Having a search engine optimisation strategy, or SEO, is important to support lead generation for ad agency or for that matter, any business.


  1.  For SEO tips for Advertising Agencies are very crucial. You should  start with a benchmark. Know what your modern-day web page rank is and continually monitor it with tools like Alexa and the Google toolbar.


  1. Your blog’s template can enhance or weaken your SEO, so review and choose carefully. Designers usually are more concerned with good design and less about SEO. The navigation structure of your blog’s template plays a critical role in how it is indexed and crawled by the search engines, so it’s important to use one that enables every page reached within three clicks.


  1. Check your blog’s referee log regularly to track where your visitors are coming from and the search terms they are using to find your site.


  1. Use niche keywords that are relevant to your target audience. Place these keywords throughout your blog site: your titles, content, URLs, and image names. You can use Google keyword tool to find keywords relevant to your blog.  Just be sure you’re not caught up doing Black Hat SEO, a technique in which you over stuff your content with keywords. Search engines do not approve of it and it will eventually get your site penalised.


  1. Build internal back-links to your archives when creating new content. Also remember to always link back to sources cited in your post articles. You will build quality ‘back-links’ by creating link-worthy content.


  1. Select a meaningful title and add a descriptor statement that is included in the metadata and under the description title.


  1. Pick the right domain name. Try to pick a domain name that says something about your blog site’s content.


  1. One of the most important SEO Tips for Advertising Agencies is that you can consistently provide high-quality and original content on your blog. Google has become good at weeding out poor quality web pages through it’s smart algorithms.


  1. Add URL to Google. Improve your site’s visibility in Google’s search results. It’s free!!!


  1. Make your URLs more search-engine friendly by naming them with clear keywords.


  1. Be sure to include the alt-text descriptions for all images and videos. Spiders can only search text, not images. Adding an “ALT” tag allows you to include a keyword-rich description for every image on your site.


  1. Try including blog post tags. Tags are one or two words that briefly describe what your article is all about. Search engines use tags to index and find your posts faster.


  1. SEO and social media marketing have become intrinsically intertwined so be sure to use the power of social media effectively. Grow your social media community and use these platforms and tools to ‘push-out’ new content and ‘pull-in’ website traffic.


  1. Your content should be fresh. Updating your content regularly and often is crucial for increasing traffic.


  1. The future of marketing lies at the intersection of data and creativity. Today’s marketing agencies need to be fluent in both disciplines, because it’s here that customer engagement happens. So, SEO is one major aspect which should be checked right by every Ad-Agency owner.


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