratio, Bing listed only those people whose followers and follow are substantially figure? This maintenance according to the social media experts is better than the algorithm of Google.

  • The factor to look out at Bing

Bing is the second large search engine. Unlike Google, they have maintained the algorithm that they have cited in many uploads. If any people have a good number of followers and he/she also follows a good number of people, then Bing is ready to incorporate the profile in the search engine tab. Bing is ready to include the social signals in the search engines if followed the rule they have produced to their clients. The market share of Bing is steadily growing up. If you are a wise businessman, then you must include your company into the SEO strategies of being Bing.

What social practices help in boosting SEO?

Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing are two stratagems that are connected internally. Both of them perform the same functions. These two stratagems are used to build up a pleasing identity to attract visitors in a most straightforward manner. SEO improves the reach of the social media with high contents and visualization by enhancing the brand presence in a stronger way that has been the need.

But it is very unfortunate that the social media market researchers do not clarify the detailing of how to and why a ranking is needed in the search engines. They also leave out the point that what points to follow in boosting the SEO. Here are lists of the practices to boost up the SEO:


A) Growing Your Number of Followers

Growing number of followers is not a fast process. It takes a lot of time, but the result is effective. To have a rich amount of followers all you have to do is to present your brand in a unique manner. Update the whole thing on a daily basis. Try to upload some voice overs so that with reading they can get the knowledge of the thing through speeches.

B) Encouraging External Inbound Links

Social media is very powerful in a sense that it helps in encouraging external inbound links. You can simply use the hashtags to get in touch with the inbound links of the social media sites. Social media, in this case, plays the role of a broadcasting network. If your content is good and useful with relevant information, then it will put the attraction at the front. If you follow this rule, it will also improve your social status. But more than that it will improve in maximizing your latent external link sources!

C) Optimizing Your Posts for Searches

To optimize your post for searches all you have to do is to present the article with an infographic or with a video. The title of the article must be descriptive and precise. After that, you have to make it clear that search must be useful by providing the keywords of the content you have written. Suppose you have written for making delicious oatmeal cookies. Your frame of the article must be like, ‘Do you know how to make delicious oatmeal cookies in a simple way?’ People will surely visit your site.

D) Influencing Social Sharing

Social services must be influenced so that you can get more and more viewers. To influence your social sharing you can play with your viewers. Like you can say whoever will share the posted maximum or in a period of time will be provided a bonus. Make formation of games like that, so that your content is spread to the others not get inbounded to a specific group or followers.

E) Locally-Optimized Posts

This is the straightforward way to engage yourself in the social community. Suppose a fair is going on. Just go there and take pictures. Make posts with the pictures and invite other residents to take part in the comments and sharing. This will activate your performance in the local search.

F) Publish high-quality content

What is high-quality content? Many people get flummoxed by using flowery words and make the sentences not readable for the common people. This is not the way you should think of. In publishing high-quality content, all you have to do is to produce the information accurately and in a precise way. Languages must be simple so that every single individual can read it and get the meaning out of it easily.

G) Make social sharing easy

Making the social sharing easy is not a difficult task. There are simple processes that you should maintain. All you have to do is to embrace the buttons of social sharing on every page of your site, craft your SEO title according to the topic, improve the picture of the content for every social media networks, place the links in your own social media account in such a manner that everyone can visualize it, use hashtags so that your readers can get the help and at the last make the content free to share.

H) Use great quality and relevant images

Using the great quality and relevant images is important to boost the SEO. Now the question is where to find the images. The answer is simple. Get it on the search engines. But all the images that are presented on the search engines are not relevant. Suppose you are writing for a medicine and its effects then you should not use the picture of other medicine. If there is no picture, then you can place the link so that your readers can get the picture of the medicine through the link. If there is the picture, then place it in the article. But remember the placement must be unique. Don’t break paragraphs to place the picture. Place it either on the top of the article or on the upper side of the content.


I) Use the FISHIES technique for creation of content

F = Frequency

With the help of the Google analytic tools, you can get the frequency of the visitors in your site. If you do not want to use the Google analytic tool then for sure, you can use the analytic tool of the SEO Companies to get the frequency of the visitors who have visited your site.

I = Interesting

The article you have written must be interesting. Interesting in a sense makes that the topic you have chosen must be attractive. To get the Interest of the readers all you can do is to make a selection of the topic according to the ages. For example, you can write the content of cartoons for the young ones. The adults get a topic that relates to their job and study. Man and the aged people provide an article on health fitness, diet, and others. In this way, you can interest your clients.

S = Structure

The structure of the article must be in paragraphs. Use subheads so that it does not make the readers boring. Small sentences with paragraphs will attract more and more visitors to your account. Also, you will see that if a person takes an interest, then he/she will share it.

H = Headings

The headings, from H1 to H6, must be crisp. It must be relevant to the topic, while being SEO-friendly to provide the reader a view of the article. The heading must be written in crispy languages so that readers can get interests to get read the whole thing.

I = Inbound links

The proper embedding of the inbound links in the content is essential as the viewer will only then find his way directly into the businesses’ website.

E = Engagement

The content should be engaging enough to hold the attention of the visitor. A regular and uninteresting content will lead the visitor to shut the page.

S = Sitemap

Sitemaps are used to help the users in getting information about the list of the pages of the website. It can be used as a planning tool for designing the website.

SEO and Search engines both will help you grow in the business world or in the online landscape, if your strategies are crafted well. With above information, your knowledge base must have got some valuable feeds to utilize. So, what do you consider, exist between SEO and Social media now – a love relationship or a bond of hatred?