Why SEO is important for Accounting Business ?

Virtually, almost every new startup takes the part of using Local SEO to promote their business to their targeted audience. SEO for Accounting allows you to position your business and services your offer on the available search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo) with the purpose of increased visibility among your potential customers.


  • It offers very high conversion: Using the local SEO for Accounting approach to promoting your business gets you more leads and sales more than any other method can give you. Take for instance directories such as yelp is an example of a local directory that ranks so high on any search engine first page, eg, Google. When a search about a particular business is initiated by certain keywords, business optimised using such keywords will show up. There are better chances that such business using the local directors will sell more.


  • Local SEO is targeted: It is highly targeted in the sense that it allows you to reach out to only your audience in a particular neighbourhood. People from certain location need your services, it is best you use local SEO to target and reach out to them. Close connection with local customers using local SEO works like magic because sales are 90% guaranteed.


  • High return on investment: Be it money invested on local SEO experts or time spent applying the strategy, they are all worth it because surely you will gain from it. When Local SEO is done the right way, the return on investment is tremendous.


  • Less expensive and saves time: It is not as expensive as running adverts on high profile advert networks. It is surprising that most platforms such as Google business and other business online directories is absolutely free and getting listed on the website increases your visibility.


  • Trust and sales: Part of Local SEO is reviews from your customers and studies show that 88% of local customers trust reviews. One thing is sure once there is trust in business sales will keep flowing.


How to use SEO for Accounting ?


Over and over again, we keep mentioning SEO for business because it is one of the essential way of announcing your business to the worlds as well as reaching out to people in need of your service.

  • Verify your Google business listing: Having a verified account on any social media speaks of authority; the same thing applies to accounting business. Simply visit Google My Business and verify your business listing, it connects you to your potential customers. This process of verification take a week or two but it is worth the wait, also remember to include name, address, phone or any vital information about your business. This way you stay ahead of others on search engine on keywords relayed to your business.


  • Add Google Map to your website: Local customers seek out for accounting firms in their local or close to their location. So when they perform a search, they ask for ones in their location, therefore adding a Google map on your website sells out your location to them. Customers locate you quickly when you have Google map on your site.


  • Submit your website to local directories to build citations: this is one awesome way of getting your business names, address and phone number listed on various sites. When you submit these details, they go online and customers might searching for your services will find you.


  • Consistency: Local SEO favours those that make use of one brand name and information across all platforms. One business name on Google listing, directories, social media platforms and any online business networks.


  • Optimise meta tags and page content for local keywords: Meta tags is a powerful tool in local SEO, with powerful keywords related to your business in meta tags your visibility is sure. Search for popular keywords related to accounting business and use them in your tags for every content in your pages. Remember to include the city and state your business is located.


  • Include your business location on social media: The principle that guides Local SEO is targeting local customers and one thing they have in common is location. Your entire social media handle on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and the rest should always have your business location on. Stay active on your social media too, contributes to your ranking on search engines.

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