Why is Local SEO important for Beauty & Cosmetics ?

Local search engine optimization isn’t just about local mom-and-pop shops anymore. Practically any business can take advantage of Local SEO’s benefits.
The online beauty industry is rapidly growing, reaching $66 billion in the US alone. With an increasing number of businesses trying to acquire a greater slice of the online industry pie, more are working to learn about, and grow traffic with, beauty industry search engine optimization (SEO) than ever before. The increased visibility in search engines not only amounts to more visits, but it’s great for brand building and awareness, and it also helps a company become a prominent figure in the online beauty industry. SEO for Beauty & Cosmetics has shown great results with strategic online advertising. If you are interested in earning more business through Internet marketing, then, SEO is your key tool.


Useful Local SEO tips for Beauty & Cosmetics


  • Make sure you target the right keywords

An online beauty & cosmetics business can really hurt themselves in a hurry of not making informed decisions related to right keywords. A common misstep in beauty SEO would be to choose a keyword that is too competitive or broad.
For example, by targeting a keyword that is very broad and highly competitive, you’ll end competing with highly established brands. It’s good to be ambitious, but you shouldn’t try to topple a giant like L’Oréal Paris in the early stages of your SEO campaign. Start slower and build your authority by creating high quality content that targets long-tail keyword phrases. Generally, the longer and more specific the key phrase you’re targeting is, the more easily you can rank for it.

  • Create the Right Content

If you want to make your beauty industry search engine optimization campaign successful, make sure you create quality content that provides both useful information and actionable steps to readers. This will help it rank higher and help make your campaign successful.

  • Optimizing Socialization

Social media networks allow businesses to garner a large number of views in a short period of time from a significantly large audience — if you are being marketed correctly. When you post social media content on your various Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages and profiles, there is a good chance it may in turn show up in search results. This is especially true with Google-owned social networks like YouTube and Google+. Thus, if you optimize your content using SEO best practices, or even simply inserting keywords, hashtags and links into the content, your visibility may improve and your beauty SEO campaign will benefit.

Add any picture related to beauty pr skincare. And when someone someone searches for the beauty or skincare product you sell in Google. They not only find your website, but they also find the two videos you published on YouTube, a post you made on Google+, and a LinkedIn status update — all on the 1st page. This scenario leaves very little room for your competitors, and it should help you see why social media gives you the potential to dominate Google search results.

  • Go Mobile

If you want to make your SEO for beauty campaign truly successful, you need to ensure that you are reaching the mobile market. A mobile SEO campaign involves designing and creating both a mobile website and content that is optimized for the mobile environment.
When creating mobile content, make sure it is stripped down and simple and that only the most relevant information for conversion is used. Instead of placing informative content, place your business proposal at the top, your contact number in between, and your benefits at the end. We know you want to show off your beauty products with large, stylish images and flash videos, but these can really mess with mobile browsers

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